43 Random 5-Star Products On Amazon That Rightfully Rule

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Taking chances in life can have a big payoff. Forking over that $5 for a lottery ticket could wind up winning you $10,000; picking an express deal when you're trying to buy airplane tickets might help you save more money than you ever would've guessed. But benefiting from risks isn't the norm — especially when it comes to shopping online. You wouldn't buy a car (or even a dress for an important occasion) without looking at the reviews first, so why waste your time and your money on any low-rated items? Or, worse, items that aren't rated at all. Cue the brilliant products on Amazon worthy of their near-perfect five-star reviews, because if the vast majority of former buyers can't stop raving, the risk is substantially lowered for you. Odds are you'll end up loving it, too.

From a highly-rated hydrating serum loaded with hyaluronic acid to a funny bottle of hand sanitizer that doubles as a gag gift, Amazon has thousands of five-star products that reviewers love. So if you're ever worried about whether that pack of reusable makeup wipes is worth the money, just skip right to the reviews — but for the sake of convenience, that's already done for you right here. Check out these smart and practical Amazon products that deserve all the high ratings they've gotten.

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