60 Brilliant Gifts To Get Your Partner That Are Under $25

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The best gifts in life aren't always the ones that will put you in debt. These brilliant gifts to get your partner that are under $25 on Amazon include practical, fun, and surprisingly luxurious products that will also show your loved one that you're frugal and sensible (which is its own kind of gift, right?).

This list focuses on cool gadgets, innovative tools, and products that seem like they were pulled straight from a five-star spa. Maybe you want to show your partner you think they deserve the ultimate in relaxation: massage oils, body massagers, plush pillows, and pretty soaps are your jam. Or perhaps your idea of the perfect gift is one you can share and use together to learn more about each other: what could be better than a cookbook for two, a pair of fondue mugs, stemless wine glasses that are like mini decanters, or even a slew of new, super fun party games that pit you against each other (because competition can be sexy).

This list features gift ideas for new couples who are just getting to know one another and gifts for couples who have been dating forever. The one thing they have in common is that you may find yourself asking: are you sure it only costs $25?

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1A Body Massager That Fits In Your Palm


SAMYO Palm-Shaped Massage Glove Body Massager, $9, Amazon

Hold this body massager in the palm and your hand and use it anywhere on the body or scalp to deliver a soothing, muscle-relieving massage any time you need it. The 360 massage and the nine roller balls also help relieve fatigue, and the back of the hand has soft PVC brushes that are great to exfoliate with in the shower.

2A Relaxing Massage Oil That Smells Like A Vanilla Dream


Fox Envy Massage Oil, $13, Amazon

This vanilla-scented massage oil made with safflower and sweet almond oil hydrates skin, relieves tension in your body, and de-stresses you after a long day. It won't leave a greasy residue behind and gives you the perfect excuse to ask for a massage (and give one back in return). The warm fragrance adds some aromatherapy aspects to the experience, and it's paraben-free.

3A Waterproof Wireless Speaker That Travels Anywhere


VicTsing Shower Speaker, $22, Amazon

Whether your partner is always up for the next big adventure or just loves singing in the shower, this wireless shower speaker is waterproof and has both detachable suction and alloy hooks that are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. The speaker controls to any Bluetooth device, there's a hands-free function to accept calls or skip songs without having to hit a button, and it only takes three hours to fully charge.

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4A Powerful Handheld Wand Massager With Ten Speeds


Handheld Wand Massager, $22, Amazon

This handheld wand massager reaches parts of your shoulders, neck, and back you didn't even know were achy. It's cordless, has a removable head for washing, and delivers 10 powerful speeds and eight vibration patterns. One reviewer writes: "The massager head itself is also big and is great for an all over massage to any part of the body. I have been using it not only on my back and shoulders but also behind my knees. Very good massager."

5A Moisturizing Shaving Cream With An Incredible Scent


Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream, $17, Amazon

This is more than a shaving cream — it's a moisturizing dream product that doubles as a beard and hair cream to keep stray hairs in place. It even smells incredible, with a mix of sandalwood, cedar, lavender, and rosemary. It will keep hair in place without it feeling crunchy, and it works great in high humidity.

6A High-Quality Organic Essential Oils Set


Healing Solutions Relax & Rejuvenate Essential Oils Set, $20, Amazon

Each of the organic essential oils in this set is made with quality ingredients that provide soothing aromatherapy benefits. Oil themes and types include calm body/calm mind, French lavender, harmony, peppermint, cleanse body/mind, and relaxation. They're great for diffusers, and reviewers say a few drops go a long way.

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7A Collapsible Bear Claw Scratcher That Travels Anywhere


Bear Claw Back Scratcher, $8, Amazon

Get out your most annoying itches with this adorable and effective bear claw back scratcher. The scratcher is made of stainless steel, so it will never rust, and it has a telescoping handle that collapses for travel. The handle is covered in rubber, so it's comfortable to hold, too.

8An Essential Oil Diffuser And Humidifier That Has Over 25,000 Reviews


Urpower Essential Oil Diffuser, $18, Amazon

This essential oil diffuser has a few great bells and whistles that make it stand out: it acts as both a diffuser for your favorite scent and a humidifier that adds moisture to the air. The cool mist humidifier is great to add moisture back to the air and keep skin and hair from drying out, and it will work for six hours continuously. It also features seven color-changing LED lights and is whisper-quiet.

9A Silk Eye Mask That Blocks Light And Can Help With Headaches


Bulase Silk Eye Mask, $11, Amazon

Slip on this 100 percent mulberry silk eye mask to both block out light and help relieve tension that contributes to headaches and migraines. It's available in five colors, and the comfortable elastic strap fits anyone. It's also breathable and allows air to travel in and out seamlessly, so it's great for people with dry eyes.

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10A Plush Neck Pillow Made From Memory Foam


Travelrest Neck Pillow, $10, Amazon

Made from cushiony memory foam that retains its shape, this neck pillow molds to your head and neck to relieve chronic pain and give you a better rest, whether you're on a plane, traveling by car, or in your own bed. It features an elastic carry strap that attaches to luggage, and it has a removable and washable microfiber cover.

11A Massage Oil Candle That Can Be Used For Body Treatments


Jimmyjane Afterglow Natural Massage Oil Candle, $17, Amazon

Use this natural massage oil candle to illuminate a room or to provide a safe, chemical-free body massage treatment that's made with jojoba oil, shea butter, vitamin E, soy, and aloe. This candle will burn for over 32 hours, and reviewers say the massage oil — which is scented like pink lotus — is not greasy.

12A Bar Set That's Perfect For Mojitos


Glogex Barware Set, $11, Amazon

Made from durable, rust-proof stainless steel, this barware set includes a bar spoon and a muddler — perfect for making mojitos or any drink that incorporates citrus, fruit, or herbs. The muddler has a rubber bottom so it won't scratch any of your glasses, any they won't interfere with the flavor of your drink like plastic options can.

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13The Fondue Mugs For A Cheesy, Chocolate-y Double Dinner Date


Kovot Personal Fondue Mug, $20 (Set of 2), Amazon

Tea for two is nice, but fondue for two in these personal fondue mugs makes dinner fun and sort of fancy. The ceramic mugs feature inserts where you place tea candles to heat up cheese or chocolate and the set includes four forks. The set also includes four forks, and reviews suggest you put these in the microwave for a minute to warm them up.

14A Cordless Electric Bottle Opener That Opens Bottles In Seconds


Oster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener, $18, Amazon

Opening up a bottle of wine can be hard, but this cordless electric wine bottle whips open bottles without any effort at all, and opens up to 30 bottles on a single charge. It has a foil cutter, a comfortable-to-hold handle, and comes with a charging base that has an LED light.

15These Funny And Touching Love Affirmation Cards


Affirmators! Love & Relationship Cards, $14, Amazon

There's nothing corny or forced about this set of love and relationship affirmation cards, written by comedian Suzi Barrett. Instead, each card offers a sweet, funny, and honest account of the complexities and amazingness you should expect from loving relationships. There are 50 cards in each deck, and the illustrations will make you smile.

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16A Q&A Journal Where You And Your Partner Can Learn More About Each Other


Our Q&A A Day: 3 Day Journal For 2 People, $13, Amazon

You never stop learning about each other — and this fun couples' journal helps you dig deep into one another's minds. Each page provides a question ("Where would you like to travel with your partner?" and "What is your top priority today?" are two examples) and enough room for both of you to answer. One reviewer writes: "This is now a favorite gift to give to friends who get engaged. I can't think of a more special way to get to know each other a little more every day."

17These Unique Stemless Glasses That Improve The Flavor Of Wine


Handblown Stemless Wine Glasses, $20 (Set of 2), Amazon

The tilted design of these unique handblown stemless wine glasses does more than inspire fun conversation at parties — they're like mini decanters that encourage proper aeration and oxidation for a better tasting glass of red, wine, or rosé. Since the wine itself naturally pivots around the base of the glass, it also relieves red wine specifically of harsh flavors and sulfides — and the bottom also makes it hard to knock over.

18A Full Body Pillow That Contours To Your Body


Duro-Med Hugg-A-Pillow Hypoallergenic Bed Pillow, $20, Amazon

This hypoallergenic body pillow wraps around the body and supports your neck, back, head, and shoulders. It has a removable, washable cover and retains its shape no matter how much pressure you put on it from cuddling and snuggling. Reviewers say it's especially fantastic for side sleepers.

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19A Cookbook For Couples Who Love Fancy Food, But Don't Have Loads Of Time To Cook


One Pan, Two Plates Cookbook, $19, Amazon

It's finally here — a cookbook with more than 70 recipes that focus on meals you can make for two people, all in one pan (hurray for fewer dishes to wash), and in less than 60 minutes. Examples of yummy recipes include balsamic braised chicken thighs and creamy polenta, and reviewers say they want to make every single recipe in the book.

20A Personal Mini Decanter That Fits In A Wine Glass


Direct 2U Wine Aerator, $12, Amazon

Traditional decanters are elegant, but not practical if you're pouring one or two glasses of wine. This personal wine aerator aerates wine 300 times faster than a decanter, is portable, and fits right into a standard glass.

21Washable Silicone Foot Rollers For A Soothing Massage


Foot Roller Massager, $11 (2 Pack), Amazon

If you experience any sort of pain or discomfort in your feet, your entire body suffers. These silicone foot roller massagers feel so good and provide a fast, easy massage to relieve aches and pains. It also helps to increase blood flow and circulation to the feet — and the entire body.

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22The Prettiest Natural Soap Set Imaginable


Ecstasy Soaps, $13, Amazon

In theory, soaps have one job: to get us squeaky clean. But it's easy to forget their utilitarian purpose when they look and smell like the sweet square soaps in this beautiful nine-piece soap set. Each triple-milled, natural soap is infused with essential oils like lavender, almond, and lemongrass and they aren't made with any harsh ingredients or alcohol.

23A Detoxing Himalayan Pink Salt Scrub With Essential Oils


Himalayan Salt Body Scrub, $13, Amazon

This pink Himalayan salt scrub treatment exfoliates dead skin cells, relieves muscle cramps, and can even improve the tone and texture of skin. It also gives back an incredible amount of hydration, thanks to added ingredients like sweet almond oil, lychee fruit essential oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin E.

24The Book That Will Improves Any Relationship


The 5 Love Languages, $10, Amazon

Everyone speaks a different love language — and the secret to a better connection is listening and responding to your partner's personal love needs. That's the message you'll find in The 5 Love Languages, a New York Times bestseller and a recommended read for anyone in a relationship. One reviewer writes: "Really enjoying reading it and being mindful of people's feelings/love language."

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25A Bamboo Cutting Board Shaped Like Your Favorite State


Totally Bamboo State Cutting & Serving Board, $20, Amazon

Show off your state pride and prep and serve veggies and cheese on this bamboo cutting board, which you can customize in the design of any U.S. state. Each board is made from organic and sustainable bamboo with absolutely no chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides used along the way.

26A Game That Turns You And Your Partner Into Rival Spies


Codenames, $15, Amazon

The couple that plays together stays together. In the fun game Codenames, you and your partner are rival spymasters working to try and make contact with your agents. You'll need two to eight players for this game so you can opt whether you want to invite friends over or make it part of a cozy night in. The rules are quick and easy to learn, too.

27A Bamboo Tumbler That Keeps Drinks Hot Or Cold For Hours


Bamboo Tumbler With Tea Infuser & Strainer, $25, Amazon

With a bamboo exterior and stainless steel interior, this bamboo tumbler with tea infuser and strainer keeps beverages cold all day or hot for 12 hours and is resistant to odors, stains, and bacteria. The detachable strainer and infuser are perfect for straining loose tea or infusing fresh fruits in your water, and are made from durable stainless steel.

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28A Cushion-Soft Lap Desk For Books And Tech Devices


LapGear My Desk, $17, Amazon

Got a partner who brings work to bed — and then has trouble balancing all of their devices, papers, and books? A lap desk will keep everything in place with organizer trays, built-in storage compartments, and a micro-bead filled cushion that conforms to your lap. It also has deep ridges to keep pens from rolling away.

29These Wine Accessories Are Stored In A Fun Bottle


Kato Wine Accessories Gift Set, $14, Amazon

Give the gift of every single wine accessory a wine lover could need and want — including a wine stopper, wine pourer/stopper, drip ring, foil cutter, and quality corkscrew opener. The wine bottle packaging that houses these accessories is all kinds of adorable, too. Everything is made from stainless steel and aluminum alloy, and the packaging secures shut with a magnet.

30A Powerful Neck And Shoulder Self-Massage Tool


Neck and Shoulder Self Massage Tool, $14, Amazon

Give yourself a deep neck or shoulder massage without leaving your house with this dual trigger point self-massage tool. This portable massager has two silicone balls that imitate the feel of hands working out knots, and depending on the pressure, can work out tough knots that you have in your neck or shoulders. It can also help rid you of tension headaches.

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31An Organizer For All Of Your Gadgets And Necessities (Including Lip Gloss)


Grid-It Organizer, $15, Amazon

If your partner's many gadgets, accessories, and grooming items are spilling out of whatever tray they've been crammed into, this grid-it organizer will prove life-changing. It has a variety of configurations for different devices and items, holds them securely in place, and zips up into a portable bag. The rubberized woven elastic is safe for electronics, too.

32A Huge Scratch-Off Map Of The World For Anyone Bitten By The Travel Bug


Scrape Off World Map, $14, Amazon

This detailed map with country flags and landmarks is a source of inspiration for anyone with a serious case of wanderlust. Scratch off destinations as you visit them together and uncover vivid colors that make this large wall map even more beautiful.

33A Plush Pillow That Keeps Your Tablet Comfortably In Place


IPEVO PadPillow Stand, $22, Amazon

This iPad pillow is both a comfy body pillow that rests lightly on your lap and a sturdy place to hold your iPad, eBook reader, or tablet. It has a removable and washable cotton cover and comes in five colors. It also folds out to provide space for a keyboard, and is as comfortable as a pillow  — and works like one in a pinch.

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34These Charming Copper Moscow Mule Mugs


Moscow Mule Hammered Copper Drinking Mugs, $17 (Set of 4), Amazon

Keep drinks cooler for longer and serve them in style with these Moscow Mule copper drinking mugs. Each mug has a hammered style copper body with an easy-to-grip brass handle, and reviewers say they're sturdy and don't need to be polished.

35A 6-In-1 Tool Kit That Comes In A Shell Crab Case


Kikkerland Beechwood Crab Multi Tool, $16, Amazon

Who wouldn't want a six-in-one multi-tool stored in a crab? This fun gadget is also incredibly useful and includes a screwdriver, can opener, rope saw, mini scissor, and bottle opener. The eye hole can be used to attach a string and use it as a keychain, and the tools are all made of stainless steel, so it will last a long time.

36An Acupressure Point Tool That Relieves Headaches


Aculief Natural Headache and Tension Relief, $20, Amazon

Wear this natural headache and tension relief tool on your hand and it actually provides pressure to an acupressure point on the body related to the head. It can help reduce stress throughout the day, provide relief from headaches, reduce tension, and keep energy flowing. One size fits most hands, and it's worn between the thumb and the pointer finger.

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37A Top-Rated Cold Brew Coffee Maker That Fits In Your Fridge Door


Takeya Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker, $20, Amazon

Take the bitter aftertaste out of coffee with this simple-to-use cold brew iced coffee maker, which makes four servings of iced coffee. The BPA-free pitcher has an airtight seal and silicone handle and fits inside of most fridge doors. It has a leakproof lid, and it's also dishwasher safe.

38A Shampoo & Conditioners Made Out Of Beer That Makes Hair Super Voluminous


Broo Craft Beer Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner, $18, Amazon

Yet another reason to celebrate beer: it has the power to make fine hair feel thicker and stronger. This beer shampoo and conditioner is made with malted barley and hops, but smells (thankfully) like flowers. It's vegan and free of sulfates, parabens, silicones, dyes, and artificial fragrances. It's also safe for all hair types and textures, including color-treated hair, and it has some caffeine to help wake anyone up.

39A Tool Kit The Size Of A Credit Card That Fits In Your Wallet


Wallet Ninja, $13, Amazon

Fit 18 tools in your wallet when you carry the Wallet Ninja, a gadget as thin as a credit card that can be used in any emergency. Tools include a screwdriver, letter opener, bottle opener, can opener, four screwdrivers, a cell phone stand, and more. It's made from treated steel that won't bend or rust over time.

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40The LED Light Bulbs That Promote Better Sleep


Lighting Science LED Household Light Bulbs, $16, Amazon

Most lights are stimulating, but this LED household light bulb provides the opposite experience: it emits fewer "blue sky" waves that suppress melatonin and can help relax and lull you to sleep. Use them in the bedroom and anywhere else you want to create a relaxing atmosphere. They also help promote a better circadian rhythm, which helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep.

41A Fuzzy, Warm Reversible Throw Blanket For Chilly Nights


Sherpa Throw Blanket, $24, Amazon

This plush, cozy throw blanket is reversible — it has comforting flannel on one side and fluffy Sherpa on the other. It comes in 15 colors, three sizes (including queen and king), and won't shrink in the wash. The fibers also make it hypoallergenic and won't irritate sensitive skin, and it won't wrinkle like other blankets.

42A Classic Chrome Shaving Brush Stand


Miusco Badger Hair Shaving Brush And Shaving Stand Set, $17, Amazon

Prevent bacteria buildup on your partner's shaving brush and give your bathroom retro flair with this shaving brush and shaving stand set. By storing the badger-hair shaving brush upside down and in the open on this chrome stand, it dries quicker, which reduces the chances of mold and bacteria growth.

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43A Bonsai Starter Kit With 4 Types Of Bonsai Trees


Planters' Choice Bonsai Starter Kit, $25, Amazon

If your partner has never groomed a bonsai before, they're in for a stress-relieving treat. This bonsai starter kit comes with everything needed to successfully grow and tend to these lovely mini trees, including seeds for four different varieties of bonsai. This kit can also be used for indoor and outdoor planting, and there's a thorough set of instructions for anyone who doesn't have a green thumb.

44A Device That Cooks Eggs Perfectly Every Time


Eilte Cuisine Egg Cooker, $14, Amazon

Cook and poach eggs perfectly each time with this electric egg cooker, which fits up to seven eggs at one time. Make hard or soft-boiled eggs, and even scrambled, poach, and make omelets with this machine. It has a built-in timer and automatic shut-off and comes with a few accessories as well.

45Wine 'Condoms' That Keep Your Favorite Bottle Fresh


Wine Condoms, $14 (Set of 6), Amazon

They're funny, naughty, and super practical — these individually wrapped wine condoms are portable wine stoppers that sit perfectly over the rim of any bottle.

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46A No-Slip Padded Foam Pillow For The Bath


The Original Gorilla Grip Bath Pillow, $16, Amazon

Take a load off in the bath — for real — by giving your head a comfortable place to rest with this bath pillow. The oversize padded foam pillow sticks to your tub with suction cups and won't slip, which makes it great for reading and relaxing in the tub.

47An Ice Roller For Migraines And Swollen Skin


Ice Roller, $12, Amazon

Stop holding a bag of frozen peas over your skin — this ice roller is a whole lot more convenient and effective. Use the cold roller to reduce inflammation and swelling or relieve migraine pain. Reviewers refer to it as "soothing" and say "it actually feels amazing."

48A Hammock For Two That Can Be Set Up In Minutes


Honest Outfitters Hammock, $19-30, Amazon

Go backpacking or camping together and take breaks when needed with the help of this portable hammock, which comes in single or double styles and features tree straps (not rope) for a simple setup that takes just three minutes. The double hammock fits two people and comes in nine colors with a great carry pouch.

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49A Cell Phone Stand That Hides Wires And Is Designed To Prevent Scratching


Lameeku Cell Phone Stand, $10, Amazon

Deviating from standard cell phone stand designs, this sleek option is compatible with iPhone and Android and, thanks to its placement on a 40-degree slope and a rubber cushion of hooks, is more stable and less likely to scratch on the bottom. A gray silicon ring holds and hides ugly cable wires and you can choose among six shades.

50An Exfoliating Facial Wash That Smells Like The Great Outdoors


Lather & Wood's Face Scrub, $16, Amazon

The guy in your life needs a good exfoliating facial treatment — he just doesn't know it yet. Encourage him to be good to his skin with this amazing face scrub, which smells like the woods, but cleanses and gets rid of dead skin cells with the help of jojoba beads.

51The Ice Spheres That Keep Drinks Colder Longer Than Ice Cubes


Bar Brat Ice Ball Maker, $9, Amazon

Keep drinks colder for longer with ice spheres, with are made using this ice ball maker. This silicone ice cube tray can freeze anything from chocolate to water and makes ice balls that melt much slower than ordinary cubes. The molds won't spill in the freezer, and it's incredibly easy to remove cubes in one piece.

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52These Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses That Are Naturally Antibacterial


Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses, $19 (Set of 4), Amazon

Give your tequila shot natural salt flavoring with these Himalayan salt shot glasses. Each hand carved glass is distinctive from the next, but all are made with FDA-approved pink salt that is easy to clean and resistant to bacteria.

53A Double Layer Electronics Organizer And Carry Bag


BUBM Electronic Organizer, $19, Amazon

Give your partner the gift of organization — which is something they will appreciate if they own hundreds of devices, gadgets, cables, and wires. This double layer electronic organizer is made of sturdy, waterproof nylon and zips up into a convenient travel case. This one has eight elastic loops and nine mesh pockets to store everything in.

54A Burger Press That Makes Burgers The Perfect Shape And Thickness


Grillaholics Stuffed Burger Press, $15, Amazon

Just say no to trial-and-error burger making: this burger press creates the perfect size and shape burgers every time. It's made of BPA-free non-stick plastic, and they're safe to use in a pan or on a grill. Reviewers like that you can make uniform patties or stuffed variations with this one tool.

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55A Cocktail Glass With Recipes Etched Right On The Glass


Fred Good Measure Cocktail Recipe Glass, $9, Amazon

This isn't just a whiskey glass — it's a cocktail recipe glass that provides amazing whiskey recipes right on the glass so you always know where to find them. You can always choose glasses with recipes centered around rum, vodka, tequila, and more. This one holds 16-ounces, and can also just be used as a cup for beer or other beverages.

56A Rechargeable 3D Print Moon Lamp


Moon Lamp, $23, Amazon

This 3D print moon lamp light provides 360-degree warm white or yellow light that's soothing and great to use as a night light or for relaxation. It has a rechargeable lithium battery and includes a USB charger, and comes with a wooden mount. The light will last for 12 hours without needing a recharge.

57A Travel Toiletry Bag With A Hanger That Packs Flat


Pro Packing Cubes Travel Toiletry Bag, $20, Amazon

This travel toiletry bag fits body wash, soaps, shampoos, deodorant, hair products, and more. It has an expandable pocket that doubles in size, packs flat so there's never any bulk, and has a hanger for convenient storage once you get to your destination.

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58A Card Game With Kittens, Explosions & Goats


Exploding Kittens Card Game, $20, Amazon

Find out why Exploding Kittens is the most-backed project in Kickstarter history: The super fun card game involves kittens, explosions, laser beams, and goats — what's not to love? The illustrations are vivid, it's an easy game to master, and each round takes only 15 minutes — and you can play with up to five people.

59A Natural Boar Bristle Body Brush


Pretty See Bath Body Brush, $11, Amazon

Use this natural boar bristle body brush as part of detoxing dry brush treatment or simply to provide a stimulating massage that exfoliates dead skin cells. It has a non-slip handle wrapped with hemp rope and helps boost circulation for glowing skin.

60The Wireless Headphones That Are Completely Waterproof


Unikoss Best Bluetooth Headphones, $20, Amazon

These wireless headphones connect to any Bluetooth device that is up to 30 feet away, and are waterproof to withstand whatever sweat accumulates from a particularly intense workout. The ergonomic design offers a comfortable and secure fit, and one hour of charging produces eight hours of crystal clear sound.

Bustle may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Bustle's editorial and sales departments. This article reflects price at publication and may change.

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I Got A Breast Reduction & It Was About So Much More Than The Size Of My Boobs

As a young teenager, I pretty much reached peak physical maturity overnight. One day I was wearing my first training bra a la Lizzie McGuire, and the next I was sweatily fumbling around a Victoria’s Secret with 32DD boobs, trying to summon up the cou…
By Sierra Taylor Horton

This Is, Hands Down, The *Grossest* Thing Babies Do Inside The Womb

Your baby's life in the womb may be safe and warm, but it's also kind of grody. Seriously, the whole process of growing into a human being includes more than a few icky moments along the way. But this is the grossest thing babies do inside the womb b…
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The 15 Best Fiction Books Of February Feature Tons Of Extraordinary Women

When the cold winds of February blow in, there's nothing I want more than to hide under my covers with a good book. Luckily, there's more than a few fantastic new fiction books coming out this month, so the only tough decision you'll have to make is …
By Melissa Ragsdale

These 10 Drugstore Red Lipsticks Are Under $10 & Actually *Amazing*

I adore makeup. There are few things I like more than getting myself fancied up in the mornings. It's a little ritual I get to do every day that makes me feel prettier and more put together. When my makeup is on, I'm ready to face the world — pun int…
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17 Moms Reveal The Most Disgusting Part Of Their Pregnancy

Pregnant bodies do weird-ass things. Weird-ass, gross things. I mean, my pregnant body did (twice), and I have long-suspected I'm not alone. So I asked other moms to share the most disgusting part of their pregnancy and I learned that, not only am I …
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