5 Travel-Friendly Gifts for the Frequent Weekender

Imagine packing...and then unpacking...and then packing again. Woof. Traveling 24/7 can be a tad stressful. (Let's not get started on the ordeal that is digging liquids out of your bag in the security line.) So if your friend is always on the road — whether it's for work, a short weekend trip, or to visit her long-distance S.O. — she knows how real the struggle can be. You never know if she'll be around for brunch on the weekend, but, on the bright side, you know who to text when you're planning a trip and need restaurant recs. Plus, your jet-setting friend always knows where to go (and, just as important, where not to go). You'd be lost, maybe literally, without her.

The downside is that the actual process of traveling — like squeezing your life into a suitcase, making sure you don't forget your charger, and keeping your cool during delays — can be tough. Make your globe-trotting BFF's life a little easier with thoughtful holiday gifts. We've partnered with Sephora to bring you the most travel-friendly ideas out there. She can enjoy them both at home and on the road to wherever. All she needs to do is to book the flight.

Blowout In A Box

Drybar Buttercup Fully Loaded Set, $199

Give her nothing but good hair days whenever and wherever she goes with this Drybar hair set. It comes with the blow-dry bar's signature dryer, small hair brush, hair clips, and miniature (read: travel-sized) versions of its hit styling products, like Detox Dry Shampoo and 3-in-1 Triple Sec.

Clay Play

Sephora Collection Crazy for Clay! Face Mask Set, $22

Travel can do a number on skin, but it doesn't have to. With this mask set, she can give her skin TLC with any of the four targeted masks. Plus, these are basically made for easy packing: Each resealable pouch lasts for four uses, so she can stash one in her suitcase and use it whenever her skin needs a boost.

Chic AF Headphones

Forever 21 Rose-Tone On-Ear Headphones, $15

Forget those free earbuds. (Thanks, but they won't drown out a screaming baby two rows ahead.) Not only are these headphones essential for long flights, but in rose gold and white leather, they double as a cute accessory.

Packable Perfume

Sephora Favorites Perfume Sampler, $65

Delicate fragrance bottles and travel don't really mix (unless you want to do major clean-up when you unpack your bags). But this sampler offers mini spritzer versions of 17 popular scents, including Marc Jacobs Daisy — a classic — and sultry Tom Ford Black Orchid. Then, your friend can use the included scent certificate to get a full-size version of her fave.

Backup Battery

Mophie Juice Pack Reserve External Battery, $50

No outlet? No problem. With a portable battery, you can ensure that your BFF is never stuck in a new spot without a map — or access to her apps.

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