42 Brilliantly Useful Amazon Products That Are About To Become The New Classics

ByRebecca Martinson
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Kleenex, Coca Cola, and Chapstick: they may not have a lot in common, but they're all names of products that have become classics by transitioning into the regular lexicon (when was the last time you asked for a "tissue"?) But if you think about it, they were all invented decades ago — what are the products of today that will become the new classics of tomorrow? Of course, I can't say for sure, but I do know one thing — if they're out there, they are probably some of the most brilliantly useful products on Amazon.

I'm thinking of items like the Dash Masha (a handy gadget that easily blends up your food), or the cut-resistant gloves made from material that's four times stronger than leather might be a safe bet — "Pass the Masha" sounds a lot better than "Where is my immersion blender," doesn't it? Or maybe it'll be the durable exfoliating bath towel made from nylon that dries quickly to avoid growing any mold or mildew — just trust that you could throw a dart at this slideshow, and you couldn't go wrong no matter where it landed.

I'm neither a scientist nor psychic, but when it comes to smart products that'll withstand the test of time, Amazon has always got you covered.

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