61 Most Genius Things On Amazon Under $1


Why drop a fortune on everyday items that you need for around the house when you can find absolutely genius things on Amazon for under $1? It seems like a no-brainer.

Whether you're shopping for cool devices that can make cleaning your microwave so much easier or you're looking to upgrade your storage game, the online retailer is the perfect place to go if you're looking for cheap AF items that are actually pretty practical. Since reviewers on Amazon also tend to be some of the most brutally honest and passionate ones around, you can use that feedback to figure out which stuff under $1 is worth coughing up the cash for and which items you might as well just skip over.

It might seem impossible, but you could end up saving hundreds of dollars (seriously) on things you'd need around your home anyway. From sponge holders to kitchen utensils and so much more, this slideshow is filled with the best and most innovative products under $1 available on the site now. The best part about it? If you love a few things you find through this, you don't have to wait until a rainy day to buy them. You can afford to stock up and splurge today.


This Angry Mama That Makes Sure Your Microwave Is Clean AF

Weird, wacky, and ridiculously effective, the Angry Mama is an innovative microwave cleaner that can restore your appliance's sparkle like nothing else. All it takes is a little water and vinegar to get this working to perfection, and once it's in play, it steams away messes and softens hard-to-clean spots, so you can scrub them away with ease. "Works great! Microwave has never been cleaner, except when it was first installed," wrote one reviewer.


A Silicone Sponge That Won't Scratch Up Your Dishes

This silicone sponge is one of those cleaning tools that you'll wish you tried a lot sooner. Flexible and soft, it's an amazing alternative to traditional sponges and rags, which can become germ traps before you even know it. The sponge is squishy and can be ideal for cleaning tough corners and cups that are normally hard to scrub.


This Handbag Insert That's Great For Organizing Cosmetics, Smartphones, And The Works

Tired of messy purses where you just can't find a thing? This wine-colored insert is the organizational cure. It's designed to hold cards, smartphones, keys, makeup, and all your other essentials. Made from resilient nylon, it also comes with four small pockets, two zipper pockets and five mesh ones, so virtually more space than you might know what to do with. "Super helpful with organizing my purse. Fits perfectly and has more slots and pockets than I thought from the picture," one reviewer described.


A Drain Protector That Looks Just Like A Little Flower

Drain protectors are just one of those practical purchases that you need to make at some point, and if you haven't yet, this one is the one to buy. Beyond its cheapness, this protector is durable and cute. Shaped like a flower, it's made with durable silicone and is designed to fit most shower, sink, and tub drains.


This Super Luxurious Sleep Mask That Can Help You Get A Great Night's Sleep

Lightweight and soft to the touch, this black sleep mask is a luxurious pick-up, even when you're shopping on a budget. It comes with two straps, which you can adjust for comfort. While reviewers say this mask does let some light in, they say it's still terrific when you're looking to relax and unwind.


An Eco-Friendly Grocery Bag That You Can Reuse Over And Over

Cute and practical, this reusable grocery bag is a good investment if you're trying to shop in more environmentally friendly ways. It's made with wear-resistant net cloth that you can wash and maintain with ease. Whether you're grabbing veggies or cans at the grocery store, this bag is the accessory you should have.


This Slicer That Works With Any Kind Of Cheese

It doesn't matter what kind of cheese you're munching on, because if you've got this stainless steel slicer on hand, you can get the perfect bite-size amount each time. This ergonomically designed utensil is easy to clean and won't rust in the dishwasher, plus it's good to have around, especially for dinner parties.


A Set Of Wine Stoppers That'll Keep Your Vino Delicious

If you love wine, you know that you can never have too many wine stoppers. This affordable two-pack is made from plastic and silicone and they're designed to be completely leakproof. In the process, these easy-to-insert stoppers (which fit with most standard size wine bottles) can help to preserve the taste of your favorite open bottle of wine, until you're ready for your next glass.


This Scalp Massaging Brush That Can Help Eliminate Dandruff

For sensitive scalps, this silicone brush can do just the thing. It comes with firm yet flexible silicone bristles and can exfoliate the skin on your scalp, helping to boost blood circulation, which in turn can help reduce flakes and the severity of dandruff. Plus, it omes with a rounded shape, which helps make it easier to grip too, so you're less likely to drop it in the tub or shower.


An Easy Way To Brew Loose Leaf Tea

Tea lovers who really prefer loose leaf have to try this tea infuser from Hosaire. It comes with a hook, which you can use to hang onto a teapot, while the ball itself contains your favorite loose leaf options. Since it's stainless steel, it won't rust and is designed to be really sturdy, too. "Good tea infuser- works well. I love how easy it is to use while holding my favorite loose teas.


This Silicone Funnel That Can Prevent Kitchen-Related Spills

Spills are common in the kitchen, but they won't be anymore if you've got this silicone funnel. While it looks weird at first glance, it's curved to fit most pots and can help make pouring soups and other liquids much easier than it might normally be. Since it's also resilient against high temperatures, you can get a ton of use out of this in amazing ways.


A Lightweight Case For Storing False Eyelashes

You might not think false eyelashes need to be stored in a special container, but the truth is, they do. That's why this compact but dependable storage box is a good thing to have. It's pink and designed to slip super conveniently into a backpack, suitcase, or purse, and it can fit up to three sets at once. One reviewer raved: "This case was worth it! It is super adorable and is small enough to fit any makeup carry bag or organizer."


This Wall-Hanging Storage Container That Can Bring Order To Messy Closets

Is your closet a bonafide disaster? This polyester storage bag can save you a ton of space while also helping you organize even the messiest closets. Available in a range of colors, these pockets are surprisingly hardy and reviewers say they work best for storing smaller items, so think spices or other odds and ends.


A Makeup Brush With An Almost Perfect Five-Star Rating

A makeup brush for under a dollar might seem questionable, but the fact is, reviewers on Amazon love this thing. Made with firm yet full bristles, this brush helps clear away excess oil from skin and can be a great pick for spreading foundation on the face. "I love this brush! Super light and fluffy. It applies foundation very lightly which is perfect for me since I don’t really use much foundation," wrote one reviewer.


This Set Of Incredibly Handy Cleaning Gloves

For tough messes that require a lot of elbow grease, these cleaning gloves are a necessity that can keep your skin soft and protected. Made from latex, these have a scrubbing layer that you can use to literally get rid of set-in grime on your own, without a sponge. They're reusable too, and can make even the most unpleasant cleaning jobs easier to manage.


An Ultra Portable Carrying Case For Your Earbuds

Using earbuds, you know how easy it can be to lose or damage them, or worse, see them become a tangled mess at the bottom of your purse or backpack. Luckily, this carrying case has a hard outer shell that can protect earbuds from external damage. It's ball shape means you can also use it to store memory cards, USB cables, and other corded devices. This also comes with a carabiner, so you can attach it to your backpack for added convenience.


This Adorable As Heck Cable Protector That Looks Just Like Your Favorite Animal

Protect cables while you're charging up your smartphone or tablet with this super-cute animal-themed protector. Made from plastic, this little thing is angled at 90 degrees and is compatible with most cords. It comes in a bunch of variations, so whether you love polar bears, sharks, or penguins, you can also find the perfect one to fit your desk.


An Organizer So You Can Stash Your Sponge

Keeping your sponge on the edge of your sink can make it a major breeding ground for bacteria. While it's icky to think about, there's an easy solution: grab a sponge holder like this one. It'll mount directly to your sink and is roomy enough that it can fit your sponge and a scrubber. Plus, since it's silicone, it's less likely to cultivate mold like other holders can with extended exposure to moisture.


This Vegetable Spiralizer So You Can Add A Special Touch To Every Meal

Wish you had a way to spiralize your veggies but don't want to drop huge bucks for a device you may not even use that much? This spiralizer is what you've been waiting for. Compact and made with stainless steel blades, this cutter is the right size for most veggies and can keep your hands safe as you do, plus it comes with three cutting heads, so you can find the best one for what you're cooking.


A Minimalist Wallet That You Can Take On-The-Go

If you're looking for a wallet and don't want to drop an entire paycheck on one, this portable wallet could be just the thing. Designed to be incredibly lightweight and slim, it can fit in your pocket and store all your essentials, including your cash, ID, and debit cards.


This Scrub Brush That Can Make Gunk Vanish

For household messes, this scrubbing brush can really get the job done. The sponge works to remove dirt and stains, but it won't leave scratches the way that some abrasive sponges can. It also comes with a handle, which makes this brush easier to use, especially for more involved jobs.


A Cute Little Coin Purse That's Big Enough To Fit IDs Too

This change purse is as adorable as it is cheap, and reviewers say that while it takes forever to ship, it's totally worth having once you get it. Decorated with cacti, this wallet has a vibe all its own.Made with artificial leather, it's also big enough that you can stash cards, cash, and other smaller items.


This Makeup Organizer For Neater Countertops

Cluttered countertops can make it hard to find what you really need when you need it. This colorful container is designed to change all that. It's spacious enough to fit lotions, nail polish, sprays, or any other cosmetic product you might have. And because it's also decorated with distinctive flowers, it's sure to stand out on your countertop, but in a good way.


A Toothbrush Holder You Can Take On-The-Go

A toothbrush holder like this one is essential if you're planning for any kind of overnight trip or extended travel. Available in a variety of colors, this holder comes with air holes, which help prevent bacteria from growing inside, plus it's big enough that you can actually fit two toothbrushes at once if needed. You can also fit this in a backpack, purse, or suitcase easily, so it's ideal for an on-the-go lifestyle.


This Brush That Makes It Easier To Apply Eyeliner

Applying eyeliner can be a hassle, but with this brush, you can get a precise application and get professional-quality results in the process. Made with a wood handle and soft fibers, this brush is a must-have especially if you're trying to get a lasting finish.


A Small Dustpan That's Great For The Office

Keep things tidy with this small broom dustpan, which is conveniently sized so you can transport it virtually anywhere. Made from plastic with hard wire bristles, this duo can make short work of messes and is great for keeping dust and dirt from piling up around your home, car, or office space.


This Set Of Cleaning Brushes That Can Get In Tight Places

These cleaning straws are a must-have if you're trying to clean bottles, colanders, straws, or other utensils that have tight crevices. Made from stainless steel with nylon bristles, this 10 pack comes with different thickness sizes for the bristles, so you can definitely find the right one for your cleaning needs.


A Spoon Rest That Can Contain Every Mess

This durable holder is designed to help keep your spoons and lids organized. Whether you're cooking with a spoon and need a way to stop drips or you're simply trying to organize a messy counter, this waterproof and moisture-resistant lid can get the job done. It's also able to fit most standard sized lids and wooden spoons.


This Eyeglass Cleaner That Can Eliminate Smudges

Smudges and stains on eyeglasses can impact visibility and also just be plain annoying. Luckily, this two-piece glasses cleaner can get rid of even the most stubborn smudges. It's made with plush microfiber and is designed to clear glasses off without leaving behind any scratches.


A Donut Maker That'll Make A Great Gift For Loved Ones

Making your favorite breakfast treat is about to get a whole lot simpler. This doughnut maker mold makes the process of creating this delicious snack even better. This mold, which is made from durable plastic and stainless steel, can streamline everything and help you make the perfect dozen.


This Small Colander Spoon That's Great For Cooking

Colanders typically take up a lot of space, but this colander spoon is a terrific alternative. Safe to use on non-stick surfaces and easy to clean, this reusable colander is made from stainless steel and is actually great for camping or fishing trips too, since you can easily transport it from place to place.


This Weird But Genius Spill Stopper That's Also A Great Conversation Starter

Designed to look like a man dangling from the edge of a pot or pan, this spill stopper is a hilarious and super-practical buy that's also really creative too. Made from silicone, it helps get air circulating in pots or pans and prevents soup or other fluids from spilling over. Since it's made from silicone, it's also super flexible and resilient.


A Quick And Easy Way To Make Sushi

Making homemade sushi is easy to do with this lightweight sushi maker. All you have to do is fill the cash with rice and other ingredients, then press it down. You'll have the best bite-sized roll you want and you can save tons of money in the process doing it at home.


This Mini Light For When You Need To Illuminate A Room

Small and nifty, this mini LED light gets glowing reviews from reviewers and has a nearly perfect five-star rating on Amazon. With its double-sided USB design, this little lamp turns on using fingerprint control and allows you to adjust brightness as needed. "This is definitely one cool mini light," raved one reviewer. Another noted: "I bought two different kinds and these are SO VERY bright."


A Device That Takes The Frustration Out Of Slicing Garlic

Slicing or mincing garlic can be positively grating sometimes. What you need is a slicer like this one, which was created to simplify the process and makes it so that all you need to do is insert a clove, then run it against the grater. Chopped garlic will come out the other side, making it easy to cook and sprinkle more garlic into your favorite dish as you need.


This Collapsible Funnel For Pouring Liquids

No matter what you're transferring into a bottle, having this collapsible funnel can make all the difference. Heat resistant and made from flexible silicone, this funnel can be pressed down and easily stored so you can take it with you anywhere. Because it's also stain resistant, you don't have to worry about wine or another liquid impacting the color of the funnel.


A Toiletry Bag That's Perfect For Trips

This little pouch is an incredible value that be wonderful when you're traveling because of its convenient size and drawstring top. Made from resilient nylon and cotton, this is also waterproof and comes with three mesh pockets inside for added storage. "Good bag for the price," one reviewer wrote. "My daughter uses it for her contacts and contact solution while traveling."


This Super Soft Microfiber Hair Towel That Can Help Reduce Frizz

This little pouch is an incredible value that be wonderful when you're traveling because of its convenient size and drawstring top. Made from resilient nylon and cotton, this is also waterproof and comes with three mesh pockets inside for added storage. "Good bag for the price," one reviewer wrote. "My daughter uses it for her contacts and contact solution while traveling."


A Plastic Bag Storage Holder That's More Versatile Than It Seems

Whether you need a little spare trash bag or a holder for your cleaning rags and plastic bags, this organizer is versatile enough to do it all. Made from durable plastic, this is easy to install on a cabinet door or drawer and can be easily moved when it's not in use. One reviewer wrote: "Best purchase ever! Super convenient to put where you use your cutting board. I basically use this over a regular trash can."


These Mermaid-Themed Brushes That Have A Five-Star Rating On Amazon

These mermaid brushes are easily one of the best deals in this slideshow, not to mention on Amazon as a whole. Made using super-soft nylon, this 10-piece set comes with everything you need to apply flawless foundation, eyeshadow, blush, and more. Reviewers rave that this set is cute as can be in person and the bristles feel amazingly smooth on skin.


A Set Of Fuzzy Gloves That'll Keep Your Hands So Toasty

Comfy and warm AF, these faux fur mittens are a must during the chillier months of the year. Since they're made with knitting wool, they can stretch to fit any hand size and are incredibly soft to the touch. "The cutest gloves. They keep my hands warm while allowing me to use my fingers. Great purchase," wrote one reviewer.


This Multi-Functional Peeler That Works On Veggies And Fruit

This three-in-one peeler can help you eat healthier than ever and makes it easy to slice, peel, or shave your favorite fruits and vegetables. Each blade offers something specific: the julienne blade is perfect for zucchini, while the precision blade shaves fruits and tomatoes with ease. For carrots and potatoes, you can use the power blade and get the perfect slice.


A Travel Roller Bottle That You Can Use With Lotions And Serums

Traveling with this roller bottle can be amazingly convenient, especially if you're trying to pack your favorite lotion, serum, or cream. Designed to be completely leakproof, this comes with a soft tube that's lightweight but still resilient enough to store any skincare item you might have.


This Juicy-Looking Sponge That Can Add A Pop Of Color To Your Kitchen

This fruity sponge is cute AF and works wonders if you're doing light washing on china or other delicate dishes. Silicone and completely antibacterial, this sponge comes in several varieties, including sponges shaped like oranges, apples, and avocados.


A Shaker Bottle That You Can Literally Take Everywhere

This shaker bottle is one of the best deals on Amazon, especially if you lead an active lifestyle and have been looking for cheap bottles. It comes with a circular loop where you can hook a carabiner and features a spout and flip cap with a stopper, so leakage is less likely to happen. This bottle is also BPA-free, easy to use, and available in a range of colors.


These Wearable Nail Polish Removers So You Can Still Do Chores

Tired of waiting for nail polish remover to work its magic and make faded polish history? This 10-piece set of wearable removers can work wonders so you don't have to take extra time out of your busy day to remove polish. Since these fit almost any finger size, they're also ideal for almost all hands and can be a great way to stay active around the house while still taking care of beauty needs.


A Roomy Bag That You Can Use For Storing Laundry

These spacious bags are the kind of great find that you can only nab on Amazon because of how affordable and durable they are. Ideal for stashing the laundry on your to-do list, these are made from waterproof nylon and come with a convenient drawstring top, so you can maximize how much you can fit in each bag.


These Blackhead Extractor Tools For Removing Unwanted Blemishes

Make restaurant-style french fries right at home with this potato cutter, which is designed to make it easier to make big batches at once. Since it's made with tough PVC and stainless steel, this cutter can slice through even the toughest potatoes and can also be great to use with other veggies.


A Potato Slicer That You Can Use For Making French Fries

Make restaurant-style french fries right at home with this potato cutter, which is designed to make it easier to make big batches at once. Since it's made with tough PVC and stainless steel, this cutter can slice through even the toughest potatoes and can also be great to use with other veggies.


This Stylish Lunch Bag That Can Fit So Much Grub

Taking lunch to work never looked so fashionable as it will with this cheap but well-made lunch bag. This canvas and tin foil bag can fit everything you need to have a great lunch, and because it has tin foil, it can insulate food and help to keep it fresh. Another perk of this bag is that it comes in a variety of patterns, so you can find one that's perfect for your style.


A Comb That Works On Every Type Of Hair To Minimize Damage

It might not seem like it, but this comb is actually incredible on a variety of hair types. Designed to help minimize hair damage, the bristles on this comb can help to keep your hair healthy while also reducing breakage and split ends.


These Mini Plastic Containers For Lotions, Pills, And More

Whether you're trying to store pills, lotions, sunscreen, or another skincare item, these plastic containers are an essential buy. With this set you get five mini ones, and since they're reusable and easy to travel with, you can bank on having them for many trips to come.


A Vibrant Whisk That's Made From Heat-Resistant Silicone

This ball whisk is more than just a pretty addition to your kitchen: it also can be ideal for whisking sauces, eggs, and so much more. Featuring silicone-coated metal wires that are heat resistant, this whisk won't scratch or damage pots and pans, either, which makes it great to use with stainless steel cookware.


This Plastic Bag Dispenser That Can Keep Your Utility Closet So Organized

Plastic bags have a million uses around the house, but storing them can cause a million problems unless you have a dispenser like this one. Created with polyester mesh cloth that won't wear, this dispenser is ultra durable and has a hanging design, so you can hang it from a door or pull bags out from the bottom, once inserted. "The bag holders are great and hold a ton of plastic bags. They are made very well and are sturdy," one reviewer wrote.


A Macaroon-Shaped Storage Container That Looks Sweet Enough To Eat

Eager to add a little sweetness to your bureau or vanity table? You can with this mini storage box, which come brightly colored and shaped just like a mouthwatering macaroon. Whether you're storing jewelry, earbuds, or pills, this storage box is made from plastic and will keep your valuables secure.


This Jelly Lipstick That Comes With A Flower Inside

Pamper your lips with this crystal jelly lipstick, which reviewers say works wonders and can give your pout a softer, more luscious look. Waterproof and highly pigmented, this leaves a matte gloss finish and can last through plenty of kisses. Best of all though is that this gloss has a flower inside it, which gives it a stunning, one-of-a-kind appearance.


A Multi-Tool That Can Be Anything You Need It To Be

When it comes to repairs, this multi-tool can be essentially anything you need it to be, which is what's so incredible about it. Forged using nickel-plated stainless steel, this multi-tool can function as a screwdriver, bottle opener, and so much more. While it was originally designed to be used with snowboarding, you can use it in any setting, and its


This Chopper That Dices Up Even The Toughest Veggies

Mince and store garlic or other veggies with this versatile chopper. Safe to use in the dishwasher and easy to clean, this slicing tool keeps unwanted odors away from your hands. It also comes with a removable container so you can store diced food after you're done cutting it up.


A Set Of Reusable Stainless Steel Straws That Are Great For The Environment

"Handy little straw and like the cleaner," described one reviewer of this stainless steel straw and cleaner set. Unlike plastic straws that are harmful for the environment, these 10.6-inch stainless steel options are reusable and insulating. They're resistant to rust and scratches, and because this pack comes with a cleaning straw, you can keep them clean for years to come.


This Mesh Bag For Transporting Laundry

For delicates that need to be washed separately from other garments, this mesh bag can be total must-have. Made from polyester yet ventilated for better airflow, it's a bag that works well for storing and transporting bras, lingerie, underwear, or other attire that's made from more sensitive materials.


This Five-Star Rated Medicine Case That Reviewers Say Makes Traveling So Much Easier

Take the stress out of traveling with medications with this compact case, which comes with four slots that are large enough to fit pills of all sizes. Because of how resilient this plastic case is, you can take it with you on-the-go without worrying that pills will get crushed or damaged. Reviewers say that this case also ships quickly and because it has a see-through cover, it's easy to see which pills you need for a given dosage.

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