52 Best-Sellers On Amazon That Are Under-$15 & Eco-Friendly

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I have good news and bad news for you. The bad news is that we waste tons of plastic a year, and it ends up polluting our planet. The good news is that you can shop to do your part, especially by scooping up these best-sellers on Amazon that are under-$15 and eco-friendly. Yes, my friends, shopping that makes you a climate warrior: This is retail therapy we can all feel good about.

IMHO, you should start with these bamboo utensil sets. I cannot say it more plainly than this — if this item isn't the next hot eco-foodie gift, I will literally eat every silicone drinking straw I own, okay? They're useful, of course, but they're also brilliant — because now you can basically eat a snack wherever you are, and you'll always be prepared.

The second product I highly recommend are these string bags — which actually look like pretty fashion-forward, too. They're a fantastic way to carry produce without the use of plastic bags, take the produce home and put it in your crisper drawers, and re-use the bags to carry books, laundry, snacks, and more.

You are now ready to go forth and save the world through online shopping. Enjoy.

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