5 Brilliant Gift Ideas For The Social Media Butterfly


We all have a friend who's an expert at managing their own personal brand. While you’ve finally mastered the art of crafting the perfect caption, your pal, the social media wizard, is busy posting stories that would make an art director envious. They’re the person who always manages to organize the best squad photo, who styles their breakfast spread ever so perfectly, who somehow always finds the best lighting for a selfie, and who is constantly tethered to their phone. While you may have to compete with nonstop notifications for their attention sometimes, at least you know you can narrow down your gifting ideas to one category: social media enhancement.

We’ve collaborated with Google Pixel 2 to round up gifts that will up your friend’s #nofilter game and bring them happiness both online and IRL. From must-have camera accessories that'll rake in the likes to products that nearly do it all, these gifts will make you want to double tap your way to checkout. (Oh, and don't forget: You definitely deserve an honorary mention in their feed the next time one of their pictures ends up on the Explore page.)

Google Pixel 2

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First thing’s first: Make sure your friend is working with the right equipment. The Google Pixel 2 will have them snapping pro-level portraits and shooting award-worthy videos from the palm of their hand. (Unlimited storage for all of their photos and videos doesn’t hurt, either.)

Touchscreen-Compatible Gloves


The perfect shot stops for nothing — not even winter. Keep your friend’s digits warm so they can stay connected in less-than-ideal conditions.

Camera (Phone) Lenses

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Give them the gift of angles. Attachable lenses allow for quick and easy transitioning between shots, so their phone can seamlessly go from texting tool to wide-shot camera, capturing twice as much photo.

A Grip, Literally


Even the most socially adept among us are prone to an accidental phone drop. Available in virtually any style (you know, to align with their aesthetic), these accessories adhere to the back of the phone, pop out to provide grip and control over the device, and can even serve as a stand in a pinch.

Hard Copies


Consider this a #TBT in physical form. This instant printer will let your friend showcase their best shots somewhere other than their feed.

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Design: Carla Campos/Bustle.