43 Random 5-Star Products On Amazon That Rightfully Rule

Taking chances in life can have a big payoff. Forking over that $5 for a lottery ticket could wind up winning you $10,000; picking an express deal when you're trying to buy airplane tickets might help you save more money than you ever would've guessed. But benefiting from risks isn't the norm — especially when it comes to shopping online. You wouldn't buy a car (or even a dress for an important occasion) without looking at the reviews first, so why waste your time and your money on any low-rated items? Or, worse, items that aren't rated at all. Cue the brilliant products on Amazon worthy of their near-perfect five-star reviews, because if the vast majority of former buyers can't stop raving, the risk is substantially lowered for you. Odds are you'll end up loving it, too.

From a highly-rated hydrating serum loaded with hyaluronic acid to a funny bottle of hand sanitizer that doubles as a gag gift, Amazon has thousands of five-star products that reviewers love. So if you're ever worried about whether that pack of reusable makeup wipes is worth the money, just skip right to the reviews — but for the sake of convenience, that's already done for you right here. Check out these smart and practical Amazon products that deserve all the high ratings they've gotten.

1. The Pan That Gives You A Chewy Edge On Every Brownie

The best part of every brownie is arguably the deliciously chewy edge, which is why the Baker's Edge brownie pan is designed so that each brownie you bake has at least two. This pan is large enough that it'll fit all standard box mixes without any adjustments, and the heavy gauge aluminum construction makes it exceptionally durable. You can also use this pan for meatloaf, lasagna, and more, plus the surface is non-stick so that it's easy to remove your baked goods.

2. A Coffee Maker That Lets You Make Cold Brew At Home

All you have to do is add coffee, let it steep overnight, and poof — the County Line Kitchen cold brew coffee maker will have a Mason jar-full of delicious cold brew ready for you in the morning. The mesh on the filter is ultra-fine so that you don't wind up with any loose grounds in your final cup of Joe, and it's made from high-quality stainless steel so you won't have to worry about it rusting through repeated use.

3. The Pore Vacuum That Removes Even The Most Stubborn Blackheads

Blackhead masks can be drying and cause your skin to flake, whereas the CCFADD blackhead pore vacuum is safe for all skin types as well as non-irritating. There are five different suction strengths to choose from depending on the severity of the blackhead, and it's also great for helping to tighten any enlarged pores. And because it's rechargeable, you won't have to worry about spending extra money on batteries.

4. A Hydrating Serum That Helps Fight Unwanted Puffiness

Whether you've got dry skin, a couple of blemishes, or even puffy under-eyes, reviewers say the InstaNatural hyaluronic acid serum is great for it all. You can combine this serum with your favorite lotions and creams for an extra-moisturizing boost, and it even contains added vitamins C and E to help leave your complexion looking refreshed and radiant. It's gentle enough for all types of skin, and Amazon reviewers love how quickly it absorbs.

5. The Leggings That Stretch In Four Directions For Added Comfort

No one enjoys wearing a super tight pair of leggings that won't let you move, which is why the Alice and Belle high-waist leggings are made with four-way stretch fabric that allows for optimal flexibility. These leggings feel incredibly smooth which makes them great for both every day as well as the gym, and the high waist works with any outfit, whether you're wearing a crop top, t-shirt, or sweater.

6. A Pack Of Toothbrushes That Are Biodegradable

Not only are they made from high-grade bamboo, but the Bamboo Earth charcoal toothbrushes also have charcoal infused into the bristles, which gives them an extra boost of whitening power when you brush your teeth. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial as well as anti-fungal to control germs and contaminants, and as an added bonus, they're also 100-percent biodegradable as well as recyclable.

7. The Detoxifying Face Mask Made With Avocado And Green Tea

Dead skin cells, dirt, and toxins can leave your complexion looking tired and cloudy, so why not detoxify your pores using the Plantifique marine superfood mud mask? This mask is made with seven superfood extracts that help draw impurities out from your pores — plus the added avocado and green tea are loaded with antioxidants. It's safe for sensitive as well as acne-prone skin, and the Bentonite clay can even help with reducing inflammation.

8. A Blender That Can Also Chop, Mix, Grind, Whip, And More

Made from food-grade stainless steel and BPA-free plastic, the CHINYA hand blender has multiple attachments that let you chop, mix, grind, whip, and blend ingredients at the press of a button. There are two mixing speeds to choose from so that you can mix batter as well as whip up fluffy egg whites — plus the blending shaft helps prevent any splashing to keep you clean and dry while you cook.

9. The Sleeping Mask That Doesn't Put Uncomfortable Pressure On Your Eyes

You could buy a cheap sleep mask and wind up feeling even more tired after a night of unnecessary facial pressure — or you could use the ZGGCD 3-D sleep mask. This mask is contoured out at the eyes so that there's zero uncomfortable pressure on your peepers while you sleep, and the extra-large coverage ensures that no light creeps through from the outside. The memory foam construction is soft as well as lightweight, and as an added bonus the fabric on this mask is also resistant to bacteria and dust mites.

10. A Towel That Doubles As A Non-Slip Yoga Mat

No one enjoys slipping and sliding around on a sweaty yoga mat, which is why the Yoga Jaci yoga mat towel is so popular. Made from absorbent and plush microfiber, this towel soaks up sweat to keep you dry while you stretch, plus the slip-resistant design keeps it stable on top of the mat no matter which pose you're doing. And because it dries in half the time as regular cotton, you'll never be stuck lugging around a damp towel after you're done with your workout.

11. The Gag Gift That Calls People Out For Not Washing Their Hands

Maybe you did, maybe you didn't — but either way, the Blue Q "Maybe you touched your genitals" hand sanitizer is a fun way to goof on your friends while making sure their hands are clean. This little bottle makes for a great stocking stuffer or goodie bag treat, and one Amazon reviewer even said that it doubles as an easy way to encourage "someone who maybe forgot to wash their hands after using the restroom."

12. A Set Of Packing Cubes That Helps Keep Your Luggage Tidy

The clothes in your suitcase can easily get jumbled while you're traveling, whereas the JJ POWER packing cubes set keeps your clothes organized and mess-free. Each order comes with seven cubes: two large, one medium, two small, one shoe bag, and one toiletry bag — plus the seams are double-stitched so that they can compress a large amount of clothing without ripping. The mesh top lets you see exactly what's in each cube without needing to unpack it, and they can also be used as storage bins in your home.

13. The Standing Case That Works For Phones, Glasses, And More

Leaving your glasses around is a surefire way for them to get knocked over, lost, or damaged, which is why the Fintie glasses holder is lined with super-soft fur that prevents any scratches or accidental damage. You can also use this desktop holder for your phone, remote, or any other item you want to keep track of, and the weighted base ensures that it won't accidentally topple over. Get it in your choice of eight fun designs.

14. A Set Of Bath Bombs That Won't Stain Your Tub

Whereas cheap bath bombs can leave your tub a funky color, the LifeAround2Angels bath bombs gift set comes with 12 handcrafted bath bombs that are guaranteed not to stain. These bombs are also formulated to leave your skin feeling moisturized and refreshed, plus the added fizz gives each one a luxurious, spa-like feel. They make a perfect gift to friends or to yourself, and with 97-percent positive reviews, it's clear these bath bombs are a hit with customers.

15. The Mat That Takes The Work Out Of Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

With seven different types of raised grooves and treads, the TailaiMei makeup brush cleaning mat works with all types of brushes, no matter how much makeup is caked onto them. The seven suction cups on the backside of this mat help keep it securely in place while you clean your brushes, and since it's made from flexible silicone, rolling it up for storage once you're finished is incredibly simple.

16. A Hydrating Lotion Stick Chock-Full of Vitamin E

Whether you've got dry skin, blemishes, or even unwanted acne marks, the Palmer's cocoa butter swivel stick can help hydrate your skin while reducing the appearance of dark spots. The cocoa butter gives your skin a nourishing splash of moisture, while the added vitamin E helps protect against free radicals. One Amazon reviewer even raved that she also uses it on her lips because "it feels so silky when you put it on!"

17. The Reusable Strainer That's Perfect For Juices, Coffee, And More

Whether you're making almond milk, cold brew coffee, or trying to strain all the pulp out of your vegetable juice, the Ellie's Best nut milk bag is right up your alley. This reusable mesh strainer has a wide opening that helps prevent any accidental spills as you pour, and the nylon construction is durable so that it can withstand daily use. It dries quickly so you won't have to worry about mold and bacteria taking hold, and each order even comes with a recipe e-book to help get you started.

18. A Silicone Mold That Helps You Cook Eggs, Cupcakes, And More

You can fill it with batter and pop it into the toaster oven to make some quick cupcakes, or you can fill it with water to make yourself giant whiskey ice cubes in the freezer. The Sugaroom silicone egg bites mold is antibacterial so that you won't have to worry about grime and germs settling into it, and each order comes with a stainless steel rack trivet that you can use in an instant pot or pressure cooker.

19. The Scissors That Take The Work Out Of Chopping Up Herbs

Prepping fresh herbs like basil, parsley, and thyme can be a hassle, so try using the Chefast herb scissors to save yourself some time. These scissors have five blades that cut your herbs into even pieces, and each order comes with a safety sheath so that there's practically zero chance of cutting yourself when they're in storage. The ergonomic handle is designed to feel comfortable while you cut, and the stainless steel construction won't develop rust over time.

20. A Roll-Up Drying Rack That Fits Over Your Sink To Save You Space

Traditional drying racks take up a lot of precious countertop space, whereas the KIBEE dish drying rack uses the empty space over your sink to let your dishes dry. The stainless steel rods are resistant to rust, and the tips are coated in silicone that won't scratch your sink. You can also use this drying rack as a tabletop trivet for hot items, and it even works as a draining colander platform for fruits and vegetables. When you're done, roll it up and store it virtually anywhere.

21. The Water Shoes That Feel Like You're Walking Barefoot

Most water shoes feel clunky and soggy, whereas the MOFFO women's barefoot water shoes are made with an ultra-light rubber sole that won't weigh you down. The combination of polyester and spandex also make these shoes incredibly breathable so that they dry quickly when they're not submerged, and unlike competing shoes, these ones are specifically designed so that they won't chafe your skin while you sail, wakeboard, fish, or simply wade in a pool.

22. A Pizza Slicer That Protects Your Hands From Cuts And Nicks

No one enjoys having to wrestle with their pizza just to get a slice, which is why the Kitchy pizza cutter wheel is made with a super-sharp stainless steel blade. Unlike other pizza cutters, this one fits comfortably in the palm of your hand so you can exert even pressure as you roll it — plus the blade cover prevents any accidental nicks or cuts to your skin. And once you're done slicing up your pie, the cover pops off so that the blade is easy to clean.

23. The Handy Tool That Cores Apples In One Swift Motion

Especially when you're coring apples for a pie or other large recipe, this step is often time-consuming and inconvenient. Cue the Newness Focus apple corer. This handy device is great for professional chefs and at-home bakers alike since it easily removes the core from your apples, and the stainless steel construction won't rust over time. The handle is ergonomically designed to take the work out of twisting and pulling the core, and it's also great for preparing apples for kid's lunches.

24. A See-Through Set Of Drawers For Your Cosmetics And Accessories

Instead of digging through drawers just to find that one tube of mascara, try switching over to the Sorbus cosmetics display case; the see-through acrylic construction allows you to see exactly what is in each drawer. Perfect for bathroom countertops, vanities, or even for holding bolts and screws on a workbench, this case has three wide drawers that are great for larger items like palettes and brushes, and the four smaller drawers are the ideal place to keep smaller items like rings, bracelets, and more.

25. The Brush That Removes Pet Hair From Your Clothes And Furniture

Unlike traditional lint rollers that rely on wasteful sticky paper, the ChomChom Roller pet hair remover acts more like a brush, allowing you to easily remove pet hair from your clothes, furniture, and blankets without needing to buy replacement sheets. There are no batteries required, and all the excess fur gets stored in the built-in hair compartment so that it's easy to empty it out into a trashcan once you're done.

26. A Cabinet Turntable That Increases The Storage Space In Small Kitchens

If you've run out of cabinet space in your kitchen, the mDesign Lazy Susan turntable is an easy way to increase your available storage space without any remodeling. You can put this turntable in cabinets or on your countertop since the clear BPA-free design looks great with any decor — and the deep pockets prevent your condiments, spices, and oils from toppling off. The ball bearings are made from rust-resistant stainless steel, and the entire turntable is shatter-resistant in the event it ever gets dropped.

27. These Tea Leaves Made From Organic Hibiscus Flowers

Sometimes pre-packaged tea just doesn't cut it — so on days like that, why not spice up your routine with the Feel Good Organics hibiscus flowers loose tea? Made from certified-USDA organic hibiscus flowers that are imported from France, you can also use these leaves in your soaps, shampoos, lotions, and other beauty products to give them a refreshing hibiscus essence. In addition, you can toss them into your salads and smoothies for a nutritious burst of flavor.

28. A Nourishing Serum That Helps Your Eyelashes Grow

According to reviewers, it only takes two weeks to see the beginning effects of the MeiGirls eyelash growth serum — and after 60 days, many people noted that their lashes were thicker, longer, and fuller! This serum is formulated with 13 essential amino acids to help your brows and lashes grow, plus it's hypoallergenic as well as non-irritating so that it's safe for all types of skin. The non-spill applicator prevents any accidental messes if the tube ever gets knocked over, and you only need to use it twice a day to experience benefits.

29. The Dead Sea Salt Scrub That People Who Have "Tried Everything" Absolutely Love

If you've ever had trouble exfoliating away dry, flaky skin, then the PureSCRUBS body scrub set is definitely worth a try. Not only is the scrub made with fine-grain Dead Sea salt and infused with coconut essential oils, but each order also comes with an eco-friendly wooden spoon, an exfoliating loofah, and an organic bar soap made with ground oats, shea butter, and honey. Even reviewers who have "tried everything" say their skin has "never felt or looked this moisturized and healthy."

30. A Set Of Makeup Remover Pads That Are Entirely Reusable

Made from eco-friendly and biodegradable bamboo, the DROP OF DIVINITI makeup remover pads set themselves apart from the competition not just because they're natural —but because you can also use them as regular cleaning wipes if you're in a pinch. Each of these pads can be used up to 1,000 times, which helps save you money in the long-run, and they're designed so that they're safe for people with sensitive skin.

31. The Eye Makeup Brush Set That Covers All The Bases

You could spend the extra money and buy each brush individually, or you could save yourself untold amounts of cash by picking up the Lamora makeup eye brush set. Each set comes with seven professional-quality makeup brushes that you can use to apply shadow, liner, and more — plus the bristles are synthetic, which means they're also vegan-friendly. Many Amazon reviewers raved about how these brushes are "super-soft," and one even noted that they're "very comparable to higher-end brushes!"

32. An Aluminum Stand That Can Hold Your Tablet And Smartphone

With a durable aluminum frame that's 25 percent thicker than the competition, the OMOTON desktop stand ensures that both your smartphone and tablet stay safe and securely upright while you watch videos or browse the internet. Compatible with all phones and tablets up to 10 inches wide, this stand has an anti-scratch silicone pad that protects your smartphone from any accidental damage, and the wide base prevents it from falling over if your tablet is heavy.

33. The Power Strip With Built-In USB Ports

It's easy to lose the power brick that comes with your USB charging cables, so on days you can't seem to find one, use the QOLIXM power strip instead. This power strip has six regular outlets as well as six USB ports so that you'll never have to go hunting for a brick again — and the built-in surge protection keeps your devices safe from any harmful spikes in electricity.

34. A Flip-Up Case That Keeps Your Earbuds Protected And Tangle-Free

Tangled wires can lead to fraying cables and damage, which is why the Budley earbud case keeps your cord safely wrapped around itself like a yo-yo. The case itself is made from premium silicone that's soft to the touch and won't damage headphones — and since silicone is non-porous and easy to wash, you can keep both your earbuds and the case clean. When you're on the go, simply flip the base up for protection and toss it in your bag or pocket.

35. The Hook That Protects Your Headphones From Damage

With a universal design that clamps onto practically any desk or flat surface, the EURPMASK headphone hook mount is an easy way to prevent your headphones from getting knocked onto the ground. The arm on the bottom swings in and out depending on whatever is most convenient for you, and the soft rubber pads on the clamp prevent any damage to your desk. Because there's a built-in cable loop, you won't have to worry about any wires dragging along the ground.

36. A Pack Of Hangers That Fold Down When You're Traveling

Perfect for when you have to conserve storage space in your luggage, yet want to make sure your clothes stay wrinkle-free at your destination, Trubetter travel hangers have a slip-proof design that prevents your clothes from falling off or sagging. That said, unlike traditional hangers, these ones fold down to help save you space when they're not being used, and each one is durable so that they can accommodate clothing of all shapes and sizes.

37. The Pan That Lets You Easily Prepare Silver Dollar Pancakes

Even though the Unique Imports pan is designed to make uniform, evenly-cooked silver dollar pancakes, it can also be used to fry eggs, make small taco tortillas, bake English muffins, and more. This pan is made with solid die-cast aluminum that won't warp over time, plus it ensures your meals cook evenly and thoroughly. The non-stick marble-coated surface prevents ingredients from becoming stuck, and the handle stays cool to help protect you from any accidental burns.

38. A Pair Of Yoga Shorts With A Convenient Pocket

The world would be a much more pleasant place if companies would start putting pockets into all workout pants, just like the ODODOS high-waist yoga shorts. These shorts are made with four-way stretch fabric that won't become see-through no matter what direction you pose, and the built-in pocket is large enough that it can fit your phone, keys, credit cards, and more. The high-waist cut is also great for minor compression, and many Amazon reviewers noted how they truly are "squat-proof."

39. The Mortar And Pestle Carved From Granite

Whereas competing mortar and pestle sets can scratch your countertops with their rough undersides, the TUDIMO mortar and pestle set is designed with anti-scratch foam padding that eliminates the chances of you damaging your surfaces. Made from classy granite that looks great with any existing decor, each order also comes with three spare foam pads — and one Amazon reviewer even raved that "the pestle fits perfectly into the mortar so I can easily crush my spices, as they fit snugly together and are well-aligned."

40. A Bag That's Designed To Easily Fit Your Yoga Equipment

Regular gym bags aren't large enough to fit a yoga mat, but the Ewedoos bag is specifically designed to hold your mat, towel, water bottle, and more. There's also a small zippered pocket on the inside where you can keep your keys and other valuables, plus the high-quality cotton construction is breathable so that it won't absorb any funky odors over time. You can also use this bag as a reusable grocery tote, and the various color and pattern options offer plenty of styles to choose from.

41. The Camping Lantern With Six Different Lighting Modes

Not only are there six different lighting modes to choose from (soft, normal, strong, flashlight, emergency, and mosquito), but the BRINGLED LED camping lantern is also completely waterproof so that you can even use it underwater. You can hang this light on anything made from iron since it's magnetic, which makes it great for workshops, garages, and basements — plus the LED bulb has a lifetime of up to 10,000 hours.

42. A Pack Of Eye Patches That Help Reduce Dark Circles

Whether you're searching for a way to get rid of stubborn dark circles under your eyes, or simply want to alleviate some puffiness, look no further than the SAFISA collagen eye patches. These patches are infused with collagen that helps reduce the appearance of bags underneath your eyes, and the extra aloe vera and bamboo charcoal further help detoxify your skin while giving you a nourishing dose of hydration.

43. The Foot Roller That Relieves Pain From Plantar Fasciitis

Whether you suffer from plantar fasciitis, or simply have sore, aching feet, the FootSi Pro foot roller can help alleviate your pain. This roller targets the painful trigger points in your feet in order to help melt away soreness after a long, stressful day, and the bonus spiky red massage ball is also great for increasing the healthy blood circulation within your muscles. One Amazon reviewer even noted that it "doesn't take much pressure with the roller to feel a nice stretch," and that "it's firm, but with a bit of cushion!" Bustle may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Bustle's editorial and sales departments.