47 Fascinating Products Under $35 Becoming Extremely Popular On Social Media

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The internet is an enlightening place. It seems like Instagram and YouTube feature a gazillion new products and product reviews on the regular — and they just keep coming. These fascinating products under $35 are just like the rest, because they're becoming extremely popular on the web. They're so fun, practical, and affordable that they continue to make impressions, review after review.

What qualities must a brilliant product possess to achieve social media stardom? For some things — like the healing rose quartz crystal water bottle — they must do the job of hydrating while displaying a crystal to increase coolness factor by a million. The same goes for every other product on this list. Anyone can toss a pretty throw blanket over their couch and get on with life, but a cozy blanket that's designed to look like a burrito suddenly becomes a blanket you want to photograph and share with the world.

From thrilling beauty products (like magnetic eyelashes) to eco-friendly grocery totes and food wraps, it's no wonder these items are praised on social media. These are the products that you, your friends, your family members, and your fave social media darlings will be talking about for years to come.

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