42 Quick-Fix Solutions On Amazon For Your Nagging Problems

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Problems happen in life — and there aren't always easy solutions. Fortunately, there are exceptions to that rule, and you'll find them right here on this list of 42 quick-fix solutions on Amazon for your nagging problems.

There's a better than good chance you have come across problems in your everyday life and you've thought, If only there was a product to fix this disastrous dilemma that I'd give the world to not have to deal with at 7 a.m.. The great news is that, because there are so many genius inventions on Amazon, the biggest issue you'll have is choosing just one.

Because eyeglasses and watches are always in need of mending, you'll find mini screwdrivers on this list and an 11-in-one multitool that's the size of a credit card. If you're experiencing headaches from staring at computer screens all day, have discovered at the last minute that the hem on your dress is loose (with not a thread or needle in sight), or have had the zipper to your jacket fall apart in your hands — rest assured, there is a smart and practical product on this list that will make your problems disappear.

Snag a few of these genius problem solvers and start living your best life ASAP.

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