44 Awesome Gifts For Men: Your Boyfriend, Dad & Brother Will Thank You

Gift-giving often involves a very cyclical and frustrating pattern. The whole year, you’re finding and thinking of great gifts for men in your life, but when a holiday or birthday actually rolls around, you can’t remember a single one of them.

To solve this exact issue, I use three very helpful online resources. First, I have a specific Pinterest board where I pin all the great ideas I find during the year. Second, I surf through gift guides for boyfriends, dads, and brothers, and pull all my shopping inspiration from there.

The problem I often run into, however, is that so many publications tend to lump all men together as tie-loving grill enthusiasts who spend the vast majority of their days playing golf, as if there’s only one variety of guy. If you’re looking for original gifts for him — ones that cater to every type of guy, from athletic to artsy and techie to neat-freak — you’ll need a wide selection to choose from.

My third resource is Amazon, because it’s one of those places that has just about everything. Their gift guides and interesting finds have all the things that you never would’ve thought of, but actually make for an incredible and personalized gift that any man in your life is sure to love. Check out some of the best picks from Amazon right here.

1. This Nostalgic Desk Clock


Pac Man Premium LED Desk Clock, $40, Amazon

For the guy you know who’s all about nostalgia, this fun and vibrant Pac Man LED desk clock displays the time as well as authentic Pac Man animations.

2. A Candle Worthy Of Ron Swanson’s Approval


Northern Lights Whiskey And Tobacco Candle, $14, Amazon

Probably the only candle that Ron Swanson would ever own,this Northern Lights whiskey and tobacco candle honors his favorite drink and smoke with a masculine and pleasant smell that’s not too overpowering.

3. A Protective Salt Cellar For The Minimalist Chef


Chef'nDash Salt Cellar, $20, Amazon

For the minimalist chef in your life, the Chef'nDash salt cellar protects your salt from dust and germs, but lets you flip open the cover to grab a pinch whenever you’re cooking or seasoning.

4. Just Say The Word For Thousands Of Apps And Shows


Amazon Fire TV Stick, $40, Amazon

The Amazon Fire TV stick lets him enjoy over 7,000 games, apps, subscription services,and live TV streaming with fast wifi and Alexa-enabled voice control.

5. For The Nighttime Tosser And Turner


Sleep Yoga Multi-Position Body Pillow, $30, Amazon

Hypoallergenic, washable, designed by chiropractors, and totally flexible, the Sleep Yoga multi-position body pillow has three distinct parts so that you can get the most aligned and comfortable position whether you’re sitting, lying down, or sleeping any which way.

6. No More Soap Grime On Counters


Taymor Deluxe Countertop Magnetic Soap Holder, $25, Amazon

The Taymor magnetic soap holder totally eliminates any soap grime or excess mess because it suspends your bar in midair while taking up minimal space in the bathroom or kitchen.

7. Not Your Average Body Flask


Areaware Liquid Body Flask, $45, Amazon

With an epic design that’s made entirely from stainless steel, the Areaware liquid body flask definitely isn’t your average souvenir. People love it because it’s modern, durable, thin, and lightweight for any traveling drinker. And just look at that waviness!

8. A Bluetooth Speaker For The Extreme Man


Wireless Travel Bluetooth Speaker, $18, Amazon

For the extreme man in your life, this wireless travel Bluetooth speaker is water-resistant, shock-proof, dust-proof,wireless, rechargeable, and has hooks on it for everything from biking to climbing.

9. This Complete Box Set Of Calvin And Hobbes Comics


The Complete Calvin and Hobbes, $55, Amazon

How sweet is this? With every single comic strip from the Calvin and Hobbes eleven year history, The Complete Calvin and Hobbes is a nostalgic gift for any guy who grew up alongside a boy and his tiger.

10. Encourage Him To Nap Anytime, Anywhere


Ostrich Pillow Mini Travel Pillow, $30, Amazon

The smallest member of the ostrich pillow family, this mini ostrich pillow is a traveler’s (or mobile napper’s) best friend — it can cushion your elbows from arm rests, your hands from the cold, or your face from a desk or window. No more leaning on your jacket when you need to relax at the airport.

11. A Data Backup That Doubles As A Desk Decoration


LaCie Culbuto USB Key, $50, Amazon

Sleek, password protected, and functional in more ways than one, this LaCie Culbuto USB key doubles as a data backup for your computer and a modern-looking picture or card holder.

12. This Water Bottle That Does So Much More Than Hydrate


HYDRA SmartBottle, $60, Amazon

If your dad,brother, or boyfriend is particularly athletic, the HYDRA SmartBottle ensures that he’s always adequately hydrated, but it’s also got a built-in Bluetooth speaker, hands-free calling function, emergency flashing light, and an emergency power bank to charge his phone.

13. One Of The Coolest And Most Durable Cameras


GoPro HERO6 Waterproof Camera, $499, Amazon

Everyone's loved the GoPro for a while now, but people are seriously flipping over the GoPro HERO6 waterproof camera this year. Not only is it ridiculously durable, super lightweight, and really clear, but it comes with built-in wifi and Bluetooth to record his most epic adventures.

14. With This Amp, He Can Plug In His Guitar Anywhere


Marshall Amps Micro Guitar Amplifier, $48, Amazon

For the musician in your life, this tiny Marshall Amps micro guitar amplifier offers volume and tone control for any impromptu jam sessions, tune-ups, or practice hours.

15. For The Avid Picnicker, Camper, Or Tailgater


Coolest Cooler, $446, Amazon

Yes, the Coolest Cooler keeps your beverages cool, but it also has a built in ice-crushing blender, a Bluetooth speaker, and extra thick insulation that keeps things for up to five whole days.

16. If He Absolutely Loves Nighttime Reading


Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader, $90, Amazon

The Kindle Paperwhite E-reader has zero screen glare, a built-in book light, and a single battery that lasts for weeks. It’s a great gift for the before-bed reader who doesn’t love the way his phone keeps him awake.

17. This Wireless Bedside Charger And Lamp


Ytech Wireless Charging LED Desk Lamp, $45, Amazon

This desk lamp charger makes for a bright and modern bedside light with a bendable neck, but it also wirelessly charges any devices that are Qi-enabled, so say goodbye to tangled phone chargers on your night stand.

18. Perfect For The Guy With A Small Kitchen


Aroma Housewares Grill Plate, $30, Amazon

No cook space? No problem. The Aroma Housewares Grill Plate has been called “the super pot” because it’s a grill, slow-cooker, and steamer all in one, and it’s ridiculously easy to both use and clean.

19. These Wine Glasses Aerate While You Pour


Chevalier Stemless Aerating Wine Glasses, $56, Amazon

If your boy’s a wine enthusiast, these awesome Chevalier stemless glasses actually aerates the wine as it pours for a cool cascading effect that tastes infinitely better.

20. These Glowing Sports Headphones Offer Chic Safety


BriteFit Rechargeable Glowing Sports Headphones, $34, Amazon

For the biker or raver, these Brite Fit Rechargeable Glowing Sports Headphones have a clear sound, snug-fitting earbuds that won’t fall out, and an awesome glowing wire that keeps him visible in the dark.

21. Intriguing Glasses For Temperature Control


Curva Artisan Series Double Wall Beverage Glasses, $26, Amazon

Not only are these four Curva Artisan Series double wall beverage glasses original and intriguing (since each one has a unique curvature), but they actually help to keep your drinks warmer or colder for way longer with a double-wall insulation that stops all condensation and burns.

22. This Pocket Blanket Lets Him Pop A Squat Anywhere


Matador Pocket Blanket, $25, Amazon

The Matador pocket blanket fits in your bag, glove-compartment, or – you guessed it – pocket,and it ensures that he always has a water-repellent and puncture-proof blanket for beaches, concerts, camping, or yoga.

23. Effortless Panoramic Shots Or Time Lapses


Camalapse 4, $25, Amazon

If he’s a photographer, the camalapse 4 is a genius little tool that assists in creating panoramic shots or time-lapse videos. It spins 360 degrees over one hour, so the time-consuming projects become a breeze.

24. No More Tangled Wires On His Desk Or Nightstand


iCozy Charging Valet, $50, Amazon

If he’s a techie, the iCozy charging valet will keep all his stuff charged up and organized. It has six compartments and wire-threads to accommodate everything from his phone to his tablet.

25. Help Him Get The Most Out Of His Daily Schedule


Intelligent Change Productivity Planner, $25, Amazon

Made with a proven productivity format, the Intelligent Change productivity planner allows him to schedule and set goals in such away that actually prompts more productivity, encourages focus, and overcomes procrastination.

26. Bring The Great Outdoors Straight To His Desk


Kikkerland Concrete Desktop Planter, $30, Amazon

The Kikkerland concrete desktop planter brings a little natural joy to his desk with a solid-concrete design and space for plants, while the terraced base holds his pens and knick-knacks to keep things functional.

27. This Top Quality Beard Oil Kit


Prophet And Tools Beard Oil Kit, $14, Amazon

Made with 100 percent healthy and natural ingredients, people are raving over the Prophet and Tools beard oil kit, which not only conditions, softens, and promotes growth, but it comes with a luxurious peach wood beard comb, too.

28. Bond With Friends Through This Ridiculous Story-Telling Game


Drunk Stoned Or Stupid, $16, Amazon

My guy friends seriously love the Drunk Stoned Or Stupid game, and they break it out all the time. It comes with 250 “most likely to” scenarios that are sure to get the stories, accusations,and laughter rolling at every party.

29. Just This Once, You Can Play With Your Food


The Hockey Mug, $24, Amazon

For the hockey, sports, or procrastination enthusiast, this hockey mug has a back net that lets him flick his marshmallows into his cocoa, his crackers into his soup, and his chocolate chips into his ice-cream with purpose.

30. An Awesome Gift For The Cocktail Enthusiast


Scrappy's Bitters Exotic Sampler Pack, $19, Amazon

This Scrappy's Bitters exotic sampler pack is an awesome gift for any guy who loves his cocktails. It comes with four sample bitter flavors that any bartender would love to use in his newly-concocted drinks.

31. This Practical Yet Original Cheese Board Set


Cheese Log Board And Knife Set, $25, Amazon

Adorable and surprisingly practical, this cheese log board and knife set comes with a solid beech wood cutting board and ax knife that lets him channel his inner lumberjack while entertaining.

32. For The Word-Oriented Man In Your Life


LED Word Clock, $80, Amazon

This LED word clock lights up specific words to give you the time in a full sentence, and it makes a modern and functional decoration for any desk, counter, bedroom.

33. A Clear And Durable Shower, Beach, Or Pool Speaker


Polk BOOM Swimmer Speaker, $60, Amazon

The Polk BOOM Swimmer syncs up to your devices for clear, wireless sound no matter where you are, but the fact that it can be submerged under water for up to 30 minutes means that it makes for an awesome shower, beach, or pool speaker.

34. For The Fixer-Type Guy Who’s Always Prepared


Leatherman Sidekick Multi-Tool, $50, Amazon

With seventeen durable tools in a stainless steel design, the Leatherman Sidekick multi-tool ensures that he’s ready for every emergency job that comes along.

35. These Hilariously Straightforward Wooden Coasters


Don't Fuck Up The Table Wood Coasters, $15, Amazon

If he’s got a sense of humor, these Don't Fuck Up The Table wood coasters will definitely tickle that funny bone.This set of four is handmade out of Baltic birch wood, and people love them because they’re durable, reliable, and damn hilarious.

36. This Roulette Game That Gets You Drunk


EZ Drinker Shot Spinning Roulette Game, $11, Amazon

If you know any guys in college, this EZ Drinker shot spinning roulette game is sure to go over well. The functional roulette wheel spins to land on any of the 16 numbered slots, and each one holds a shot glass. Bonus: it comes with two metallic balls, as well.

37. If He Really Misses His Dog During Work


Furbo Dog Camera, $249, Amazon

For the dude who can’t stand to be away from his dog, the Furbo dog camera has a clear camera that streams to your phone, a night-vision function, a speaker and microphone, and a treat dispenser, so he can interact with his pet as if he were home.

38. This Punny Switch Cover For Any Star Wars Fan


Star Wars Light Side Dark Side Switch Cover, $19, Amazon

If he’s a Star Wars fan who likes puns, then this Star Wars light side dark side switch cover is sure to please. It has a custom raised design with a stone texture, and people love it for “young and old force-users” because it’s great quality and ships quickly.

39. Keep His Car Fresh, Clean, And Odor-Free


Car Air Purifier, $15, Amazon

This awesome car air purifier plugs into his cigarette lighter to actually improve the quality of the air with negative ions (so, the opposite of cigarettes). It gets rid of mold, odors, and bacteria to make his car cleaner and fresher without any effort at all.

40. A Modern Statement Piece For His Coffee Table


ModaFlame Tabletop Fireplace, $70, Amazon

If he just got a new place, this ModaFlame tabletop fireplace makes one badass housewarming gift. It requires no electric, gas, chimney or gel cans and instead burns on ventless ethanol fuel,adding a modern statement piece to any table or countertop.

41. For When He Slumps Too Much At Work


Supportiback, $40, Amazon

If he spends a lot of time gaming or working at a desk, this Supportiback could be a lifesaver for his posture. It stops back pain and slouching by hooking around your knee and lower back, pulling your spine forward and up. Best of all, it’s actually comfortable.

42. These Gloves For Effortless Winter Phone Calls


Bluetooth Talking Gloves, $17, Amazon

These Bluetooth talking gloves are not only touch-screen friendly, but they actually allow you to talk on the phone without the phone; they’ve got a one-touch answering feature as well as a built-in microphone and speaker in the pinkie and thumb.

43. Make Him Laugh Whenever He Opens A Bottle Of Wine


Pirate Bottle Opener Corkscrew, $10, Amazon

Hilarious and surprisingly genius, this pirate corkscrew gives the little guy a cork-made peg leg every time you open a bottle of wine, and he can crack open beer bottles with his head.

44. This Throwback Hat For The Retro Gamer


Grey Nintendo NES Controller Snapback, $19, Amazon

For the nostalgic gamer, there’s this Nintendo NES controller snapback. It’s made from 100 percent cotton, one size fits all, and people are saying things like, “The image and the coloring are nice and crisp and you just look damn good with it on.”

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