44 Genius Things Under $10 On Amazon That Are Most Added To Women's Wish Lists

Anyone who has ever wondered what women really are purchasing only needs to glance at their Amazon wish lists to find out. Spoiler: They're products that work like they say they will and won't cost a fortune. This list of genius things under $10 on Amazon that are most added to women's wish lists give us major insight into what makes a good product — and what makes a great product.

These products certainly span all categories as well. Whether you need a reliable document organizer to keep important papers orderly, kitchen shears that can cut herbs in seconds instead of the usual 30 minutes it takes some of us, or a two-in-one sponge and scrubber that won't scratch stainless steel, this list has the best version of each product — and all are glorious products on Amazon that are less than $10.

This list also features brilliant beauty products with a cult following, like an intensely pigmented liquid eyeliner that never, ever runs and a hand cream so luxurious you'll want to shout about it from the rooftop. From cooking and cleaning tools to cuticle pens and silicone wine glasses that will never break, these are the affordable products that make life a little sweeter.

1. This Pure Organic Argan Oil For Hair, Skin, And Nails

Aria Starr Beauty Organic Argan Oil, $10, Amazon

The only thing better than the fact that this organic argan oil is super affordable is that it's also incredibly effective as a skin moisturizer and a hair conditioner. This anti-inflammatory oil is packaged in a dark glass bottle to limit its exposure to light, and contains absolutely no chemicals or fragrances. You can use it anywhere — on cuticles, dry patches, your face, and to seal your hair cuticle and prevent frizz and split ends. Argan oil is really absorbent, and even reviewers who say they normally hate putting oil in their hair rave about how this oil adds major conditioning without making strands greasy.


2. A Super Fast Drying Top Coat For Nails

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Nail Coat, $7, Amazon

Help dry your nail polish even faster and protect your nails from chips and splits with this cult-favorite clear top coat. Just one coat of this protective clear polish is enough to ensure your nails won't yellow and that your manicure is glossy and resistant to chips. This polish is also vegan and free of parabens, sulfates, triclosan, and phthalates.


3. A Foot Peeling Mask That Uses Natural Extracts To Remove Dead Skin

Purederm Foot Peeling Mask, $9, Amazon

Dry, scaly skin on your feet is a common problem — and one that's fairly hard to get rid of. This foot peeling mask contains an extensive list of natural extracts like sugar maple, tea tree, and rosa canina fruit that exfoliate dead skin cells and remove calluses without irritating your skin. Wear the serum-filled booties for an hour and wait. A few days later the skin on your feet will begin peeling — and peeling and peeling. It may take seven days for the peeling to stop, but when it does, your feet will be smooth and soft.


4. An African Black Soap That Is Amazing For Acne-Prone And Sensitive Skin

Shea Moisture African Black Soap, $4, Amazon

It doesn't matter what skin issues you have — like acne, eczema, or sensitive skin that turns red at the thought of soap — this natural African black soap is the inexpensive cure. Infused with shea butter, aloe, and oats for additional moisturizing and exfoliation, it'll clean skin and remove excess oil and sebum without affecting your skin's natural moisture balance. It's great for all skin types, and can even help relieve your symptoms if you have psoriasis.


5. The Kitchen Scissors That Have Five Sharp Blades And Save Tons Of Time When Cutting Herbs

Kitchen Gadgets Herb Scissors, $8, Amazon

Cutting herbs can be a real hassle — especially considering how recipes usually require them to be chopped ultra-fine. Save tons of time and make the job less of a chore with these herb scissors, which feature five really sharp blades that get the job done in no time. They have no-slip grip handles and can also be used to cut meat, cheese, chocolate, nuts — you name it, it'll cut it up with ease.


6. These Cell Phone Ring Holders To Store Your Phone And Safely Hold It With One Hand

Best & Ring Love Cell Phone Holder, $8 (4 Pack), Amazon

These cell phone ring holders serve two purposes: They can store your phone in a way that prevents it from touching germ-ridden surfaces, and they provide a safer way to hold your phone in one hand without dropping it. Each ring is made from sturdy zinc alloy, rotates 360-degrees, and attaches to the back of your device using self-adhesive 3M tape. This comes in a pack that includes rings in four colors: gold, silver, black, and pink.


7. A Brush For Cleaning Pans And Dishes That Rests On Your Sink's Edge

Joseph Joseph Edge Dish Brush, $7, Amazon

The problem with dish brushes is that there's usually no place to rest them where it won't get in the way (or fall right into the sink). This smart edge dish brush takes care of that problem: scrub dishes, pots, and pans without scratching them, and then rest it on your sink's edge so that water drains from bristles directly into the sink. It won't slip, the bristles will have a chance to properly dry (preventing mildew), and you'll always be able to find it.


8. A Makeup Sponge That Doesn't Soak Up Makeup And Flawlessly Blends Foundation, Bronzer, Blush, And More

Zenda Naturals Premium Beauty Sponge, $6, Amazon

Blending your foundation, concealer, primer, blush, or bronzer just got a lot easier, thanks to this large beauty sponge that has a flat edge for contours around your nose and eyes and a precision tip to help cover pimples and anything else you feel like concealing that day. Reviewers say this sponge is comparable to more expensive options, and it doesn't absorb makeup the way some other sponges can — instead, product sits on the surface of the sponge, which makes for a more effective application.


9. A Mess-Free Dome Lid Citrus Juicer With Measurements And A Pour Spot

Prepworks by Progressive Dome Lid Citrus Juicer, $7, Amazon

Less mess, more juice — that's what you get when you use this dome lid citrus juicer to juice oranges, lemons, and limes. Place one half of your fruit into the juicer and squeeze. The dome lid doubles as a measuring cup and the non-skid base has a pour spout. When you're ready to clean the juicer, simply place it in your dishwasher and forget about it.


10. A Detangling Brush That's Safe To Use On Wet Or Dry Hair And Even Extensions And Wigs

Wet Brush Pro Detangle Hair Brush, $8, Amazon

Most detangling brushes aren't gentle enough to be used on wet hair and can cause breakage and split ends. But this multi-purpose brush has soft bristles that are perfect on all hair types, as well as wet or dry hair — and are even gentle enough to use on extensions and wigs. One reviewer writes: "I don't feel a thing when brushing my hair - neither when it's wet or dry. I can't even explain how this brush works, all I know is that it's a miracle."


11. The Cutest Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner On The Planet

Cuddle Shack Shop Angry Mama, $8, Amazon

This adorable angry mama microwave cleaner makes cleaning a kitchen appliance as fun as possible (which is nothing short of a miracle). Simply remove angry mama's hair and head, fill the body with water and white vinegar, twist her head back on, and microwave the cleaning tool for seven minutes. Without a single harmful chemical, this cutie uses steam to get rid of embedded food particles while disinfecting your microwave.


12. A Flat Kabuki Makeup Brush That Gives Foundation An Airbrushed Look

Lamora Foundation Makeup Brush, $10, Amazon

A flat Kabuki brush is one of the best tools to have in your makeup kit when it comes to blending blush, foundation, and bronzer. This one has seriously dense and silky soft synthetic bristles that won't soak up a ton of product, and a wooden handle that's comfortable to hold. Reviewers say this brush feels fluffy, is a high-quality tool, and gives makeup an airbrushed look.


13. A Shower Foot Rest To Balance On When You Shave Your Legs

Changing Lifestyles Safe-er-Grip Foot Rest, $10, Amazon

There are times when the most genius invention is the simplest. This foot rest can be mounted on your shower wall and provides a secure place to rest your foot while you're shaving your legs. It's easy to apply to surfaces like glazed ceramic tiles, plastic, or glass.


14. An Absorbent, Fast Drying Towel That Resists Mildew And Mold

Rainleaf Antibacterial Microfiber Towel, $9, Amazon

Toss this antibacterial microfiber towel into its accompanying waterproof travel bag and take it anywhere — including the gym and beach. The towel is super absorbent and dries really fast, which keeps it free from mildew and mold. Designed with a hang snap loop, you can easily keep this towel off of floors and away from germs and bacteria. You'll be able to choose among six sizes and seven colors.


15. These Unbreakable Stemless Silicone Wine Glasses So You Don't Have To Be So Careful At Parties

WineMeUp Silicone Wine Glasses, $10 (Set of 2), Amazon

It's never easy to let loose at a party when you're carrying a fragile wine glass in one hand. Host even more fun parties — or outdoor parties — without worrying about broken glass. These stemless silicone wine glasses will never shatter and are made from non-stick food grade silicone. They're safe in both the freezer and dishwasher, too.


16. A Color-Changing Essential Oil Diffuser That's Compact Enough To Take Anywhere

SpaRoom Mini Scentifier Portable Essential Oil Diffuser, $8, Amazon

This travel-sized essential oil diffuser is portable and sufficient enough to deliver a soothing fragrance that fills up a small room. The diffuser can be charged with a USB cable and comes with three replaceable fragrance pads. Its color-changing LED light works with the push of a button, and it even doubles as a nightlight.


17. A Full-Size Duffel Bag That Folds Up Into The Size Of A Magazine

Faraday Foldable Duffel Bag, $9, Amazon

The thing about owning a large duffel bag that you can use for travel, weekend getaways, or the gym is that it's all kinds of convenient — until you have to store that duffel bag away in some corner of your closet, where it always pops out onto the floor. Here's your solution: a foldable duffel bag that easily fits clothing, shoes, towels, and toiletries, but that also folds up to magazine size when you're finished using it. This bag comes in black, blue, or red, has a main compartment and inner pocket, and is made from water-resistant polyester.


18. A Convenient Set Of Tweezers For Every Grooming Need

Tweezer Guru Stainless Steel Slant Tip and Pointed Eyebrow Tweezer Set, $9, Amazon

There's more than one way to tweeze a stray hair, and this quality tweezer set includes four types — including slant and pointed tips — for every hair, ingrown hair, and splinter. This brand stands out above the rest because it grabs onto even the finest hairs and gets them out with one pull, which decreases the risk of damaging your skin or irritating sensitive areas.


19. The Natural Charcoal Toothbrushes For Fresher, Whiter Teeth

Generic Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush, $6 (4 Pack), Amazon

If you're ready to try an eco-friendly, biodegradable, and vegan toothbrush that naturally brightens and whitens teeth, these bamboo charcoal toothbrushes are it. They have BPA-free nylon bristles, and won't litter the environment with more plastic.


20. A Citrus Toilet Spray That Stops Foul Bathroom Odors Before You Can Even Smell Them

Poo-Pourri Before You Go Toilet Spray, $10, Amazon

We all know everybody poops and we all know no one wants to talk about it, admit it, and have someone else walk into a bathroom after us and detect the smell. That's where this toilet spray comes in — it's made with lemon, bergamot, and lemongrass, and you spray it before you do the deed to help combat foul odors before they have a chance to get into the air. It's a genius solution — one that contains no harsh chemicals and is totally safe to spray.


21. A Cutting Board That Folds In Half So You Can Slide Food Off Of It

Kukpo Folding Chopping Mat, $7, Amazon

This sturdy plastic cutting board has a unique foldable design that transforms it into the perfect chute to deliver veggies and meat straight from your board to a bowl or pan. The non-slip board is dishwasher-safe and can be stored in one of three ways: folded in half to save space, propped up on a counter, or you can hang it on a wall.


22. A Cuticle Oil Pen For Stronger Nails And Softer Cuticles

Bliss Kiss Simply Pure Cuticle & Nail Oil Pen, $8, Amazon

Deliver instant hydration, conditioning, and strength to both your nails and cuticles with this cuticle and nail oil pen, which can be kept in your purse for quick upkeeps. Using natural ingredients that are non-toxic, the brand vows this formula can repair peeling and brittle nails in three days, and completely get rid of hangnails in five days.


23. A Natural Activated Charcoal Konjac Sponge For Clean And Clear Pores

Pooter's Cache Activated Charcoal Facial Konjac Sponge, $4, Amazon

This gentle activated charcoal facial konjac sponge can unclog pores with or without cleanser, and provide a delicate exfoliation treatment that helps restore your skin's natural pH levels. Each sponge is made from natural konjac powder and contains no chemicals, colors, or preservatives.


24. These Fridge Liners That Extend The Life Of Your Produce

WalterDrake Refrigerator Bin Liners, $5 (Set of 4), Amazon

Line your produce tray and refrigerator shelves with a better fridge bin liner — one that can even keep your produce and food fresher for longer. These liners can be trimmed to fit any fridge drawer and are excellent at allowing air to circulate, which prevents produce from spoiling so quickly.


25. A Nail Strengthening And Cuticle Conditioning Cream That Smells Like Coconut

Hard As Hoof Nail Strengthening Cream, $8, Amazon

Make your nails as hard as nails (or hoofs in this case) with a nail strengthening and cuticle conditioning cream formulated with jojoba oil, calcium, and vitamins. The rich cream prevents splits, cracks, and weak, bendable nails — and it smells like coconut. Use it daily as a hand cream, and your nails and cuticles will stay hydrated and protected.


26. The Silicone Storage Containers To Keep Veggies And Fruit Fresh For Longer

Oopsu Fruit and Vegetable Storage Containers, $10, Amazon

These colorful silicone food storage caps are better for the environment and for your health than plastic alternatives, and they keep fruits and veggies fresh for longer. Use these caps to reseal open cans and jars or simply plop a piece of cut produce right over it and place it back into your fridge.


27. A Collection Of Korean Beauty Sheet Masks For Every Skin Concern On The Planet

Nature Republic Real Nature Mask Sheet, $9 (10 Masks), Amazon

For less than $1 per mask, you get an incredible collection of 10 Korean beauty sheet masks that each address a different skin concern using plant extracts. Choose among ingredients like tea tree oil for acne, aloe to soothe inflammation, and shea butter to provide deep hydration for dry skin.


28. The Moisturizing Gel Socks For Cracked Heels And Dry Feet

Pinkiou Spa Gel Socks, $9, Amazon

After a long day on your feet, slip on a pair of these gel-infused socks and your cracked heels, calluses, and dry feet will get a dose of moisture that soothes and repairs skin. The gel itself contains a blend of vitamin E, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, and olive oil. One reviewer writes: "These socks are so nice and are perfect for cracked heel repair. I use a moisturizer, put the socks on and do my daily home tasks. They are worth every penny and I will order another pair."


29. A Natural Body Lotion That Smells Like Roses And Is Safe For Sensitive Skin

Andalou Naturals Roses Body Lotion, $8, Amazon

A blend of rosehip oil, argan oil, pomegranate, and shea butter in this body lotion makes it ideal for anyone who has dry, sensitive skin that reacts to most lotions. This gluten-free formula absorbs easily, makes your skin feel silky smooth, smells like a fresh bouquet of roses, and is also nourishing and safe for all skin types.


30. The Resistance Loop Bands To Build Strength Without Weights

Danish Endurance Resistance Loop Exercise Bands, $7-$10, Amazon

You don't need weights to get an intense strength training workout. These resistance loop exercise bands work in conjunction with your body to build lean muscle and strength, but they can also be used to give every part of your body a deep stretch. Choose between a three or six-pack of latex-free band — and they all come with different levels of resistance to challenge your body and improve your workout each time.


31. The Moisture-Wicking Headbands And Wristbands To Keep You Cool During Workouts

Beace Sweatband Sports Headband/Wristband, $10 (3 Pack), Amazon

Keep sweating from trickling down into your eyes and wick away moisture quickly during workouts with this set of sweatbands. Each one can be used as a lightweight headband or wristband, and is made from cotton, spandex, and nylon that will keep you cool when you sweat. Another plus: they won't slip, no matter how hard you work out.


32. An Accordion-Style Organizer With Pockets For Important Documents

Skydue Letter Paper Expanding File Folder, $9, Amazon

With five expandable pockets and tabs for labels, this paper expanding file folder makes it easier than ever to keep important documents and notes organized in one cute place. The accordion-style document organizer fits up to 200 pages and is lightweight and portable, making it perfect for school or work. It comes in eight vivid colors, including jade and pink.


33. A Dual-Sided Scrubber And Sponge With A Sweet Smiley Face

Scrub Mommy Dual-Sided Scrubber and Sponge, $7, Amazon

Get two cleaning benefits in one adorable sponge. The dual-sided Scrub Daddy-Scrub Mommy sponge features a sponge on one side and a scrubber on the other. It's soft, absorbent, won't scratch stainless steel, glass, or non-stick pots and pans, and can be sanitized in either the dishwasher or the microwave.


34. An Argan And Aloe Hair Mask Treatment For Silky, Conditioned Hair

Liberax Argan Hair Mask And Deep Conditioner, $7, Amazon

Give brittle, dry, damaged hair the hydrating conditioning treatment it craves with this argan oil hair mask, which also contains keratin amino acids and aloe. For soft and silky results on all hair types, apply the mask treatment after your shampoo and leave it on for up to 10 minutes before rinsing it out.


35. An Essential Oil Blend That Can Put The ZZZ's Back Into Your Night

Healing Solutions Good Sleep Essential Oil, $9, Amazon

All of the oils used to create this sleep essential oil blend — including chamomile, sandalwood, clary sage, and French lavender — are known for their ability to promote a more restful sleep. If you are having trouble getting to bed or are looking for an oil blend that can soothe your stressed-to-the-limits mind, try adding a few drops of this incredible smelling oil to your essential oil diffuser.


36. A Gel Therapy Eye Mask That Can Relieve Headaches And Soothe Puffy Skin

Ariel Edge Gel Eye Mask, $8, Amazon

The minute you feel a headache coming on — or when you wake up and discover your eyes are puffy and irritated — pull on this gel eye mask, which features an adjustable elastic strap with hook and loop, and relax for a few minutes. The fast-acting gel can relieve puffiness, and the cool therapy can help with migraines and sinus pain. You can store the mask in your fridge or freezer or pop it into the microwave for a few seconds for heated relief that helps dry eyes and other discomfort.


37. A Skin Brightening Vitamin C Serum That Combats Free Radicals

Aignis Vitamin C Serum, $9, Amazon

The universe of skincare isn't always fair to those of us who don't want to blow a paycheck on creams and serums. But this affordable and highly rated vitamin C serum is proof that ingredients, and not fancy labels, matter most. With a blend of hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, niacinamide, and vitamin C, the serum goes to work combatting cell-damaging free radicals, aiding in a healthy complexion, healing scars, and preventing acne.


38. An Eyebrow Brush And Spoolie That's Even Better Than Expensive Alternatives

Duo Eyebrow Brush by Keshima, $9, Amazon

With a soft angled brow brush that has sturdy bristles on one side and a firm spoolie on the other, this duo eyebrow brush is a favorite among makeup lovers who want a quality brow brush without spending a fortune. Reviews say the angled brush has a precise point that makes it perfect for filling in sparse brows, and that the spoolie doesn't fall off after a few uses like others sometimes do.


39. An Intense Liquid Eyeliner That Never Smudges

Docolor Liquid Eyeliner, $8, Amazon

Once you find a truly great liquid eyeliner, you hang on to it for dear life. And the thousands of reviewers who are loyal to this highly-pigmented, intense black liquid liner say it's the real deal: a liner that glides on smoothly with a super-thin applicator brush, stays puts for hours, and is waterproof and resistant to smudging.


40. A Colander That Folds Flat For Simple Storage

Michael Andrew Folding Colander, $9, Amazon

You can own a million amazing kitchen gadgets, but if you don't have enough room to store them, they'll just take up space on your counter and make everything look cluttered. This folding colander is a dishwasher-safe colander that locks in place when you need to drain a bowl or pot — and it's a space-saving solution. When you're finished using it, the colander folds flats so you can easily store it.


41. The Clear Pimple Patches That Soak Up Oil While You Sleep

Nexcare Acne Cover, $6, Amazon

Soak up excess oil and sebum from pimples and help them heal faster — all while you sleep — with these transparent pimple patches. The patches come in different sizes, are non-medicated, and won't irritate skin. They work by covering the area like a bandage and absorbing moisture, which also prevents you from picking at your zits. They sound like a magic trick, but more than 2,000 reviewers say they work.


42. A Powerfully Moisturizing Hand Cream That Repairs Cracked Skin

O'Keeffe's Working Hands Hand Cream, $6, Amazon

This is the kind of hand cream you tell all of your friends about — it's a rich cream that doesn't just moisturize your hands for a few hours, but repairs dry, damaged, and cracked skin. The formula is so powerful (and a little goes a long way) that you'll actually still feel its smoothing effect after you wash your hands.


43. A Veggie And Fruit Bowl With Separate Compartments And A Removable Ice Pack

Fit & Fresh Fruit & Veggie Bowl With Removable Ice Pack, $10, Amazon

Separate your fruits and veggies into three compartments surrounding one sizable bowl for dip. This fruit and vegetable bowl is safe in the dishwasher, microwave, and freezer, and comes with a non-toxic removable ice pack that snaps right into the lid.


44. A Natural Air Purifying Charcoal Solution For Foul Odors

Gonza Natural Magic Air Purifying Charcoal, $9, Amazon

Foul odors can pop up anywhere in your home or car. Instead of masking the problem with fragrances, this air purifying charcoal naturally eliminates odors and leaves the air with a clean, fresh scent. No need to plug it in, either — simply place a charcoal jar in any room or in your fridge, crawl space, or car, and it works its odor-neutralizing magic for up to 90 days before it needs to be replaced.

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