45 Thoughtful Gifts Under $25 That Are Anything But Boring

By The Commerce Team

One of the great things about giving gifts is the feeling you get when you know that you've found something that'll truly touch someone you love. Shopping on a budget can make this tricky, but Amazon is full of thoughtful gifts under $25 that are anything but boring or ordinary.

From multi-functional tools you'd never think could make life so much easier to amazing beauty products, useful items are plentiful on Amazon. But really, it's hidden gems like a fancy AF cheese board and a clay mug designed to keep hands toasty as you sip that are really where it's at, and that's because they're so ridiculously affordable. But unlike some products that look cheap because they are cheap, these inexpensive finds actually look more expensive than they are, so really, it's a win-win.

Whether you're shopping for family, a partner, or simply a close friend, you can find meaningful presents to give them all year round, and you don't have to spend a small fortune to do it. You can shop on a budget and still make sure that your loved ones know just how special they really are to you. Check out some of the amazing deals on Amazon now for cheap but incredible finds below.


A Journal With Prompts That Help You Reflect On Your Life

Unlike your standard blank-page journal, this diary features 201 prompts that help you reflect on your life. The final product is sort of DIY auto-biography that not only lets the author take a walk down memory lane but makes a great heirloom to pass down to future generations. "Filling in the blanks has proven to be an almost therapeutic experience. I'm remembering things that I would otherwise have no reason to think about," describes one reviewer.


This Set Of Fancy Soaps From France

Known for their rich, unique scents, this set of Pre de Provence soaps is the perfect sampler for when you can't pick just one. Plus, unlike standard bars of soap, these are enriched with soothing shea butter that won't leave your skin feeling dry. Whether you're giving them as gifts or keeping one just for yourself, these soaps can be a total treat.


A Punny Game For The Ages

This hilarious game is perfect for pun lovers — and who doesn't love a good pun?! It comes with more than 200 cards and more than 1,300 puns, all designed to help test the limits of your fun. Witty, ridiculous, and all at times a laugh riot, this silly game is a must-have for your next event.


This Universal Socket That Can Help You With So Many Projects

This universal socket attachment works with nearly-all power drills and wrenches, which is one of the major reasons why you should definitely add it to your toolbox. Self-adjusting and made from durable stainless steel, this can help to make any DIY project easier, especially on a budget.


A Cheese Board That's Super Cheap But Looks Classy AF

Made from bamboo, this cheese board has a place for not only cheese, but crackers, nuts, and bread too. It's also gentle on knives and won't dull your blades out over time like some blocks can.


This Set Of Delicious Holiday Teas That Made Oprah's Favorite Things List In 2018

For tea lovers, this sampler pack can be a great way to unwind after a long day. Featured as one of Oprah's Favorite Things 2018, this comes with three loose-leaf teas in gold tins: Earl Grey Masala Chai, Saffron Masala Chai, and Sweet Himalayan Detox Green Tea. One reviewer raved: "This tea is wonderful, in that a little goes a long way. It's very flavorful, tastes very fresh, and is a bright addition to your day!"


A Box Of Roses For Your Bath

This stunning box of rose soaps come with 18 flowers in eye-catching shades of red, deep pink, and light pink. The perfect little romantic touch to any bath, this is a gift that looks fancy but is a total steal.


These Korean Beauty Masks That'll Make Your Skin Feel Amazing

This variety pack of Korean beauty masks comes with 16 sheet masks that target an array of skin care goals. And they're not just your run of the mill aloe masks either — there are a ton of unique ingredients featured like charcoal, pearl, and royal jelly amongst others!


This Cooling Roller Stick For Puffy Eyes

For tired, puffy eyes, this cooling stick can have a deeply replenishing effect. It works to reduce under-eye baggage and gently soothes on sensitive skin. "I love this so much! It's super hydrating and feels really nice under the eyes," says one reviewer.


This Sleek BBQ Set That Has Everything You Could Ever Want

This 20-piece set comes with virtually everything you need for grilling. It features a four-in-one barbecue spatula, BBQ fork, meat knife, grill tong, and so much more. Reviewers say that while set is cheap as hell, the utensils are really durable, so there's a lot to love about the contents.


A Stylus Set That's Great For Drawing Or Taking Notes

This stylus features a fine-tip with an attached clear disk that makes it look and feel like writing with a traditional pen. Designed for superior accuracy, this stylus is perfect for digital artists and avid note takers. "I love this stylus! I'm a professional artist and use it for my illustrations, and it works for me just as well as the top quality styluses that are 4x the price," wrote one reviewer.


This Stylish, Stackable Lunch Box

Featuring two separate containers, this 20-ounce stackable lunch box is great for packing your lunch. The containers are BPA-free, microwavable, and machine washable, and they each come with a leak-proof lid.


Bath Bombs That Are The Bomb

Fizzy, colorful, and scented, these bath bombs turn your bath into a indulgent spa experience. Each one has unique ingredients, including lemon, rose, peppermint, lavender, and citronella. The combination of revitalizing ingredients can leave skin feeling smoother and softer than ever.


This Essential Oil Diffuser That's Excellent For When You Need To Unwind

From its stylish natural wood grain look to its colorful mood lighting, this essential oil diffuser adds a touch of relaxation to any space and can be a great way to explore aromatherapy.


A Luxurious Makeup Brush Set For Professional-Like Results

Get the look you really want with these professional-grade makeup brushes. This 12-piece set comes with every kind of brush you need, but what really puts this in a league of its own is that reviewers rave about them too. They say the bristles are firm and long-lasting, and the set itself is stunning in person.


This Jar That's Full Of Inspiration

Spread love and hope each day with this jar, which is brimming with inspirational quotes that can help transform your mindset with one word of wisdom after another. One reviewer wrote: "The sayings on the card are sweet and meaningful. I gave it to my coworker who LOVES it!!"


A Pair Of Earrings No One Will Ever Guess Are CZ

These stud earrings might make you look like a million bucks, but the fact is, you won't have to pay that much to show them off. Made with cubic zirconia, these studs come with four-prong basket settings and a butterfly backing, and they're great when you want to add some extra sparkle to your look.


This Hand-Warming Mug That's Cozy On Winter Nights

This brilliant mug is designed to keep your hand warm while you've got your favorite hot drink inside of it. Made in Oregon, this clay mug comes incredibly colored and can really stand out in your cabinet. "I have given this handwarmer mug to so many people. Everyone loves it. It is absolutely the best gift," wrote one reviewer.


A Wooden Lap Desk That's Perfect For WFH Days (Or Just Watching Videos In Bed)

Whether you're working from home or you're just trying to relax in bed with your laptop, this lap desk can be a great thing to have within reach. It comes with a pull out drawer and a flip top, and has a deep Espresso finish. "The legs fold in-out pretty easily and the desk is not too heavy to move around. I'm very pleased," wrote one reviewer.


This Neck And Shoulder Massager For Sore, Tired Muscles

Massage away deep-set tension with this massager which delivers a deep shiatsu massage. Equipped with three massage options, this massager can help reduce tension in the neck and shoulders. Plus, no one will ever guess that it only costs $25.


An Adorable Book Every Dog Lover Can Appreciate

Looking at these adorable dogs will put any animal lover in a good mood. The photography collection, which is full of snapshots of pups from photographer Christian Vieler is full of adorable canines in their cutest and most hilarious moments.


This Memory Foam Pillow That Feels Comfy As Can Be

This queen-sized pillow is stuffed with shredded memory foam for a density that is not too hard and not too soft. Plus, the bamboo-polyester blend cover is hypoallergenic.


A Rose Quartz Roller That That Looks And Feels Luxurious

With an aim to promote blood circulation, this rose quartz roller and Gua Sha scrapping tool are great for facial massages that leave you with a healthy glow.


This Relaxing Acupressure Mat That Helps Relieve Stress

Covered in more than 6,000 acupressure points, this relaxing acupressure mat is a great way to release muscle tension and melt away stress. Best of all, it requires almost zero effort to reap in the benefits. Simply lie on your back for 10 to 30 minutes a day and allow the tiny nodes to stimulate blood flow and release positive endorphins. It's made with soft, plant-based eco foam comes with a comfy neck acupressure pillow.


This Cool Earth Science Kit Full Of Colorful Crystals

This nostalgic National Geographic earth science kit is full of colorful geonodes you can break open to unveil an assortment of intricate crystals inside. The set, which comes with safety goggles and display stands, is great for anyone who collects rocks or is into geology. On top of the ten varied rocks and crystals, it includes a 16-page learning guide that explains where geonodes and found and how they're formed.


An Amazon Echo Dot That Plays Music And Controls The House With Alexa

Typically $40, the Amazon Echo Dot is now half off. This small speaker offers all of the same voice-controlled speakers as its larger counterpart at a fraction of the size. The sleek, Alexa-powered device can play music, turn on lights, control the heat, and manage other households functions all with the sound of your voice. It syncs with Spotify, Amazon Music, Pandora, and others, and can hear you from across the room.


A Clever Hat That Features Built-In Bluetooth Speakers

Made with crystal clear, 110-decibel HD stereo sound, this innovative Bluetooth beanie has speakers built into the fabric. The stretchy unisex hat, which is fully machine washable, allows you to stay warm while streaming your music without clunky headphones. Its Bluetooth V4.2 syncs quickly from up to 33 feet away and the 300mAh rechargeable battery can play music for six continuous hours.


A Genius Toaster That Makes Whole Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

No more flipping bread around in the pan — this brilliant grilled cheese toaster makes cheese sammies in one fell swoop. Just drop the bread and cheese into the toasting baskets and press down. Minutes later you'll have an evenly melted grilled cheese that's been toasted to perfection. You can adjust the dial to pick your preferred browning level and there's a removable crumb tray for simple cleaning.


These Tactical Bracelets That Hold Everything You Need In An Emergency

Whether you're a serious survivalist or you just like to go camping a lot, these emergency paracord bracelets will help you out in a wilderness jam. On top of the tough, seven-strand rope they're constructed with, the bracelets each feature a flint fire starter, a fire scraper, a whistle, and a compass. The combination leaves you with all of the major tactical tools you need in a survival scenario in a lightweight strap you can wear around your wrist.


A Special Wallet That Keeps Your Passport And Credits Cards Safe From Identity Theft

This passport holder features RFID-blocking material that lets you keep your credit cards and personal information safe from identity theft. The polyurethane leather is tough yet elegant with a simple, minimalist design that isn't overly bulky. In addition to the passport holder and credit card slots, it has an extra pocket to slide business cards into. The protective sleeve comes in more than a dozen colors including vintage brown, navy blue, coffee, rose gold glitter, sky blue, and others.


A Luxurious Bathtub Caddy That's The Ultimate Way To Spoil Yourself

If you're in need of some good old-fashioned pampering, this luxurious bathtub caddy offers a wonderful accessory for indulgent spa days at home. The natural bamboo tray has a dedicated slot to secure your wine glass without spilling, along with a stand to hold a book, magazine, or tablet. There's another space on the side for miscellaneous items like your phone or a candle, bath crystals, or glass of sparkling water. The adjustable tray features expandable handles on the side and can fit tub up to 41 inches across.


These One-Of-A-Kind Cork Lights That Convert Empty Bottles Into Lamps

If you're looking for something to do with your nicer wine and liquor bottles once they're empty, these unique cork lights let you turn them into artistic lamps and night lights. The 12-lumen LED lights, which create a soft glow inside any glass space, are USB-powered so you don't have to mess with cords or cables. They fit practically any bottle and recharge in a quick 20 minutes.


These Cross-Body Dry Bags That You Can Sling Over Your Shoulder

Whether you're into kayaking, rafting, standup paddle boarding, or other water-based activities, these Earth Pak dry bags are pretty much guaranteed to keep your things from getting wet. They're made with tough 500D PVC and fully waterproof roll-down closure systems. Unlike standard dry bags, they have a cross-strap so you can sling them over your shoulder to carry around. Each of the bags, which are available in 10-, 20-, 30-, 40-, and 55-liter sizes, comes with a IPX8-certified waterproof phone case.


A Crowd-Pleasing Party Game That Involves Spies And Secret Agents

This fun, one-of-a-kind party game involves words, espionage, and secret agents. To play, participants gather in teams with a spymaster who shouts out clues while the players try to guess the words. "This might be the best game I have played since Cards Against Humanity," wrote one reviewer. "This is a great game for people that know each other, or a great icebreaker for those who don't. You can be as literal or as creative as you'd like with your descriptions and unlike other games with cards - the possibilities of card layouts are nearly infinite."


A Daily Planning Journal That Helps You Crush Your Goals

Rather than simply writing down random events from the day, this unique planning journal guides your thoughts into a structured format to outline and achieve your goals. On top of its standard daily planner sections, the journal includes areas for gratitude, affirmations, goals, mindmaps, vision boards, and more. It comes with thick, high-quality paper in a sleek leatherette with three bonus bookmarks.


A Rapid Phone Charger Port For Your Car

Whether you road trip a lot with friends or simply have lots of devices to charge, this multi-port car charger allows you to juice up to five devices at the same time including phones, tablets, power banks, and other electronics. It boasts intelligent USB ports that can detect your device, along with a quick-charging, 5-foot cable. You can plug it into any 12-volt cigarette lighter or car charger so it's super versatile and easy to use.


These Collapsible Stainless Steel Straws You Can Keep On Your Keychain

The top-grade stainless steel straws are eco-friendly, scratch-resistant, and fully BPA-free. What's more, they collapse into a small case you can keep on your keychain so you always have a straw with you. Each one comes with a small brush to clean the inside. "LOVE this product!" wrote one Amazon reviewer. "Easy to clean & feels luxurious! I was worried about how it would feel retracting expanding, ie. Metal on metal scraping but it doesn't feel that way at all. Very smooth."


This Vacuum-Insulated Travel Mug That Keeps Cold For 12 Hours

If your goal is to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold, it's hard to beat this high-quality, vacuum-sealed travel mug from Contigo. The stainless steel cup has premium technology that can keep drinks hot for up to 5 hours and cold for nearly 12 hours. Not only that, the lid is fully leakproof so you can tip it completely on its side without any liquid spilling out. The convenient mugs are available in 20 colors including grayed jade, polar white, black, bright lavender, passion fruit, and others.


A Strategic Card Game Where You Build An Army Of Evil Unicorns

With the goal of building a crazed army of destructive unicorns, what's not to love about this strategic card game focused on everyone's favorite magical fantasy creatures? The objective is to betray your friends to rack up seven unicorns for your militia. "Definitely not for the faint of heart," wrote one Amazon user. "Kids who don’t like losing should stay away from this game because NO MERCY!"


A Sturdy Massage Roller That Targets Aching Muscles

Target achy muscles in your calves, thighs, back, and even the bottoms of your feet with this durable and texturized massage roller, which instantly reduces soreness with just a few rolls and boosts circulation for better overall health. This massager is perfect for travel because, unlike bulkier foam rollers, it won't take up space in your bag. Reviewers say the quality of this roller is unmatched and that it can handle as much pressure as you want to throw its way.


The Muscle-Relaxing Magnesium Oil Spray That Absorbs Quickly

There's nothing better than a natural solution to a common problem, and this highly absorbent magnesium oil spray works fast to relieve muscle aches and soreness. This 100 percent natural spray is also used to alleviate stress and anxiety, take the edge off of migraines and headaches, and promote a more restful sleep. It won't stain your clothing, and its portable packaging means you never have to travel without it.


A Supportive Memory Foam Seat Cushion That's Good For Backs

Make any chair about a million times more comfortable with this memory foam seat cushion. The U-shaped cushion contours perfectly to your lower back, provides amazing support to your tailbone, and bounces right back to its original shape after pressure has been applied to it. It comes with a velvet-soft cover that you can remove and wash.


The Lint And Fuzz Solution For Sharper-Looking Clothing

With this reusable fabric defuzzer, you can easily remove pet hair, lint, and fuzz from your clothing. The battery-operated defuzzer can be set to one of three settings based on your fabric's needs, and it has a detachable fuzz collector that's a snap to clean. Available in nine colors, this gadget has more than 4,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


A Space-Saving Magnetic Bar That Can Hold All Of Your Knives

Save your counter space for something really useful — like prepping food — and store knives and other steel cooking utensils on this magnetic knife holder, which you can mount to a wall. Not only does the stainless steel holder handle weighty kitchen items, but you can also repurpose it as a tool holder in your garage or as a storage solution for toys in cramped playrooms and bedrooms.


This Convenient Hanging Organizer That Gives You Back Precious Closet Space

Closet space is precious — preserve yours with this hanging closet organizer, which features five roomy shelves where you can store shoes, sweaters, T-shirts, towels, and accessories. The organizer comes in bronze or grey and has six mesh pockets on the side for smaller items. It hangs right on your closet rod with two built-in hangers.

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