6 Times Andrea Warren Was All Of Us In ‘I’m Sorry’

Whether you’ve been in her shoes, or just recognize the everyday ridiculousness of life, Andrea Savage's hilarious comedy I’m Sorry is one of the most relatable shows on television. And ring-a-ding-ding! It’s coming back for Season 2, January 9 at 10/9c on truTV. That means a whole new batch of hilarious social foibles that make us say, “it me!”

Starring and created by Andrea Savage, I’m Sorry chronicles a comedy writer living in Los Angeles who seems to have her life totally together. She has a loving husband Mike (Tom Everett Scott), a smart and well-behaved daughter Amelia (Olive Petrucci), and a tight group of foul-mouthed comedy writer friends (Jason Mantzoukas, Paul Scheer, and Kulap Vilaysack are among them). But when life throws its little dodgeballs at her, she tends to land herself in seriously awkward messes born out of her own well-intentioned, misguided decisions.

To put on our ~culture critic~ hats, I’m Sorry offers some amazing parables for modern life, imparting real wisdom. It also offers up a great d*ck joke or two to file away for your own use. Season 2 is sure to go there even more. In anticipation of Andrea’s triumphant return to TV, here’s a list of six times Andrea truly reflected our best (and worst) instincts.

1. When She Relies Too Much On Her (Wrong) Instincts


Andrea is a pretty intuitive person, but at times she can be overconfident in the power of her intuition. When her brother David alludes to his affection for his close male friend, Andrea jumps to the conclusion that he is not only gay but also, finally ready to come out. Believing she’s doing him a favor by preparing their mother for this revelation, she openly speculates with their mom about what having a gay son might be like. As it turns out, Andrea may have slightly misinterpreted David’s secret. But at least she helped her mom become a little more open-minded!

2. When She Took Her Cereal To Go


The first time we see Andrea reach for the metal spoon inside of the ceramic cereal bowl sitting in her lap — while she’s driving — is in episode one, when she’s on her way to a geriatric fitness class. Yes, that’s right, middle-aged Andrea makes a real splash among the elderly. And watch out for the amazing cameo by the legendary June Squibb! That this vignette becomes part of the title sequence of each episode is another brilliant twist, and a constant reminder that you, dear reader, are not the only one who sneaks a snack at inopportune times.

3. When Her Parents Become The Children


Who hasn’t clumsily tried to teach their parent a hard lesson about taking their kid for granted? Andrea takes on the thankless task of planning her father's birthday party, and, guided by his new-found enthusiasm for clubbing, she decides to go with a burlesque theme. When dad declines his invitation to the event, she finds out he was planning a competing 1920s-themed New Year’s Eve party. Andrea furiously cancels the party. But, just when you think she’s drawn a line in the sand when it comes to her father’s inappropriateness, she finds a compromise. Maybe this time her father learned his lesson?

4. When She Throws Away Her Daughter's Toy Vacuum, Because Society


Wanting to raise her daughter with a sense of gender equality, Andrea is ambivalent about some of the more gendered toys that her daughter favors. To name a few, Amelia's apron (or is it a lab coat?) and her toy vacuum cleaner stand out. In fact, each time her daughter expresses her affection for one of the princesses in her beloved TV shows, Andrea can’t help but interject with counter-arguments about why “princess” might not be the best career move. That is, until Andrea hears her daughter harshly critiquing a stay-at-home mom in her friend circle. It takes some time for Andrea to strike the right balance between open-minded and judgmental, but her daughter will turn out fine. Right?

5. When She Bumps Butts For Friendship (And The Kids)


As an adult, it's hard to play it cool in the early stages of a friendship that you really want to be a thing. So when at a playdate she unexpectedly finds herself alone in the pool with the husband of the couple and their kids, and the kids demand that the adults demonstrate for them how to “bump butts” underwater, what is she supposed to do? Surely the wife of the couple will understand their predicament. Surely.

6. When She Tries To Be Humble


Toward the end of Season 1, Andrea gets some amazing news about her daughter, who is entering the cut-throat world of elite kindergartens. Andrea tries her best to keep her good news under wraps, because she doesn’t know what news fellow parents received on the kindergarten front. But when the opportunity to gloat presents itself, Andrea happily partakes. But karma, as they say… Andrea ultimately ends up paying for her hubris in the form of an extremely unfortunate image attachment she sends to her daughter’s new school. With that as the final image of Season 1, who knows what Season 2 has in store for us!

This article is sponsored by I'm Sorry. Catch the Season 2 premiere Wednesday January 9 at 10/9c on truTV.