45 Fascinating Products That Have Suddenly Become Huge Hits On Amazon

In a world where you're constantly bombarded with products, it can be easy to overlook the truly amazing ones. But out of no where, you might find yourself falling in love with an item that's been around for some time. It's often one of those products that has suddenly become a huge hit on Amazon — and for a good reason. While scouring the online store, I stumbled upon a batch of products that've quickly become reviewer favorites. Honestly, I'm not the least bit surprised — and that's because they're the best of the best.

Take this travel blanket for example. Yes, it has the usual trappings of a cozy throw: It's extra-soft and impossible to resist. But it can also be folded into a pillow, and it has zippered pockets for your headphones, wallet, and travel documents. I mean, seriously, how could you not love it? Another favorite in this collection is the popular Aztec Secret clay mask (which I promise is a game-changer for skin), and the Himalayan salt plate that adds a fancy element to an evening of hosting dinner.

If you carefully sift through the products on this list, I am positive that you'll find something that'll add joy to your life.


The Magnetic Eyeliner And Eyelashes Set For Easy Falsies

Applying falsies is no longer a hassle with this magnetic lashes and eyeliner set. The magnetic beads within the eyeliner work with the magnetics attached to the lashes to help them adhere without leaving sticky residue on your lids. The eyeliner is also waterproof, and it dries really quickly.


This Remote-Controlled Lightbulb That Changes Colors

You can set the perfect ambiance in any room using a color-changing lightbulb. This bulb includes a remote that allows you to switch between a choice of 16 hues, and you can even control the motion of the light. If you want to illuminate more than one space, you can opt for a two-, four-, or eight-pack.


These Wool Dryer Balls That Help Soften Your Clothes

Say goodbye to crunchy clothes while using these wool dryer balls. They're more environmentally sound than commercial dryer sheets, and they can be reused for up to 1,000 loads. The globes were crafted with zero chemicals or synthetic materials — and they're great for people with sensitive skin.


A Set Of Smart Plugs That Connect To Amazon Alexa

These smart outlet plugs are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. They let control your devices via your phone (no matter where you are). Each one even comes equipped with a scheduler that'll automatically power down your appliances as needed. Installation is as easy as plugging them in to an outlet and connecting them to your devices.


An Electric Wine Bottle Opener That's Simple To Use

Save yourself a lot of trouble and crack open a bottle of wine with an electric wine opener. This rechargeable device can open up 30 bottles on a single charge. To use it, place the opener at the top of your wine container and press the button. Then, the cork will instantly be removed.


These Lightbulbs That Are Packed With Himalayan Salt

There's something undeniably chic and modern about a set of Himalayan salt lightbulbs. These lighting devices look like standard bulbs and can also be left on for extended periods of time. But unlike the others, they're filled with pieces of Himalayan salt. While using them, you don't have to worry about the salt melting.


This Facial Cream That's Made With Snail Extract

Snail repair cream might seem like an unconventional beauty treatment, but I promise you that it'll works wonders. This mixture is comprised of 97.5% snail extract, vitamin E, shea butter, and more that work together to make your skin glow. Over 500 Amazon customers have already given it five-star reviews.


A Soft Sleep Mask That Includes A Gel Insert For Cooling Down

Feel the joy of an excellent night's rest while wearing a comforting sleep mask. Not only does this one block out external light, but it's also designed with an ultra-soft and breathable fabric that allows oxygen flow. The mask even includes earplugs and a cooling gel insert that you can use to reduce any unwanted puffiness.


An Essential Oil Diffuser That Fits Right In Your Car's Cup Holder

Bring aromatherapy into your car by using this portable essential oil diffuser. This USB-powered unit fits in just about any vehicle's cup holder for fresh scents on-the-go. It has two mist modes that can be switched with a button at its top, along with seven LED color settings.


This Activated Charcoal Toothpaste That Helps With Whitening

What if I told you there was a natural toothpaste that could help whiten your teeth? Well, this activated charcoal paste does just the trick. It's formulated with ingredients like food-grade charcoal, coconut oil, peppermint oil, tea tree oil, and more that'll help you achieve an even brighter smile. The toothpaste is also fluoride-free, and it contains zero parabens.


The Fruit-Infusing Water Bottle With Time Markers

Sometimes, it can be hard to calculate just how much water you've drank in one single day. But when you use a water bottle with time markers, it keeps you on track and holds you firmly accountable. This bottle, for instance, does exactly that. It even includes a strainer that helps you infuse fruits and tea at your leisure.


These Drinking Glasses Made From Pure Himalayan Salt

These stylish shot glasses are carved out of pure Himalayan salt. They add a natural salty flavor to your drinks and are resistant to the growth of bacteria. It's recommended that you wipe them clean and store them in a dry space while you're not using them. When you are using them — if you're at least 21 years old — drink responsibly.


This Cold Brew Maker That Locks In Flavor For Up To 2 Weeks

This cold brew iced coffee maker is easy to use, and it can even be utilized to infuse tea. The BPA-free container gives the contained liquid an airtight seal that preserves the flavor for up to two weeks. It's also constructed with a stainless steel filter, so you can toss it into the dishwasher once it needs to be cleaned.


A Set Of Travel Bags That Are Designed To Fit Your Shoes

Keep your shoes tucked away from your clothes while packing with these waterproof shoe bags. The set of four includes two standard sizes and two extra-large sizes that are big enough to fit a variety of different shoes, sneakers, and heels. You can also use them to store your shoes at home while protecting them from surrounding dust.


The Travel Blanket That Doubles As A Pillow

I love an item that serves multiple purposes. This travel blanket does just that, as it can also be packed into a comfortable pillow. It was designed with two mesh pockets that you can use to store essential items like your boarding pass, headphones, and wallet — and it can strap onto your suitcase when it's folded up. It's also available in three different colors: blue, pink, and grey.


This Footrest That Makes Airplane Travel So Much Cozier

Coziness is absolutely crucial while sitting on an airplane for hours. You can increase your comfort level with a memory foam footrest. This one gives a hammock-like effect, suspending your feet mid-air as it alleviates pressure on your legs and lower back. The footrest is super lightweight and can be hung from the tray in front of your seat.


A Cute Anti-Theft Backpack For Safer Travels

This anti-theft backpack becomes the perfect item when you can't choose between a shoulder bag, backpack, or tote. The truth is, it can convert into any of the three with ease. The faux-leather bag even comes with interior zippered compartment that can only be opened from the back, along with two interior pockets, two side pockets, strong straps, and more.


These Colorful Closet Hangers That Can Be Folded Down

I'm a huge fan of these foldable travel hangers. While, sure, they're great to take with you on vacation, they can actually serve multiple purposes at home. The hangers can be folded down to save space when they're not in use — and then, they can be extended to hang your clothes. They're also gentle on your most delicate items.


An Essential Oil Diffuser That Doubles As A Humidifier

This essential oil diffuser is a great way to add moisture to dry spaces while also improving the scent of your area. The beauty of it also comes with its ability to change colors, thanks to the LED lights. It can even automatically shut off once the water runs out — and it's super quiet, so it shouldn't disturb you while you sleep.


A Stainless Steel Drink Holder That's Shaped Like A Wine Bottle

Ditch the glass bottle and empty your wine into this stainless steel container. The shatterproof bottle is great to travel with, and it'll keep your wine at the ideal temperature for up to 24 hours. It also includes a silicone funnel that makes the vino transfer simple and mess-free.


These Acne Patches That Work Fast To Heal Blemishes

If you're in a jam and need to clear up unwanted blemishes ASAP, then try using some acne patches. The hydrocolloid-centered formula used in these adhesives helps absorb the fluids within pimples while you sleep, all while aiding the healing process. These patches are also nearly transparent and waterproof.


The Moisturizing Socks And Gloves That Are Lined With Hydrating Gel

Enjoy an evening of self-pampering with moisturizing gloves and socks. These pouches contain gel that has been infused with essential oils, vitamin E, avocado oil, and more to help with skin hydration. You can slip into them and turn on your favorite TV show while they work.


A Handy Cup Holder For Your Bath And Shower

Resting your wine glass on the edge of the tub is always a risk, because you never know when it's going to accidentally slip off. Solve that problem with a secure bath-and-shower cup holder. This one can be fastened to your shower wall with a strong suction, and it can hold different types of glasses and cans.


This Himalayan Salt Plate That Adds Some Flavor To Your Meals

Showcase your epic hosting skills by using a Himalayan salt plate to present a dish. Yes, it's aesthetically pleasing — but it also adds salty flavor to the food that's placed on top of it. This plate can be warmed to prepare meals, and it even includes a recipe book. You'll never run out of cooking inspiration.


The Shower Head That Changes Colors With The Temperature

How cool is this temperature-controlled shower head? It's strictly powered by running water, and it'll change colors based on the temperature. The unit has five stream settings that include pulsating, power rain, hydro-mist, economy rain, and water-saving pause. No tools are required for installation (so I'm pretty much sold).


These Colorful Kitchen Knives That Are Made With Stainless Steel

Add some fun and color into your kitchenware with this set of rust-proof knives. The durable stainless steel utensils were coated in titanium to give them that rainbow effect. You'll receive 14 pieces upon purchase, including a chef knife, a paring knife, kitchen shears, and more — along with a block to store everything in.


The Under-Eye Masks That Are Made With 24-Karat Gold

You can sooth any unwanted puffiness around your eyes with these 24-karat gold eye masks. Formulated with hyaluronic acid, vitamin C serum, calming rose essential oil, and more, the patches help quiet skin irritation. They also restore moisture while leaving your skin smoother than ever. To use them, remove the backing and place one underneath each eye.


This Phone-Charging Power Bank That's Fueled By The Sun

You'll never be without charge with this solar power bank nearby. The cable-free device is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. On one full charge (of sunlight or standard power), the unit can recharge phones with ease. It's wireless, too — so you just have to place your device right on top to start gaining power.


These Battery-Operated Fairy Lights That Look Like Magic

Add a little ambiance to your indoor or outdoor space using these gorgeous battery-operated fairy lights. The silver-coated copper wires are lined with 20 pieces of colored LED bulbs. They're also bendable and strong, making them versatile enough to hang or place in glass items. You can replace the batteries by removing the backing with the included mini screwdriver.


The Green Tea Body Scrub That's Infused With Sugar Kane, Vitamins, And More

This all-natural green tea scrub is made with a blend of peppermint oil, pear extract, jojoba oil, and host of other ingredients that've been proven to be beneficial for skin. The scrub helps exfoliate old cells and prevents the build-up of excess oil, all while addressing blemishes.


A Soothing Neck Massager With 16 Rotating Nodes

Allow this neck and back massager to change your life for the better. It was designed with 16 modes — four large and 12 small — that deeply massage your neck, shoulders, and back. (It can also be used on your legs, though.) You can alternate between three speeds as you're given a bi-directional kneading massage.


This Portable Charger That Powers 2 Devices At Once

Do you have a tablet and a phone that need to be charged at the same time? Believe it or not, that doesn't have to be a challenge while using this portable charger. It provides dual charging ports that work faster than standard chargers, per the brand. It also has a blue LED light that can be useful in darker settings.


This Ultra-Hydrating Lip Balm That Also Adds Glitter

Go bold with your makeup with this glimmer lip balm. The shimmering balm is formulated to react with the natural pH levels in your lips to provide a shade that's unique to you. It's even packed with vitamin E that'll keep your pout nice and moisturized throughout the day.


The Mini Buddha Board That Lets You Paint With Water

This mini Buddha Board insists that you live in the moment. Using only the paintbrush and water, you can create pieces of art and watch as it evaporates within minutes. It can be reused many times, making it a considerably sustainable purchase.


These Dissolving Tea Drops That Replace Your Go-To Bags

You can fully lean into your love of tea with this box of organic tea drops. The loose-leaf bundles come pre-sweetened, so you won't have to worry about adding your own sugar or honey. Some of the flavors are caffeinated while others aren't. You can expect a mix of matcha green tea, calming rose earl grey, citrus ginger, sweet peppermint, and more.


The Calming Bath Balls That Are Made With Essential Oils

Once you've tried this bath ball set, you will never take baths the same way again. These are infused with essential oils, shea butter, sea salt, and more that work wonders on your body. Not only will your skin be nourished, but your muscles will be relaxed. It's a great way to set up for a full night's rest.


A Clear Nail Polish Organize To Prevent Bottle Clutter

Do you own a ton of nail polish bottles, but lack a proper place to store them all? Try this portable organizer, and you'll never have to worry about storage again. It saves space by holding up to 48 polishes in separated compartments. The best part is that it's clear, so you can easily locate the color you want.


This Rose Quartz Roller That Gives Off 6,000 Vibrations Per Minute

An electric rose quartz roller is the perfect way to take your beauty routine up a notch. This one massages your complexion by giving off 6,000 vibrations in a single minute. The roller is topped with real stone, and it helps smooth your complexion while allowing full absorption for creams and serums.


A Kit That Helps You Grow Your Own Bonsai Trees

Test out your green thumb with this bonsai tree kit. It contains four different seed packs that you can choose from, along with four peat soil discs, four biodegradable growing pots, and plant markers. The kit is all you need to grow miniature versions of beautiful, life-size plants.


The Starry Mug That Reveals Constellations When It's Hot

This constellation mug would make an excellent gift for the star-gazer in your life. Once you pour hot liquid into the container, you'll notice how 11 constellations begin to appear. Cassiopeia, Sagittarius, Hercules, and more will be sprawled across the surface of your mug while you sip. Be sure to only hand-wash this item after each use.


This Night Light That Shines The Aurora Borealis Onto Your Wall

You're never too young or too old to enjoy a night light — especially one that shines the Aurora Borealis onto your ceiling. This lamp delivers with its 360-degree rotating globe, which shines different colors across the room it's in. It even has built-in speakers, so you can connect your phone and fill the space with stellar sounds.


A Soothing Ice Roller That Can Alleviate Headaches

After letting it chill in the freezer, this handheld roller is an excellent way to soothe inflamed skin — but it's also a refreshing pick-me-up in the morning. You can even use it in conjunction with your face masks to help minimize the appearance of your pores. It's on the market in various colors, such as blue, green, and purple.


A Seriously Popular Indian Clay Mask That Works Wonders

I absolutely swear by this Aztec Secret clay mask and can't speak about it highly enough. It's made with 100% calcium bentonite clay and contains zero additives. You can mix it with water or a little bit of apple cider vinegar for the best results. The mask leaves your face fresh and glowing, all while reducing the appearance of your pores.


The Kit That Prevents Messes While Making Your Face Masks

This face mask kit would be an awesome way to mix your DIY face masks (without the messes). It includes a bowl, gauges, a spritz bottle, a round container, a spatula, and a brush. The components are small and compact enough to bring with you while you're traveling — but you can also keep them in your bathroom.


This Waffle Maker That Creates Heart-Shaped Breakfast Eats

Whip up a delicious, love-filled breakfast for your family and friends using this waffle maker. The appliance has an indicator light that lets you know when it's been fully pre-heated, along with nonstick surfaces for batter. It can make up to four heart-shaped waffles in a matter of minutes, and it's easy to clean.

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