60 Grooming Products With At Least 4.5 Stars


Yeah, fun gifts are — well, fun — but the person who has it all doesn't necessarily need another dachshund-shaped succulent planter. Personally, I find my best gift inspiration while browsing the grooming products with a cult following on Amazon. A quality razor, an electric toothbrush, or a high-tech curling iron may not be your first idea when you think of unique gifts for everyone on your list, but it's something they'll actually use on a regular (if not a daily) basis. Call me practical, but in my opinion, that's the best kind of present there is.

On the other hand, if you're shopping for yourself, these products are an ideal excuse to treat yourself to something you deserve. All of them are rated at 4.5 stars or above. In the world of Amazon products, that's a rarity — and it's a huge indication that this particular item is well worth the minor splurge. When the vast majority of buyers give a product a perfect five-star rating, you know it belongs in your DIY self-care basket.

So go ahead — treat yourself (or someone you care about) to healthy-looking hair, whiter teeth, or the closest shave you've ever experienced. After all, hundreds of reviewers can't be wrong.

1. These Gold Eye Masks For Puffiness And Dark Circles

SWISSÖKOLAB Gold Undereye Masks, $17 (12-Piece), Amazon

Treat yourself or a friend to the gift of bright, hydrated eyes — yes, even after drinking, crying, or tossing and turning. SWISSÖKOLAB undereye masks are made with real gold and other nourishing ingredients to tackle puffiness and dark circles fast.


2. This Blowout Lotion That Hydrates Without Excess Oil Or Weight

NatureLab. Tokyo Perfect Smooth Blowout Lotion, $11, Amazon

Rather than greasy, balmy ingredients, NatureLab Tokyo blowout lotion uses argan stem cells and quinoa to protect strands and ease frizz without weighing hair down. As a result, it's a great choice for thin hair that could use some volume and moisture — and it even speeds up drying time for a faster blowout.


3. A Shampoo To Detox Your Scalp Without Drying Out Your Hair

Brooklyn Botany Charcoal Shampoo, $14, Amazon

Charcoal can detox your air, your water, and your teeth, so why not your hair? Brooklyn Botany activated charcoal shampoo thoroughly cleanses the scalp of irritants and product build-up without drying out your strands. Reviewers are saying stuff like, "I saw difference even from the first time I washed my hair."


4. This DIY Kit With Everything You Need For An All-Natural Clay Facial

Etana Beauty Aztec Clay Mask Set, $25, Amazon

For the all-natural beauty fanatic in your life, there's the Etana Beauty Aztec mask set. This all-in-one DIY kit gives you everything you need to mix up a pore-shrinking clay mask, including apple cider vinegar, Indian healing clay powder, mixing tools, a bowl, and a tote to store all of it.


5. This Couple's Electric Toothbrush Set That's "Just As Good" As Leading Brands

AquaSonic DUO Electric Toothbrushes, $47, Amazon

"You won’t find a better deal out there," reviewers are saying about the AquaSonic DUO electric toothbrush set. In addition to two rechargeable toothbrushes with three modes and built-in timers, you also get travel cases, a simultaneous charger, and multiple replacement heads. "Just as good as my old Sonicare," another reviewer raves.


6. A Set With Everything You Need To Keep That Beard Looking Spiffy

Isner Mile Full Beard Kit, $19 (7-Piece), Amazon

The Isner Mile full beard kit comes with absolutely everything you need to groom and maintain facial hair. For less than $20, you get a brush, a wooden comb, scissors, beard balm, a leave-in conditioning oil, a burlap storage bag, and an e-book called "Beard Bible" — but most importantly, people say all of it is "very high quality."


7. This Microneedling Tool That Leaves Skin "Smooth," "Glowing," And "Clear"

Stellar Skincare Derma Roller Set, $19 (2-Piece), Amazon

Microneedling is a unique (but apparently very effective) practice that pokes tiny holes in the skin in order to create a rush of collagen, which then brightens, tones, and heals the complexion. According to reviewers, the Stellar Skincare derma roller set is one of the best options out there — and it comes with bonus vitamin C serum to further revitalize skin.


8. This Brilliant Gift For The Person Who Can't Get The Hang Of A Curling Iron

CHI Air Spin N Curl, $100, Amazon

Worth the splurge? Buyers are saying yes: "This tool is foolproof. It is a gem. Don’t even second guess it." The CHI Air Spin N Curl winds your hair around the heated, hidden barrel with the press of a button. Then it beeps when it's time to release, so you get gorgeous, uniform curls without any effort on your part.


9. A Sturdy Light-Up Makeup Mirror That You Can Use Anywhere

Syrinx LED Makeup Mirror, $38, Amazon

If you're tired of grooming in the dark, this LED makeup mirror provides a ring of natural white light and a different magnification on each side of the rotating mirror face. Plug it into the wall or toss some batteries in for cordless use while you're on the go.


10. This $13 Palette That's Just As Good As High-End Shadows

Jacob & Eli Super Pigmented Eye Shadow Palette, $13, Amazon

According to buyers, the colors are super pigmented, the creamy consistency makes for effortless blending, and there's even less fallout than expensive, high-end brands. The Jacob & Eli eyeshadow palette even comes in three color options: Bare, Candy Peaches, and Hidden Gems.


11. This Pomade That Smells Incredible And Actually Keeps Your Hair Healthy

Suavecito Pomade Firme Hold, $13, Amazon

Healthy ingredients, extra shine, a strong hold, and a non-clumping consistency that washes out with water — Suavecito Pomade Firme Hold does all of the aforementioned and smells incredible, too. "May we have a national conversation about the smell?" one reviewer asks. "This is barber shop meets expensive cologne hit by a falling pine tree."


12. A Full Set Of Quality Makeup Brushes For Less Than $20

ZOREYA Rose Gold Makeup Brush Set, $19 (15-Piece), Amazon

There are hundreds of five-star reviews for this pick, and they can't stop talking about the value, the quality, and the silky-smooth texture. For $19, you get 15 labeled makeup brushes in a roll-up faux-leather case — and all of them are well-made, shed-resistant, animal-friendly, and "totally worth the money."


13. This Simple Yet Satisfying Way To Boost Your Shower Experience

Silicone Hair Scalp Massager, $8, Amazon

People love this waterproof scalp massager because it boosts circulation, facilitates a deeper clean, and straight-up just feels great. The ergonomic grip fits effortlessly in your hand while its silicone fingers massage your skin and create a thick lather alongside your shampoo.


14. This No-Mess Waxing Kit That'll Save You Tons Of Money

Lementa European Wax Warmer Hair Removal Kit, $28, Amazon

Whether you use it for your legs, eyebrows, upper lip, or a Brazilian, the Lementa European wax kit makes it easy — and saves you tons of money in salon appointments. Just melt the included wax beads using the digital warmer. Then apply the wax to your skin, let it harden, and pull it off alongside the hair, no strips required.


15. This Glittery Rose Gold Nail Polish That People Are Obsessed With

ILNP Juliette Holographic Nail Polish, $10, Amazon

Frankly, a 4.8-star rating for nail polish is almost unheard of, but people are obsessed with ILNP Juliette because it dries fast, covers in one coat, and actually lasts. This holographic, glittery rose gold color is one of their best-selling bottles for an obvious reason — it's gorgeous.


16. Some Gel-Infused Socks So You Can Soften Cracked Heels Overnight

ZenToes Moisturizing Heel Socks, $11 (2 Pairs), Amazon

If you get dry, cracked heels, these ZenToes moisturizing socks are an efficient and effective solution. They're made from a cotton blend fabric, but they're infused with a hydrating gel that heals and softens the skin. They're also washable, reusable, and made to stretch, so they'll fit all different sizes.


17. These Charcoal Blotting Tissues So Your Makeup Stays Fresh And Flawless

Natural Bamboo Charcoal Oil Absorbing Tissues, $7 (100-piece), Amazon

Keep your makeup fresh throughout the day with these brilliant oil blotting tissues. They come in a convenient travel pouch and soak up sweat and sebum using skin-friendly sheets made from natural linens and activated bamboo charcoal.


18. This Luxurious Dry Brushing Set To Keep Your Skin Happy

Zen Me Premium Dry Brushing Kit, $23, Amazon

Exfoliate your skin, get lymph moving, and rejuvenate your complexion both inside the shower and out of it. The Zen Me premium dry brushing kit comes with exfoliating gloves, a pumice stone, a konjac sponge, and a dry brush with a removable handle. Since everything is made from safe and long-lasting materials, buyers have given this one 4.8 stars.


19. This Gentle Remover That Causes The Polish To Literally Melt Off

ZOYA Polish Remove Plus, $25, Amazon

Despite the fact that it contains only gentle ingredients that clean and prep your nails simultaneously, reviewers say that ZOYA Polish Remove Plus causes the polish to "literally [melt off] just by pressing a cotton pad [to the nail]." It also comes in a super convenient pump bottle that you can use with one hand.


20. A Tool To Self-Sufficiently Groom Unwanted Back Hair

Bro Shaver Back Hair Razor, $30, Amazon

Those who've tried the Bro Shaver say it's "fast, efficient, and left [them] with no cuts or nicks." Thanks to its long handle and wide blades, you'll never again have to ask someone for help while shaving your back — and it even comes with 15 replacement razors.


21. This Amazing Flat Iron That's Versatile, Travel-Friendly, And Affordable

Deogra Professional Travel Flat Iron, $30, Amazon

People are calling the Deogra Professional the "best flat iron ever" because it's versatile, effective, travel-friendly, and so affordable. In addition to its rounded floating plates that can create waves, curls, or a pin-straight style, this powerful tool heats up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit in 15 seconds, has dual voltage for worldwide use, and even comes with a heat-resistant travel pouch.


22. These Magnesium Bath Salts That Help With Pretty Much Everything

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Bath Flakes, $28, Amazon

Made from genuine magnesium chloride from the ancient Zechstein seabed, these Ancient Minerals bath flakes bring relaxation to a new level. Reviewers say they're like "magic for pain and insomnia" as well as cramping, stress, and eczema because, as a necessary nutrient, magnesium soaks in through your skin to ease your muscles and your mind.


23. This Well-Made Electric Razor For A Fraction Of The Price

Hatteker Electric USB-Rechargeable Shaver, $33, Amazon

If you know someone who's looking for a reliable electric razor that doesn't cost hundreds of dollars, reviewers say the Hatteker shaver is "as good as any" for just $33. It's USB-rechargeable, waterproof, adjusts to contours thanks to its four floating blades, and even has a pop-up trimmer built into it.


24. These Glass Nail Files That Actually Seal The Keratin Layers Together

Bona Fide Beauty Czech Glass Nail Files, $15, Amazon

If you haven't yet switched to a Czech glass nail file, I can tell you first-hand that they melt through a nail like butter. These unique tools use special, non-porous glass to file in both directions and seal the keratin layers to prevent splitting. Since this pack comes with eight, they make a lovely stocking stuffer or addition to your self-care baskets.


25. A Rejuvenating Dry Shampoo That Actually Does What It Says It Will

Psssssst Instant Spray Dry Shampoo, $16, Amazon

So many things can go wrong with dry shampoo — clumping, heaviness, chalky discoloration — so when one has a 4.5-star rating, people pay attention. Psssssst dry shampoo uses a lightweight, color-versatile formula to soak up oil, sweat, and build-up — plus buyers say it smells like "coconut and clean linen."


26. This Foot File For "Baby Soft" Feet In Less Than 60 Seconds

Rikans Rasp Foot File, $8, Amazon

Thousands of reviewers back up the Rikans foot file, saying that if you "have hooves for heels, then this may be you new holy grail of extraneous foot skin removal." Just take a shower, add some lotion, and buff off layers of dry, cracked skin and callouses in less than a minute.


27. This Smart Yet Simple Tool For Clean, Symmetrical Facial Hair

BEARDCLASS Beard Shaping Tool, $20, Amazon

This eight-in-one beard tool helps you shape and groom every part of your facial hair right down to your sideburns. Its curved, transparent design ensures that your lines are clean and symmetrical — and it comes with free trimming scissors, a beard comb, and a keychain. This one's available in green or blue, too.


28. This Brilliant Toiletry Case That Unrolls And Hangs Vertically

Expert Travel Hanging Toiletry Bag, $30, Amazon

Whether it's for makeup, toiletries, hair products, or child-care essentials, this hanging toiletry bag saves space and keeps it all organized. It features four pouches that unroll and hang vertically, so you can find and access everything at once. Since it comes in seven colors, it suits anyone on your list.


29. A Heated Ionic Brush That Straightens Hair Fast With Minimal Damage

MiroPure Enhanced Hair Straightening Brush, $44, Amazon

"I have extremely curly, thick, frizzy hair," one reviewer says, but the MiroPure straightening brush had it sleek and styled in 20 minutes. Using its heated no-scald bristles, ionic generator, and adjustable temperature settings, this brush makes short work of the job and causes less damage than a traditional straightener.


30. This Painless, Cordless Trimmer For Ear And Nose Hair

FlePow Ear And Nose Hair Trimmer, $10, Amazon

Thanks to its rounded dual-edge blade that's covered by protective stainless steel, the FlePow trimmer tackles ear and nose hair without any pain or hassle. It's also waterproof, easy to clean, battery-operated, and protected by a two-year warranty.


31. This Genius Tool For Foolproof, Symmetrical Eyeliner Wings

Lovoir Winged Liner Stamp, $13, Amazon

The formula is smudge-proof and skin-friendly, but the real innovation here is the winged liner stamp that creates a matching wing on either eye. You get two double-sided pens with every order (one for either eye), and it's even available in three different sizes.


32. These TSA-Friendly Silicone Bottles So You Can Travel With Your Essentials

Oursunshine Silicone Travel Bottles, $12 (Set of 6), Amazon

As an avid traveler, these BPA-free silicone bottles are hands down one of the best purchases I've ever made. They're refillable, easy to clean, and resistant to leaks, plus you get to bring all your favorite skin and hair care products anywhere without having to worry about TSA restrictions.


33. This Quality Nail Lamp For DIY Gel Manicures At Home

LuxeUp UV Nail Lamp, $30, Amazon

Dry all kinds of gel nail polish fast and at home with the LuxeUp UV lamp. It has an LED display with four different settings, and it even auto-senses your hands so it'll turn off and on by itself. "I never imagined it would work so well," one reviewer says. "Best investment I ever made. No more expensive salon visits."


34. This Two-In-One Facial Mask That Combines Dead Sea Salt And Charcoal

FineVine Activated Charcoal Mud Mask, $12, Amazon

Dead Sea salt is a key scrub ingredient because it exfoliates dead cells and nourishes the skin, but pair it with activated charcoal, and you get even more benefits. The FineVine mud mask unclogs pores, balances oil production, and evens your complexion for an at-home spa experience that reviewers call "effective" and "easy to apply."


35. An All-In-One Makeup Remover And Cleanser That Won't Irritate Sensitive Skin

Marcelle Micellar Water, $16, Amazon

Like a magnet, micellar water bonds to impurities, waterproof makeup, and oil to effortlessly lift them away from the skin — but it does so without irritation, dryness, or excess rubbing. This one is so highly-reviewed because it's infused with moisturizing argan oil and has a convenient pump cap that minimizes messes.


36. This Gel That Holds When You Need It To And Washes Right Out When You Don't

Gentlemen Republic Refined Molding Hair Gel, $14, Amazon

Looking for a gel that offers shine, hold, and humidity-resistance without flakes or clumping? Gentlemen Republic refined hair gel has you covered. Reviewers say they'll "never use another product again" because this one smells awesome and offers all-day hold, but washes out "like conditioner" in the shower.


37. This Convenient And Painless Way To Tackle Unwanted Facial Hair

Fullife Waterproof Facial Hair Remover, $20, Amazon

When it comes to tackling unwanted hair on the chin, cheeks, upper lip, eyebrows, or arms, Fullife hair remover is fast, painless, and convenient. It utilizes a hypoallergenic stainless steel razor that gets rid of peach fuzz in seconds, and it's waterproof and battery-operated for use in the shower or on the go.


38. A Detangling Brush That Offers The Best Of Both Worlds

CHOSIN Boar Bristle Detangling Brush, $13, Amazon

Thanks to its solid beechwood handle, rubber pad, and the combination of nylon pins and boar head bristles, this is not your average detangling brush — and reviewers prefer it that way. Yes, it's sturdy, well-made, and feels like a massage for your scalp, but it also works out knots while evenly distributing the natural oils from root to tip.


39. This Sleek But Reliable Set For All Your Nail-Clipping Needs

BESTOPE Nail Clipper Set, $15 (3-Piece), Amazon

Strong, sharp blades, an ergonomic design, and an integrated nail file make this BESTOPE nail clipper set a worthy investment. Add in the sleek, black steel finish and convenient metal storage case, and anyone on your list will love it. Reviewers say that between the big, the small, and the slant clippers, they have "no issue getting through the nail on the first try."


40. This Product That Stops Your Soap From Getting Slimy And Waterlogged

S & T Soap Saver Bundle, $5 (Set of 4), Amazon

If you (or someone you know) uses soap bars or solid shampoo, this simple and affordable gift will save tons of money in the long run. The S & T soap saver allows water to drain fully with its porous, elevating design. It's also BPA-free, easy to rinse clean, and can be trimmed to fit any soap dish.


41. This Genius Accessory That Catches All Your Beard Trimmings

Beard King Beard Catcher Apron, $30, Amazon

Stop those beard-shavings from ending up all over the sink and counter. The Tribex apron attaches to your mirror using suction cups with built-in locking mechanisms. The other end secures comfortably around your neck, so you can catch and toss all that hair to prevent making a mess when you shave.


42. This Set Of Six Quality Bath Bombs For An Incredible Price

Lotion Fast Bath Bomb Gift Set, $13 (Set of 6), Amazon

Bath bombs are a classic self-care gift, but huge, colorful, skin-nourishing bath bombs with great ingredients for just $13? No wonder this Lotion Fast gift set is so highly-rated. "I have tried several brands of bath bombs over the past 6 months searching for the best brand. I found it!" one reviewer raves.


43. A Dazzling, Color-Changing Nail Polish For The Mermaid- Or Unicorn-Lover

Shade Shifter Multichrome Nail Polish, $10, Amazon

If you know someone who's big into the mermaid and unicorn trend, this Shade Shifter nail polish makes for a perfect gift. Its multichrome finish changes from lavender to turquoise to blue depending on the angle, which creates a dazzling, magical effect. It also dries fast, resists chips, and is free from most harmful ingredients.


44. This Solution To Cracked Hands (And It's Not Your Average Cream)

O'Keeffe's Working Hands Hand Cream, $6, Amazon

Yes, O'Keeffe's Working Hands moisturizes and heals cuts and cracks like your average hand cream. But unlike other brands, it also creates a protective layer over the skin to keep hydration in and stop further damage. Musicians, woodworkers, mail carriers, chronic hand-washers, and those with eczema have all given this one a five-star rating.


45. This Microfiber Towel That Dries Hair Fast And Stays On Your Head

Ultra-Fine Microfiber Hair Towel, $17, Amazon

If you towel-dry your hair, this microfiber wrap speeds up the process and makes it so much more enjoyable. Instead of heavy, root-tugging fabric, the silky-smooth material is lightweight, dries hair fast, and won't damage strands. It also secures into the built-in loop so it stays on while you go about your beauty routine. You even get a free detangling brush.


46. This Luxurious Foot Soak That Also Helps With Odors And Fungus

Gold Mountain Beauty Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak, $15, Amazon

The Gold Mountain Beauty foot soak adds a new level of luxury to your at-home pedicures or eases foot pain after a long day of work — but thanks to the genuine tea tree and eucalyptus, it can also tackle unwanted odors, infections, and fungus. One reviewer reports that after just two soaks, their "toenails and feet" look and feel "so healthy."


47. These Hypoallergenic Wipes Are Like A Shower On The Go

Dude Shower Body Wipes, $7 (Pack of 10), Amazon

For campers, travelers, hikers, gym goers, or those who just need to freshen up fast, Dude Shower body wipes are a "lifesaver." These individually-packaged cloths use aloe and hypoallergenic ingredients to cleanse the skin of sweat, dirt, and unwanted odors. Since they don't leave behind a residue, they don't require any rinsing, either.


48. This Simple Teeth-Whitening Pen That Has Reviewers Super Impressed

VS1 Teeth Whitening Pen, $15, Amazon

Unlike other teeth-whitening kits, the VS1 whitening pen is travel-friendly, affordable, and doesn't irritate sensitive teeth. The process takes less than two minutes and doesn't leave you with an unpleasant taste in your mouth. "Never been so impressed with such a simple item!" one reviewer raves.


49. A Quality Pair Of Tweezers That Actually Grabs The Hair

Zizzili Basics Slant Tip Tweezers, $11, Amazon

If you're sick of tweezers that just don't grab, over 800 reviewers swear by this pair from Zizzili Basics. "These tweezers are absolutely the best that I have ever purchased outside of the hospital. The tips meet and align perfectly [and] the metal is great quality," says one nurse, plus they're easy to sanitize and grab virtually any hair the first time.


50. A Skin-Friendly Formula That Stops Razor Bumps And Ingrown Hairs

Bump Patrol After-Shave Treatment, $9, Amazon

No matter who you are and where you shave, Bump Patrol after shave treatment prevents razor bumps, stops ingrown hairs, and minimizes skin irritation. The solution is dermatologist-approved, easy to apply, and also works after waxing or plucking, too.


51. This Cult-Favorite Toner That Doubles As A Setting Spray

Newport Cosmeceuticals Toner Setting Spray, $18, Amazon

"I don't walk out of the house without a spritz," one reviewer says about Newport Cosmeceuticals spray. "I use the product on clean skin or full makeup." Thanks to the easy-to-use spray nozzle, it doubles as a light form of hydration and a setting spray that you can use to lock in your look.


52. This Detoxifying Charcoal Soap That's Formulated For Athletes

Art of Sport Body Bar Soap, $9 (Pack of 2), Amazon

The Art of Sport body bar is designed for athletes due to its bacteria-fighting and skin-supporting ingredients — but even reviewers outside the target demographic say, "I hate soaps that leave you feeling tight and dry, and this is definitely not that!" In addition to tea tree and shea butter, this one also features activated charcoal to detox skin and unclog pores.


53. This Natural Mineral Rock That Might Be The Best Deodorant Ever

Crystal Mineral Deodorant Stick, $20 (4-Piece), Amazon

Not all natural deodorants are effective, but buyers say that the Crystal Mineral deodorant stick is the "best thing [they] have ever used under [their] arms," natural or not. When applied over wet skin, the rock leaves behind an invisible, protective layer of minerals that blocks unwanted odors for hours, all without residue or irritation.


54. This Makeup Blender That's Just As Good (If Not Better) Than More Expensive Brands

Lamora Pro Beauty Makeup Blender, $8, Amazon

Even though it's a fraction of the price, buyers say that the Lamora Pro makeup blender is "comparable, if not better" than leading brands. Its spongy, latex-free consistency helps you blend your makeup into an airbrushed effect, while the pointed edge helps you get into hard-to-reach areas. It's even available in multiple colors and two different shapes.


55. A Luxe Shaving Cream That's "Without Parallel"

Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream, $16, Amazon

"The performance of this cream is without parallel," reviewers say. That's because it's made with gentle ingredients, works with minimal water, and makes it "easy to whip up a moist, cushiony lather" that protects skin against cuts and razor burn. On top of all that, it smells amazing and works well for faces, legs, underarms — you name it.


56. This Temperature-Resistant Mat That Protects Your Counter From Hot Tools

Heat Resistant Hot Tool Mat, $13, Amazon

"I was living in the dark ages and always left my hot tools on the floor so they wouldn't damage anything until I realized how stupid and unnecessary that was," one reviewer says. Then they bought this hot tools mat. Buyers have given it a 4.8-star rating because it's unobtrusive, non-slip, and heat-resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.


57. This Lightweight, Low-Hassle Moisturizer For Men

Brickell Men’s Essential Face Moisturizer, $20, Amazon

Made with certified-organic ingredients (like aloe, jojoba oil, and green tea), Brickell essential face moisturizer quickly soaks into the skin to nourish and hydrate any complexion. People absolutely love it because of how low-effort it is — it's super lightweight, has a fresh, subtle smell, and doesn't leave a greasy residue, which tends to be the biggest complaint when it comes to men's skincare.


58. This Portable Razor That's Ideal For The Traveler

Gillette Venus Snap Cosmo, $8, Amazon

The Gillette Venus Snap Cosmo was made for portability. Its compact handle fits between your fingers, but it also comes in its own travel case which prevents leaks and fits effortlessly in your bag. Finally, the ribbon of moisture allows for smooth, skin-protecting moisture, even with minimal water or lubrication.


59. This Pack Of Four Charcoal Whitening Toothpastes To Stuff Your Stockings

Hello Oral Care Activated Charcoal Toothpaste, $19 (4-Piece), Amazon

Thanks to its ability to absorb odors, impurities, and stains, activated charcoal has become a very popular ingredient in dental hygiene products. Hello Oral Care charcoal toothpaste is highly-rated due to its minty-fresh taste, fluoride-free formula, and ability to actually "whiten [your] teeth tremendously." It's also super gentle, so it won't irritate sensitive teeth or gums.


60. A Set With Everything You Need For Salon-Quality Manicures

All In One Nail Art Tools, $19 (Set of 20), Amazon

"You get so much bang for your buck with this kit," says one nail-art enthusiast. The All In One nail art tools set comes with everything you need to create salon-level manicures at home. You get painting pens and brushes, decals, gemstones, stencils, striping tape, and various tools, all for under $20 — and all high quality.

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