50 Latest & Greatest Products Reviewers Can't Stop Showering With Five-Star Reviews


The thrill of finding something new is what keeps shoppers coming back for more. These items take that idea and run with it: The latest and greatest products reviewers keep showering with five-star reviews. Not only have these items stepped up to offer even more practical and effective solutions to problems you might have, but they've managed to win over customers — in some cases thousands of them — by proving they have serious staying power and are much more than trendy, flavor-of-the-day products.

If the words "latest and greatest" make you automatically think of high tech gadgets — like the electrical power outlet with USB ports and a convenient built-in shelf to store your phone — a few items on this list will win you over. But, more often than not, the innovative, well-rated products you'll find here have achieved celebrity status because they're clever and make life a little easier, too.

You may love eating eggs, but you've never loved cooking them as much as you will when you own an egg poacher pan that makes the job so much easier. Eco-friendly products like reusable beeswax food wraps and glass drinking straws are practical and better for the environment. And scores of beauty products — from a biotin hair growth serum that reviewers say is magic because it helps stop hair shedding to discreet acne patches that dry up pimples in a flash — are reminders that products continue to evolve and get better.

Check out this list of new, amazing products that have already racked up stellar reviews.


This Hilarious Card Game In Which You Compete To Become 'Lord Of The Goats'

This silly, hilarious, offbeat card game is perfect for adults and older kids, too. It involves strategizing to become the "lord of the goats" as various magical and conniving goat cards attempt to sabotage your efforts. One reviewer writes: "My family (husband and two teen boys) love this game. We usually really like strategy games, so I was afraid that this game was not going to cut it for us, but it has just the right speed, humor, and gameplay that makes it fun to play over and over again! It can be played quick so you don't have to set aside an hour to play, but if you want, you could easily play it again and again to last that long."


An Ice Scraper Glove That Keeps Your Hands Warm And Cozy

Say goodbye to cold, icy mornings that require you to freeze your hands off while digging out your car from snow. This ice scraper mitt is a genius invention — lined with insulating and cozy fleece, it keeps hands warm and dry and features an ice scraper attached right on its hand. The sturdy plastic scrape does an outstanding job of ridding windshields of ice, and your hands stay protected from the elements.


These Eco-Friendly Reusable Glass Drinking Straws For A Healthier Planet

Kick plastic to the curb with these eco-friendly reusable glass drinking straws, which come six in a set in various colors. These straws are shatter-resistant, free of toxins, and can be cleaned in the dishwasher — but they also come with two cleaning brushes to get rid of any gunk that builds up inside of them.


A Protective Silicone Coaster That Keeps Furniture Dry

Protect wood and other furniture from the destructive forces of your favorite drink or cocktail with these durable silicone coasters, which feature a removable felt insert that soaks up moisture and wetness from your glass. The set of six coasters come in seven colors and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.


This Transparent Makeup Organizer With Drawers That Can Hold Everything

Finally — one makeup case that can truly hold every cosmetic you own. This transparent acrylic case features four large drawers, two smaller drawers, and a number of slots and compartments where you can fit everything from sizable eyeshadow palettes to lipsticks and makeup brushes. The case comes in seven colors and doubles as a storage and display case for jewelry, too.


These Mesh And Silicone Wine Covers That Keep Bugs Out Of Your Vino

Cover wine when you're not drinking and enjoying it with these silicone and ventilated wine glass covers, which sit right on top of your glass to keep flies and other bugs from messing with your vino. The tops come in different colors and their mesh screen allows your wine to continue breathing so that it retains its taste.


The Ultimate Tri-Fold Makeup Mirror With Different Magnification Powers

This tri-fold makeup mirror is perfect for the beauty enthusiast who wants plenty of options. The portable mirror comes equipped with dimmable LED lights that work by touch and a variety of magnification powers — like a removable round mirror with 10 times the magnification and suction cups. You can plug it in or use it wirelessly with batteries and it even has a built-in anion generator designed to improve the air quality in your room.


An Intensely Nourishing Lip Oil For Cracked, Chapped Lips

Banish dry, chapped lips with this nourishing lip oil balm, which is made with a blend that includes vitamin E-rich mongongo oil and organic, fair trade cocoa butter. The non-toxic balms are free of chemicals and petroleum and come in four flavors: blood orange, banana, acai berry, and yumberry.


The Portable Back And Body Hair Shaver That Is Simple To Maneuver

Anyone who wants to remove hair from their backs, the backs of legs, and other hard-to-reach areas of the body have found their ally in this hair removal device: a tool with a curved handle that's comfortable to hold and maneuver and a safe 4-inch blade that can be used on wet or dry skin. The battery-free razor is even retractable, making it ideal for travel.


A Sparkly, Rainbow Flat Contoured Kabuki Makeup Brush

Once you get past the fact that this is not another ordinary makeup brush — but a sparkly, rainbow Kabuki brush that's just plain fun to own — you can focus on the really exciting aspects it brings to the table: this is truly a versatile brush. The vegan, cruelty-free brush has super-soft bristles and can be used to apply liquid foundation, bronzer, and more.


This Egg Poacher Pan Set For Fool-Proof Eggs

This egg poacher pan set comes with a 10-inch stainless steel pan, glass lid, and a removable insert tray where you can plop in four non-stick Teflon-coated egg cups to help you make perfectly cooked poached eggs. A mini silicone spatula is also included and reviewers say the poacher, in particular, provides even cooking that churns out delicious eggs (that are otherwise pretty difficult to master).


A Wrinkle-Blasting Portable Steamer That Heats Up In Seconds

Don't waste time fussing with an ironing board — this portable fabric steamer heats up in seconds and delivers a powerful blast of steam that takes the wrinkles out of fabric without endangering your clothes, drapes, or sheets. It has an automatic shut-off feature for safety, a long 9-foot cord that provides freedom of movement, and the steamer comes in five colors.


This Set Of Natural Body Oils For Massage And Smooth Skin

This set of six moisturizing body oils includes natural ingredients like sea buckthorn oil and lavender to rejuvenate and hydrate your body or relax your mind. All of the oils are free of irritating fragrances and preservatives — and reviewers say that, in addition to providing aesthetic benefits, the oils are perfect for massage therapy and are excellent at relieving muscle aches and pains.


The Convenient Teeth Whitening Pen That Works In Minutes

Lift stains from food, wine, or coffee — and whiten and brighten your teeth without cumbersome trays or uncomfortable sticky tape. This convenient teeth whitening pen can be applied right to your teeth any time of day and takes just minutes to work. Keep it in your purse and pull it out after your second cappuccino — no one will even know you're secretly giving yourself a teeth whitening treatment.


An Antibacterial Shower Mat That Will Never Slip

With a whopping 324 suction cups, this antibacterial and anti-mildew bathroom mat stays in place in your shower or bathtub and will never, ever slip, according to more than 4,000 reviewers who are huge fans. The mat has drain holes that allow water to pass through it and it comes in 10 colors. One reviewer sums up its benefits: "This one is the best I have used. Here is what I love, it’s simple. It attaches quickly, it covers most of the tub, the holes in it allow the water to escape so mold doesn’t form, it’s machine washable (huge plus), it looks nice (not a 1950’s design), and a great warranty."


This Lightweight Bagless Stick Vacuum Cleaner That Converts To A Handheld Vacuum

Get more out of your vacuum cleaner — this lightweight stick vacuum weighs less than 5 pounds and works on both bare floors and rugs. But it also converts into a convenient handheld cleaner that you can use daily to tackle spills and messes. It has a dust cup that's a snap to empty and clean, and the super-long 15-foot cord means you won't have to keep plugging this one in and out.


The Sustainable, Reusable Food Wraps Made From Beeswax

In an effort to free the planet of harmful plastic, these eco-friendly reusable food wraps are designed with natural ingredients like beeswax, tree resin, and organic jojoba oil — and are 100 percent biodegradable. The set of three wraps comes with a small, medium, and large wrap for snacks, meals, and as a cover for leftovers.


These High-Waisted Pair Of Yoga Pants With Pockets

If the perfect pair of high-waist yoga pants came with a checklist, these would satisfy every requirement: they have comfortable, four-way stretch, a wide waistband, inner pockets, and two roomy side pockets that can actually fit your phone. They come in 12 colors and reviewers say they're opaque, soft, and feel great.


This Luxury Facial Wash That Leaves Your Complexion Glowing

For faster cell turnover and healthier looking skin, this facial wash can't be beat — because reviewers say it leaves you with a glowing complexion and helps get rid of acne and dead skin cells, without irritating sensitive skin. Its key ingredients include white truffle and babassu seed oil, and a little product goes a long way: so a bottle will last a long time.


The Ultimate Yoga Kit For Beginners And Experts

Whether you're a yoga newbie or a pro, this six-piece yoga set contains everything you need to get your zen on. It includes a yoga mat, two yoga blocks, a yoga mat towel, a yoga hand towel, and a yoga strap. Choose among eight colors that include teal, blue, and pink.


A Fully Adjustable, Plush Neck Pillow For Travel

That plane or train trip is about to become a hundred times more comfortable: this memory foam travel neck pillow is fully adjustable and provides 360-degree support for your head and neck. The pillow includes a spandex case cover and comes with earbuds and an eye mask (that will make travel feel like a day at the spa).


The Double-Sided Hanging Organizer With 80 Pockets For All Of Your Jewelry

Here's the solution to all of your jewelry organization nightmares: a double-sided hanging jewelry organizer with a total of 80 see-through pockets that can hold all of the earrings, bracelets, rings, brooches, and barrettes you own. The organizer comes in different colors and includes a hanger that fits right in your closet, freeing up tons of drawer and vanity space.


This Hands-Free Phone Or Tablet Stand That Folds Flat For Easy Storage

You may need a phone or tablet stand that holds up your device so that you can engage with it hands-free, but that doesn't mean you want to deal with storing the awkwardly shaped device. This lightweight stand holds devices up to 11 inches, folds flat for easy storage, and it comes in packs of two with several color options that include red, purple, and blue.


A Fiber Mascara That Makes You Look Like You're Wearing False Lashes

Thanks to companies like Amazon, the last thing a mascara needs to succeed is a big name behind it — and this highly rated waterproof fiber mascara is proof of that. The smudge-proof formula plumps up the volume and length of lashes and lasts for hours. One reviewer writes: "I was pleasantly surprised at how well this stuff works. I haven’t gone back to my old mascara since! It gives me beautiful volume and length without clumps."


The One-Handed Can Opener That Pops Lids Open In A Flash

Finding a reliable can opener is no easy feat — but this one-handed can opener pops open lids in a snap. The opener has a tough stainless steel blade with a magnetic end and requires just a few quick squeezes to release can lids. It comes in two colors and is dishwasher-safe.


An Oil-Controlling Compact Powder That Makes Complexions Matte

Control excess oil on your face and keep shiny complexions matte throughout the day with just a few pats of this oil control powder, which comes in a convenient compact that you can carry anywhere. It's the perfect combination of a powder and traditional blotting papers. One reviewer writes: "I have extremely oily skin, and i find this is the only compact that can control it. I have acne prone skin as well, and it did not irritate it at all."


This Car Garbage Can That Keeps Wrappers And Food Off Seats & Floors

Your car really can be as spotless as your home — hang this car garbage bag behind one of the front seats and use it to capture every wrapper, leaf, and fast food bag before it has a chance to litter your ride. The large 2-gallon bag seals shut at the top with Velcro, is made with leak-proof fabric, and can be rinsed and used over and over again.


A Hair Growth Serum That Stops Shedding And Strengthens Strands

Infused with biotin and DHT blockers that prevent hair from shedding, this topical hair serum helps strengthen hair at the roots to help prevent hair loss. One reviewer calls this serum "magic in a bottle" and writes: "Not only does my hair feels thicker when I put it in a pony tail, but I haven’t had any strand breakage since beginning use of this system, which I would normally get from using hair ties."


The Wearable Fleece Blanket That Warms You Up Fast

The only thing better than a warm throw blanket on a cold night is this wearable fleece blanket with sleeves, which covers you from neck to feet and takes the chill out in seconds. The plush throw is made from durable microfiber fabric, features a large kangaroo pouch in the front for your phone or TV remote, and it comes in 14 colors and prints like cheetah and plaid.


An Unusual Curved Massage Tool That Relieves Back Pain Fast

Target every muscle in your back and relieve aches and pains with this well-designed massage tool, which has a curve design that hits hard-to-reach areas and applies just the right amount of pressure. The tool can be separated into two pieces and nested together for easy storage.


This Triple-Insulated Wine Canteen That Ensures Your Wine Stays The Perfect Temperature

Go on and bring that bottle of wine to your next picnic — this triple-insulating wine canteen keeps wine the perfect temperature for 24 hours. Made from durable stainless steel, the canteen is shatter-proof, comes in 16 stunning colors (including glittery shades), and includes a matching silicone funnel for mess-free wine transfer.


These Reusable Mesh Produce Bags That Keep Veggies Fresh

Yet another reason to ditch plastic produce bags at the grocer: these breathable mesh bags are reusable, way better for the planet, and they're more effective at keeping fruits and veggies fresh for longer. The set of nine bags come in various sizes, and can be repurposed to store everything from toys to office supplies.


The Cheese Lover's Ultimate Sharp Cutter And Plane

Take your love of cheese to another level with this elegant, and super efficient, cheese slicer and plane — which effortlessly slices through hard cheeses with a stainless steel blade and handle. The tool is dishwasher-safe and reviewers say its edge is way sharper than most cheese cutters.


An Over-The-Cabinet Lid Organizer That Keeps Lids In Place

If your pots and pans lids are currently in a state of disarray in your kitchen cabinet, snag this over-the-cabinet lid organizer, which keeps up to four lids in place, and enjoy a more organized kitchen. The chrome organizer is constructed from steel, and features foam padding to protect your cabinets.


This Mini Griddle That Whips Up Mess-Free Pancakes And Grilled Sandwiches

Keep this mini griddle on your counter, where it barely takes up space, and use it to whip up everything from small portions of pancakes and cookies to eggs and grilled cheese sandwiches. The electric griddle weighs just 1 pound, and is perfect for small kitchens, dorm rooms, and RV camping trips.


These Sharp Nail Clippers That Safely Clip Thick Toenails With Precision

Ingrown and thick toenails are a pain to safely clip — but this nail clipper gets the job done with precision. This clipper has a rubber grip handle and is described by reviews as "sharp" and "sturdy." According to one reviewer: "These are high quality, excellent clippers not just for ingrown nails but for all toenails. The cushioned grips make these a real pleasure to use and they are very sharp."


An Over-The-Sink Dish Draining Rack That Frees Up Counters

Wash and dry dishes right over your sink, freeing up tons of counter space and keeping your kitchen free of clutter and water damage. This dish drainer rack is made from chrome, has a wire base to protect dishes, and it fits comfortably in most sinks.


A Stress-Relieving Weighted Blanket That Can Help You Sleep More Soundly

Weighted blankets are all the rage lately, thanks to their ability to calm, soothe, and promote a more restful night's sleep. This 5-pound weighted blanket (which is offered in weights up to 25 pounds), is made with seven layers, and filled with weighted glass beads. It comes in seven colors and prints and stands out from the rest, boasting more than 2,000 incredible reviews. One reviewer raves: "Before I received this weighted blanket, according to my Fitbit, I was averaging about 4.5 hours of sleep per night due to pain. My first night with this blanket and I slept over 7 hours!! Same for my second night. This is so comfortable and comforting."


These Delicious Collagen Gummies For Healthy Hair, Skin & Joints

Collagen powders are rarely without taste (and many just taste plain awful). These collagen gummies are delicious supplements that take the place of powders and include both collagen types — and other skin and joint-healthy nutrients like biotin and vitamins C and E. Some reviewers say they've noticed new hair growth and healthier-looking skin after just a few weeks of taking these supplements. As always, talk to your doctor about adding a new supplement to your routine.


The Portable Slant Board For Deeper Ankle And Calf Stretches

Keep the muscles in your calves and ankles limber and flexible and prevent cramps and foot pain with this portable slant board, which can be adjusted to four positions and is designed to provide a deeper stretch. The board has a textured surface that prevents slipping and it comes already assembled, too.


A Bigger And Better Screwdriver Kit With 63 Pieces To Fix Everything

Repair every little thing that breaks with this amazingly comprehensive screwdriver set, which includes 57 screwdriver bits, a triangle plectrum and stick for prying gadgets open, an extension rod, and aluminum driver. The set is perfect for both amateurs and pros — and reviewers rave about how handy it is when fixing electronics.


These Natural, Transparent Pimple Patches That Heal Zits Fast

Soothe inflammation and heal pimples fast — and naturally — with these discreet, transparent pimple patches. The patches are made with hydrocolloid, a natural ingredient that soaks up excess sebum and prevents scarring. Each order comes with four sets of 36 patches in different sizes that stay perfectly in place over your pimple.


This Soothing Witch Hazel Toner With Rose And Aloe Vera

The perfect post-cleaning toner or anytime skin refresher, this witch hazel is free of drying alcohol and contains a soothing and moisturizing blend of rose and aloe vera. It's ideal for sensitive skin and won't make dry skin feel tight like some other toners. One reviewer writes: "I’ve always struggled with a skin care routine and this is nice and easy to add into the everyday. It feels wonderful on. Not sticky at all."


An Eco-Friendly Plant-Based Toothbrush With A Bamboo Handle

Since you're already brushing your teeth at least twice daily, why not help the planet at the same time by switching to this plant-based charcoal toothbrush? The brush is made with a sustainable organic bamboo handle and plant-based bristles made from vegetable oil (even the box and wrapper are made from plants). This is a long-lasting toothbrush that is gentle on gums and teeth — and it's better for the environment than plastic toothbrushes.


This Massage Ball Set That Targets Trigger Points

This set of massage balls includes three balls — two that are firm and solid and one that is textured, spiky and semi-firm — all of which were designed to target trigger points in your body and relieve aches and muscle pains. Use them everywhere from the back of your neck to your feet. They come with a carrying bag so you can take them to the gym or physical therapy. One reviewer writes: "These are incredible. I had recently strained my left rhomboid muscle and was in pretty bad pain for days. These balls work wonders at getting deep into muscles that are hard to get to."


The USB Port Outlet With A Storage Solution For Your Phone

Get more out of your typical electrical outlet with this anything-but-typical USB outlet, which features two USB ports, three AC outlets, and a miniature shelf to store your phone. The outlet's dusk-to-dawn night light can be manually turned off if you prefer a darker room, and you can easily pack this outlet and plug it into existing outlets everywhere you go.


An Affordable Derma Roller For Microneedling Treatments That Make Skin Glow

More than a few derma rollers on the market cost a pretty penny, but this affordable option doesn't compromise when it comes to quality. Made from titanium micro-needles, the skin care tool is safe (but be gentle) and has proven to be a favorite among beauty enthusiasts, who say it helps serums penetrate deeper to make your complexion smooth and glowing.


The Therapeutic Shower Head With Six Pressure Settings

The most relaxing shower of your life is just one shower head away — this adjustable shower head provides six pressure options: power blast, pulsating massage, water saving, gentle rain, and two modes that combine pressure options. It comes in chrome, brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, and polished brass, is a breeze to install, and has hygienic self-cleaning nozzles.


This Sushi-Making Kit With Quality Pieces That Helps You Roll Perfect Sushi Meals

For many amateur and not-so-amateur cooks, sushi can be one of the most intimidating cuisines to try making at home. But this sushi making kit includes everything you need to get started: two full-size rolling bamboo mats, a rice spoon, and a rice spreader. Gather your ingredients and get ready to churn out a delicious sushi spread for yourself, friends, and family.


An Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler That Keeps Your Drink's Temperature Just Right

Whether you opt to use this 30-ounce tumbler with hot coffee or cold lemonade, its double-wall vacuum insulation keeps its temperature just right. The stainless steel tumbler, which comes with a clear lid and a reusable steel straw, keeps hot drinks hot for eight hours and cold drinks chilly for an incredible 24 hours. It's also one of few products that (as of publication) has all five-star reviews.

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