51 Latest & Greatest Products Reviewers Can't Stop Showering With Five-Star Reviews

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The thrill of finding something new is what keeps shoppers coming back for more. These items take that idea and run with it: The latest and greatest products reviewers keep showering with five-star reviews. Not only have these items stepped up to offer even more practical and effective solutions to problems you might have, but they've managed to win over customers — in some cases thousands of them — by proving they have serious staying power and are much more than trendy, flavor-of-the-day products.

If the words "latest and greatest" make you automatically think of high tech gadgets — like the electrical power outlet with USB ports and a convenient built-in shelf to store your phone — a few items on this list will win you over. But, more often than not, the innovative, well-rated products you'll find here have achieved celebrity status because they're clever and make life a little easier, too.

You may love eating eggs, but you've never loved cooking them as much as you will when you own an egg poacher pan that makes the job so much easier. Eco-friendly products like reusable beeswax food wraps and glass drinking straws are practical and better for the environment. And scores of beauty products — from a biotin hair growth serum that reviewers say is magic because it helps stop hair shedding to discreet acne patches that dry up pimples in a flash — are reminders that products continue to evolve and get better.

Check out this list of new, amazing products that have already racked up stellar reviews.

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