41 Absurdly Popular Products On Amazon Under-$20

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Think you have to spend a bundle of money to own the very best of the best products? That isn't always the case. In fact, these absurdly popular products on Amazon under-$20 are proof that sometimes the most useful items you'll use every darn day don't have to break the bank.

These innovative products have a following for one very simple reason: they live up to your expectations each and every time. And, in many cases, these genius products go above and beyond the call of duty to provide a brand new way of tackling an old job.

For example: why not own a critter catcher with a telescoping pole that allows you to capture bugs way up high on your ceiling without ever having to make close contact with them? And, if you're going to purchase coffee anyway, is there a better bean to try than a super powerful organic one that boasts over 7,000 reviews?

On this list you'll also find multi-tasking products like sifting tools that can handle dry and wet ingredients, ice buckets that work as ice cube molds, and egg slicers that will make your life so much easier. But you'll also discover just plain functional tools you never suspected existed — like a lasso that keeps washing machine doors open to prevent mold and mildew.

If you have a need, chances are you'll find it fulfilled on this list — and for less than $20, which is the cherry on the top.

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