6 Cozy Gifts For The Friend Who Loves Staying In

Courtesy of Nordstrom Rack

Everyone has a friend who loves staying in. On a Friday night, they reliably suggest the same plan: "What if we just hang out at my place?" They're not against going out — it's just that their house is the ultimate sanctuary. There, your pal is free of crowds, wait times, and public restrooms; dinner is either delivered or in the oven; and their favorite playlist is already on shuffle (no DJ requests necessary). To them, staying in is the new going out, and there's no bar or restaurant that beats a soft couch and unlimited TV streaming. This is the friend who deserves a gift that truly complements their chilled-out aesthetic.

We've collaborated with Nordstrom Rack to find great gifts that will make your friend's favorite place even better. From functional home items to purely decorative style elements, each of these presents will up the homey vibes for your friend, whether they're curled up on the couch, raising a glass under their 'grammable wall art, or rearranging furniture to accommodate guests. They're the host, the mixologist, the napper, and now, the recipient of a pretty great collection of gifts. So what are you waiting for? Time to start shopping for the coolest homebody you know.

Magical Mood Lighting

Help make your friend's go-to hangout spot even cooler with a funky twinkle light or two. It'll cast a pretty, cozy glow inside any room — making a night in even better for your chillest of friends.

Pillows For Beauty Sleep

It's no secret that napping is vastly improved by cute throw pillows, so load up on a few that exemplify your friend's personality and complement the colors already in their home.

Cozy Throws

Your friend likely has a long night of lounging planned. Set them up for success with a cozy throw that looks as great wrapped around their shoulders as it does folded on the couch.

Cuddly, Patterned PJs

There's always room for another set of cute PJs in your friend's drawer, especially if they plan on relaxing in them all weekend. Pick a print that epitomizes your pal, whether they're into their trendy succulent collection or just love pizza.

Luxe Loungers

Get your most laid-back friend the gift of portable comfort with an inflatable lounger. Pick a color that will look as amazing in their living room on Movie Night as it does on their backyard patio.

Slippers To Live In

What chill gift guide would be complete without a stylish set of slippers? Pick an extra-fluffy pair with a sturdy sole — ideal for padding around the house. And don't be surprised if your friend never wants to take them off.

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