50 Clever & Useful Gifts With Extremely High Ratings On Amazon

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When it’s time to go gift shopping, there’s little reason to go to the mall anymore — why would you, when you have 24/7/365 access to the bevy of choices that Amazon offers, like these clever gifts with tons of reviews.

Surely I’m not alone in having received a useful gift that I’ve gotten a lot of...well...use out of. Alternately, I've also received a gift that’s awesome but has zero function whatsoever, like that clever tchotchke that’s either an executive toy or a piece of coffee table décor — I’m not going to elucidate further here for fear of incriminating you well-intentioned gift-givers out there.

The real sweet spot lies in combining the best of form and function, like a Dutch oven from Amazon Basics that’s legit so pretty I leave it out on my counter all the time. It’s a dupe of a fancy French brand but costs about a quarter of the price. There’s a professional nail care kit that’s so fancy-looking it could totally live in South Beach. There's also a blanket that functions as a sweatshirt because this list has something for everyone.

Amazon reviewers just flat won't lead you astray. I'd invite you over and show you the proof, but you're gonna be too busy shopping for your friends and family in a few minutes. Let this list be your guide and get going.

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