47 Brilliant Products On Amazon That Will Inspire You To Get Your Life Together

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Eating vegetables, drinking more water, cleaning the dishes getting plenty of sleep, reaching your longterm goals, finally getting the stuck-on gum off the bottom of your favorite sneakers — are you getting hives yet? Understandable. Life can be overwhelming, and sometimes tackling bigger tasks (like, um, scraping the gum off of your shoe) can send you into procrastination mode fast. But the best way to beat procrastination is with a little inspiration, and these brilliant products on Amazon are here to offer you just that.

Now, none of these products is going to give you a pep talk per se, (okay there are some self-affirmation cards on this list) but they will send you in the right direction. They'll streamline your life or upgrade the way you already do things. Best of all? They're all easy to incorporate into your daily routine, so that getting your life together actually feels like an achievable goal.

Oh, and — you'll be pleasantly surprised to find that one of the most affordable products on this list will help you get that gum off in a mere two minutes of your time (if only every problem was that easy to solve). Still, that wasn't so bad, was it?

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