6 Ways the Friendships of 'Younger' Have Changed Throughout the Seasons

By Lindsay Harte

What defines our most valued friendships is their ability to withstand life transitions — career triumphs, divorce(s), your twenties… The friendships of TV Land’s Younger, now five seasons strong, reflect how our personal and professional relationships grow and intersect, propelling our lives forward. In the new season, we’re looking forward to seeing all the players step into the roles they’ve been fighting for as their work and love lives reach new heights.

Younger’s first season introduced us to Liza Miller, a suddenly single 40-year old mom who pretends to be 26 in order to land a job in the highly competitive world of publishing. In the seasons that followed, the lie complicates her relationships, both professional and personal, and so she begins to disclose her deception to those closest to her, and last season ended with a bombshell. She revealed her true age to long-time love interest, and former boss, Charles (Peter Hermann). So now Liza and Charles are finally free to pursue a once forbidden romance.

Plenty has happened to evolve these characters in unpredictable ways, creating rich, fascinating, hilarious bonds. Season 6 of Younger premieres on Wednesday, June 12 at 10/9c on TV Land. To give you a refresher, here are five ways the friendships of Younger have changed throughout the seasons.

1. Liza & Kelsey Go From Casual Work Buddies To Ride-Or-Die


Liza and Kelsey’s (Hilary Duff) workplace bond grew quickly after the removal of a “Goddess Cup” stuck inside Kelsey in Season 1 (you can’t get much deeper than THAT). The strength of their friendship is forged in the fires of work, but they become close like sisters (and sometimes fight like sisters) after-hours. Through career setbacks and traumatic life events, Liza and Kelsey call on their intimate knowledge of each other’s lives to push each other forward in their professional and personal spheres.

2. Diana & Liza Learn To Value Each Other's Experience


When Liza begins her career at Empirical Press, she's held back by her boss, Diana Trout (Miriam Shor), who often takes credit for Liza’s innovative ideas. But as Liza moves up through the ranks and proves to be wise beyond her (ostensible) years to Diana, and Liza grows to respect Diana as a veteran of the industry, these two characters develop a mentor-mentee bond with plenty of depth.

3. Kelsey & Lauren Grow Up


Kelsey and Lauren (Molly Bernard) start their friendship in carefree 20-something bliss. We met Lauren in a gym locker room in one of the funniest scenes from Season1, and then follow her and Kelsey as they stumble through early adulthood in search of an identity outside of work and find confidence in who they are. While they both achieve relative success in their young careers, it's the setbacks that provide ample opportunity for the young women to lift each other up to access more meaningful experiences.

4. Josh Becomes Embedded In Liza's Friend Group


Many of us would prefer to quarantine our exes to their own island, cut off from all communication and visibility. Liza’s ex-boyfriend, Josh (Nico Tortorella), lives around the corner, above his tattoo shop, with two of her millennial friends. Yikes. It’s a chaotic situation rife with awkward hijinks, but this ex finds a way to burrow into the hearts of Liza’s friends (and daughter) and continually offer stable support. Josh, Kelsey, and Lauren bond through generational similarities that come with being 20-somethings, and come to benefit from the wisdom of the 40-something friends that brought them together.

5. Maggie & Liza Basically Become Family


There’s something comforting in a friendship that steadies the course and is as strong as the weight of its years. Maggie is a seasoned friend ready to face any ebb and flow, and her friendship with Liza has withstood career setbacks and flourishes. Likewise, Liza is there for Maggie through life transitions, milestones, and everything in between. In times of trouble, they can turn to their deep insight into each other's history, and be there for each other in ways that strengthen the bond. “It’s hard to make new friends,” says Maggie to Liza out her window in Season 1.

“It’s harder to lose old ones!” shouts Liza from her borrowed town car. Cheers to that.

6. Charles & Liza Are Ready To Come Out Of The Shadows


The epic will-they-or-won’t-they romance between these two kept us on the edge of our seats season after season. With Charles as the head of Empirical Press and Liza as a mere assistant, they initially had no choice but to deny their steamy attraction that was clearly there from the beginning. It started with a kiss, and deepened as Liza's came clean about her whopper of a lie. As Season 5 ended, they appeared ready to go public with their relationship. They should be strong enough to survive this, right?

More than anything, though, these people know how to have fun, both on the show and IRL. As proof of that, we're treating you to this clip of the Younger cast braving a very unique situation together blindfolded ... literally. There's no denying the chemistry between them!

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