45 Products On Amazon That Have Extremely High Reviews Because They Save You At Least $100

There is nothing better than spending money to make money back — a goal that isn't often achieved when you shop online. But these 48 products on Amazon that have extremely high reviews because they save you at least $100 provide that feeling of satisfaction. They are all amazing and innovative products regardless of their money-saving capabilities. But does it hurt one bit that they just so happen to be able to save you money?


Another added bonus of shopping these genius items: many of them — like eco-friendly bamboo cleaning towels and reusable produce bags that keep veggies and fruits crisp and fresh — don't just work like a charm. They also replace disposable plastic and paper products and are so much better for the environment (and better for your wallet).

You'll find a number of diverse products you'll love on this list. From a chaise lounge chair with clever head and arm cut-outs to a washable lint roller that never requires another change of sticky tape again to straight-up amazing wine pumps that preserve your favorite red, these are the products of your money-saving dreams. Buy them now and save a ton of money in the future.

1. These Supportive Gel Compression Arches That Keep You Away From The Foot Doctor

Alleviate foot pain and pressure with these gel compression arches, which fit right over your arches and can make the often unbearable discomfort of plantar fasciitis, flat foot, or fallen arches much more tolerable. Wear the arches under socks and even when you're working out to continue your lifestyle without annoying foot pain interruptions.

2. A Coffee Grinder With 18 Settings To Whip Up Any Kind Of Coffee Drink

Make 18 different types of coffee — everything from cold brew to Turkish brew — with this manual coffee grinder, which is perfectly portable and simple to use. The built-in adjustable grinder accommodates every type of coffee style you can possibly desire, and its simple hand-crank mechanism eliminates the need to stock up on batteries.

3. An Expandable Organizer For Products So You Won't Keep Buying Things You Already Have

Store all of your cleaning supplies — and whatever else you need to stash away — on this convenient two-tier expandable shelf organizer, which fits perfectly under your sink. The shelf expands from 15 to 25 inches and boasts four adjustable height levels. Grab one in silver or bronze and get that kitchen better organized ASAP.

4. The Dome Citrus Juicer To Use Every Last Drop

Tired of juicing oranges and lemons only to watch your counters (and your clothing) become a wet, sticky mess? Trade old contraptions for this neat and tidy citrus juicer, which has a dome top and a convenient measuring cup base. The juicer fits oranges, lemons, and limes, can accommodate up to 1-cup of juice, and has an easy-to-pour spout that prevents messy situations.

5. These Waterproof Shoe Covers That Protect Sneakers And Shoes In The Rain

There's no good reason you should lose a perfectly good pair of shoes or sneakers just because of the rain or snow. These waterproof shoe covers protect footwear from the elements and have anti-slip soles that keep you from sliding once you're outside. And you don't have to only wear them outside — they're also perfect for keeping your shoes clean when you're cleaning or working on a messy project inside of your home.

6. An Omelette Maker For Fluffy Eggs And Brunch At Home

The worst thing about making eggs it the sticky mess it leaves behind in your frying pan. Eliminate that nuisance with this omelette maker, a plug-in appliance with a non-stick surface that wipes clean in seconds. The maker can make two perfect omelettes at one time and it comes in three colors: red, black, or white.

7. These Bluetooth Headphones That Are Wireless And Will Last Forever

More often than not, you are expected to trade in comfort for quality sound when it comes to Bluetooth headphones. But this incredible pair fits perfectly over your ears, deliver clear-as-a-bell audio, and has both a padded headband and memory-protein ear cushion that ensure complete comfort. It comes in seven colors and a single 10-minute charge gives you back two hours of playtime.

8. A Set Of Eco-Friendly Produce Bags That Keep Fruits And Veggies Fresher For Longer

Ordinary plastic bags aren't just terrible for the environment — they also do little to keep produce fresh. Swap plastic for these eco-friendly, reusable produce bags, which are washable and prevent moisture from getting trapped inside — which is what leads to the disappointment that is veggies and fruits rotting days after you've brought them home. This set of 20 bags includes eight medium, eight large, and four extra-large bags.

9. An Umbrella So Strong It Can Withstand Bad Winds And Storms

What's the point of owning an umbrella that's just going to collapse at the first sign of wind? This wind-proof umbrella won't flip over and leave you hanging when storm clouds roll in. Instead, it stays solid with 12 reinforced ribs made from stainless steel and it has a Teflon coating that makes raindrops slide right off. It has an automatic open and close function, comes in red and black, and is compact enough to fit in your purse.

10. These Clear Can Covers That Keep The Fizz In Your Favorite Drinks

The second you open that can of soda or seltzer you just know it means you'll have to finish it all at once or risk losing all that fizzy deliciousness. But not anymore: these clear can covers fit perfectly over canned beverages and preserve their freshness for much longer. They come in a pack of six in different colors and are leak-proof and dishwasher-safe.

11. The Reusable Mesh Bags For Vegetables, Toys, And Everything Else

Organize and store everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to toys and office supplies in these reusable mesh bags, which allow for air-flow and reduce the chance that moisture will ruin your favorite foods and products. The set of nine bags comes with large, medium, and small bags, all of which feature colored tags for easy organization.

12. This Moldable Glue That Transforms Into Silicone Rubber And Fixes All Your Charging Cords

The next time something in your home or closet needs a quick fix — whether the problem is a broken handle, a frayed charger, or a loose sneaker sole, grab this moldable glue and get to work bonding and securing pieces together. The glue then dries into a silicone rubber that is waterproof and electrically insulating. Choose among a variety of colors or stick with neutrals or black and white.

13. These Unique Spiky Drain Clog Removers That Capture All The Gunk

Unclog drains in a flash with these unique drain clog removers, which feature a supremely flexible design that will get all the way deep into pipes and unique all-over spiky hooks that grab ahold of all hair clumps and debris. You can use them in sinks, toilets, tubs, floor drains, and more.

14. A Pan Lid And Pot Rack Organizer To Keep Your Items From Scratching

Free up a ton of space in your kitchen cabinets with this pot lid and pan organizer, which features storage room for up to five pans or lids. You can stand the rack of freely in your cabinet or mount it vertically or horizontally.

15. This Money-Saving Bottle Cap Replacement That Gets Out Every Last Drop Of Product

Products cost good money — and it's not unusual to waste a great deal of that money when you can't get out every last drop of lotion, serum, soap, or condiments like ketchup and mustard. Replace bottle caps with this bottle emptying valve and you'll be able to squeeze out everything inside, saving you a ton of money in the long run. The 12-piece kit includes two large, two medium, and two small adapters that fit most bottles.

16. These Pop-Up Mesh Tents That Keep Bugs Away From Food

The one thing that will ruin your outdoor barbecue or picnic faster than burnt food is flies, mosquitoes, and ants trying to get into your dinner. These pop-up mesh food tents come six in a pack and are perfect for tossing over any dish to keep it protected. The dome canopy screens have a pull string and can be opened effortlessly. They're washable and collapse for easy storage. You can use these on your plants to prevent critters from eating them, too.

17. The Portable Bluetooth Speaker That You Can Use In The Shower Or By The Pool

Listen to music or podcasts while you shower, bathe, or just hang by the pool — this waterproof Bluetooth speaker has a suction cup and hook and delivers crystal-clear sound. It will play for six hours at a time when used as a wireless speaker.

18. An Organizer For Shoes That Makes Small Closets Feel Spacious

When you have a small closet — but a really large shoe collection — these genius shoe space savers come in handy. The savers allow you to stack your shoes vertically and take up a lot less space. You'll immediately double your closet storage space while keeping your shoes in tip-top shape.

19. These Reusable Oven Liners That Catch Drips And Are Easy To Clean

You'll have to clean your oven a lot less — and will save money and the planet by purchasing fewer rolls of aluminum foil — when you switch to these non-stick oven liners. The liners are resistant to temperatures of up to 500 degrees and can be cut to fit the size of your oven or grill. Toss them in the dishwasher and use them over and over again.

20. An Anti-Inflammatory Pair Of Soothing Cold Gel Socks

Reduce inflammation and swelling in your feet, or just give tired, achy toes and heels a much-needed break, with these cold therapy gel socks. The socks come in three styles (with and without a secure strap), two sizes, and feature a chilled gel pack beneath the foot and one that can be placed at the top of your foot or behind your heel.

21. This Handy Corn Stripper That Removes Kernels With No Waste

Put that knife down — there's a far easier way to strip corn kernels off of that cob. This corn stripper works in seconds and requires nothing more than a twist and push motion to strip kernels from the cob. It has stainless steel blades and is dishwasher-safe.

22. The Vegetable Sliver That Can Make Seven Different Spiral Shapes

Choose among seven different stainless steel blades and create veggie spirals that range from zucchini ribbons to coarse potato chip-style waves. The spiralizer can fit 10 vegetables or fruits at one time and comes with a cleaning brush that makes it a cinch to remove food from the blades. This will keep you from spending a fortune on gourmet salads — you can make your own at home.

23. A Manual Jar Opener For The Most Stubborn Lids

Save your strength for something more worthy than a stubborn jar lid that refuses to open — this manual jar opener pops that lid right off with ease. The tough and sturdy steel tool has a cushioned grip handle and is especially perfect to use if you suffer from arthritis or other pains in your hands and wrists.

24. The Plastic Bag Storage Organizer That Fits Over Cabinet Doors

You can store up to 50 plastic bags in this storage basket — and then slide it right over your kitchen cabinet door for safe keeping. The basket keeps bags neat, tidy, and out of the way where no installation is required. The steel organizer even comes in a variety of colors like black, bronze, silver, and pearl champagne.

25. These Colorful Collapsible Containers For Leftovers And Portable Lunches

This set of four colorful containers for leftovers and lunches can be placed in the microwave, oven, freezer, and dishwasher. But they're especially amazing because they collapse flat and can be stacked to save storage space. Each set comes with a small, medium, large, and extra-large BPA-free container.

26. An Expandable Spice Rack Shelf That Can Hold Up To 64 Spices

If every spice rack you've ever come across has left you disappointed because there's no way they could ever hold all of the spices you need, this is the expandable spice rack of your dreams. The set of two shelves can be stacked together or placed side by side. They hold up to 40 pounds and up to 64 spice bottles.

27. This Wearable Gel Pack For Sprains And Swollen Hands And Feet

If you have a foot or hand injury like a sprain or you're suffering from wicked muscle pain, cooling off the area and reducing swelling and inflammation will help. Instead of using cold packs, try this wearable cooling gel wrap on for size. It has an adjustable Velcro strap, removable gel pads that you can store in the fridge or freezer, and it stays on comfortably on feet, ankles, elbows, wrists, and hands.

28. A One-Handed Mug That Keeps Drinks The Perfect Temperature For Hours

Not only can you fully enjoy your drink in this insulated mug with just one hand — it has a push button lid that opens and closes with one finger, which is great for when you're on the go. But it also boasts a vacuum insulated body and thermal lid that keeps hot drinks hot for six hours and cold drinks cold for 24 hours. It comes in green or navy and has a dishwasher-safe lid.

29. An Air-Removing Wine Stopper System That Preserves Vino

Next-day wine isn't really a thing people look forward to — until you own this wine saver system, which makes your wine taste like you just opened it. The vacuum pump removes air from wine to preserve it and keep it fresh and tasting amazing days after you've popped that cork. It comes with two vacuum bottle stoppers that click when they're secure and in place.

30. These Eco-Friendly Wool Dryer Balls For Static-Free Clothes

Take the static and lint out of clothing without using a single chemical you'll find in dryer sheets. These eco-friendly wool dryer balls are safe around pets and kids — and they reduce drying time by 40 percent. They come six in a pack and will last for more than 1,000 dry sessions, which saves you money for the long haul.

31. This Clip-On Drying Rack For Swimsuits And Delicate Clothing

Don't take chances leaving your most delicate clothing and lingerie to the fate that is a dryer. Take care of these pieces by air drying them on this clip-on drying rack that features rust-resistant clips that can hold up to 26 items. You don't need tools to assemble this rack and it can hang on a garment rack or even your shower rod.

32. The Washable, Reusable Lint Roller Set That Comes With A Travel-Size Brush

You'll never need to buy a replacement tape for this lint roller or peel it every 30 seconds so that it's usable. The washable roller collects pet hair, lint, and debris from clothing, pets, and upholstery with ease. It then washes clean in seconds and is ready to be used again. The two-piece set includes a full-size roller and a travel-size roller that you can take with you.

33. A Bottle Stopper 'Condom' That Locks Air Out Of Wine

A scandalous name maybe, but these wine condoms do exactly what they're meant to do: they preserve your favorite opened bottle of wine by keeping air out. The unique wine stoppers look like condoms and will stretch over the your bottle to create an air-tight, water-tight seal that keeps wine fresh for days.

34. An Espresso And Coffee Maker That Takes 30 Seconds To Make

Make coffee or espresso anywhere even while camping or hiking – in just 30 seconds and with zero drama or mess. This coffee maker presses 1 to 3 cups and has a microfilter that keeps annoying grains out of your brew. It makes coffee that lacks any bitterness whatsoever and all of its components can be stored in an accompanying nylon travel bag.

35. The Only Chair You'll Ever Buy For The Beach

You know that moment when you're relaxing on a lounge chair and decide to turn over but quickly realize that puts your head and arms in an awkward, smushed position? This innovative lounge chair solves that dilemma with an amazingly unique design that provides a perfect open/close face cavity with a comfy head pillow and arm slots. The chair folds flat and has a convenient carrying strap and it comes in five colors.

36. These Machine-Washable Bamboo Cleaning Towels That Save You Major Money

It's a totally normal, wallet-draining habit: going through paper towels like there's no tomorrow. These eco-friendly bamboo towels will save you money and are better for the planet. Each sturdy towel absorbs liquid messes with ease and can be tossed in your washing machine and reused. They're strong, soft, effective at cleaning, and each sheet can be used at least 120 times before it needs to be discarded.

37. A Multi-Tasking Hot Air Brush That Dries And Styles At The Same Time

Save time on busy days with this one-step hot air brush, which dries damp hair, creates volume at the roots, and dries strands all at the same time. The vented round brush has gentle nylon pin and tufted bristles with three heat and speed settings and a ceramic coating that ensures even heat distribution.

38. The Set Of Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mats That Don't Require Butter Or Oil

If you're tired of scraping burnt dough off of metal baking pans — you won't regret making the switch to these non-stick silicone baking sheets. The set of two sheets are oven safe up to 480 degrees and are placed over pans to keep them clean. You won't need parchment paper or even cooking spray to bake those goodies to perfection.

39. This Comfortable Foot Rest You Can Keep Under Your Desk

Elevate your legs and feet and relieve foot pain and discomfort from sitting around with the help of this foot rest, which fits right under your desk. The rest has a textured surface, so kick off your shoes or socks and give yourself a mini massage while you relax. It has a free floating design so you can rock your legs back and forth and get your blood moving — even when you're stuck at work for hours.

40. These Freshness Balls With Carbon That Preserve Produce

Preserve fresh fruits and vegetables with natural ingredients — just by dropping these freshness produce balls into your produce drawer. The cute apple-shaped balls, which come in a set of two, contain activated carbon that neutralizes odors and help keep produce fresh. They're reusable and each lasts about three months.

41. The Pet-Cleaning Gloves That Save You A Trip To The Groomer

All of those trips to the groomer add up fast. These grooming gloves, with 255 soothing silicone tips, relieve your pet of loose fur or hair and keep them looking and feeling their best. The gloves can be worn during baths or for everyday brushing. They are one size fits all, but have an adjustable wrist strap to keep them secure on your hands.

42. This Eight-Outlet Surge Protector With A Remote Control

Control your computer with a wireless remote and give power to up to six devices — safely — at one time with this powerful surge protector. The protector features eight outlets, including two outlets that always stay on and are perfect for your router or phone. The convenient remote works within 60 feet of the surge protector.

43. These Makeup-Removing Cloths That Work Using Nothing More Than Water

Remove every last stitch of makeup, including truly stubborn waterproof mascara, with these microfiber makeup remover cloths. The cloths come in a colorful pack of five — just wet them and they'll take off cosmetics without tugging and pulling. You'll save money on makeup remover and these reusable cloths can be washed and used again and again.

44. These Spatulas With Long Handles That Get Out Every Last Bit From Jars

Featured on Shark Tank, this set of two spatulas have extremely long, narrow handles that allow you to get right into narrow jars and dig out every last drop of product or food. Whether you're pining over a bottle of lotion because you can see product stuck at the bottom or resent having to buy another jar of peanut butter when the one you have still has a little left, these are the spatulas that will save you money and frustration.

45. An Organic, Biodegradable Food Wrap Made From Beeswax

Thank the bees for these adorable and eco-friendly beeswax food wraps, which are made from organic, biodegradable materials that include cotton, beeswax, tree resin, and jojoba oil. The wraps come in a pack of four with small, medium, large, and extra-large options, all of which will preserve leftovers and food for longer. Bustle may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Bustle's editorial and sales departments.