64 Cult-Favorite Gifts Under $50 On Amazon Prime


You don't have to spend a lot of money to score a memorable gift for someone you adore. In my opinion, the thought behind a gift counts the most — but it's still possible to find affordable presents. In fact, these cult-favorite gifts under $50 on Amazon Prime will show your loved ones that you're thinking of their needs and desires — and you don't have to break the bank in order to buy them.

Yes, all of the items in this collection have achieved serious followings, and have they have high ratings and reviews to prove it. Whether your list includes tech-savvy friends or parents who love simplicity, there's a popular product for them. Presents like solar-powered chargers and mini movie projectors are just a few options that'll instantly win them over.

Other affordable gifts include silk pillowcases that are gentle on hair and skin, and one of the most popular bentonite clay masks that you'll find online. There are also party games for hosting fun gatherings, as well as bedside shelves that can be installed within seconds to hold phones, glasses, books, coffee cups, and more.

Most of the products on this list are very different from one another — but share one thing in common: affordability.

1. An Acupressure Mat And Pillow For Natural Pain Relief

Relieve pain and discomfort naturally with this acupressure mat-and-pillow set that you can relax on for 10 to 30 minutes each day. The eco-foam cushions are lined with cotton, and they're designed with mini needles that target trigger points and nerve endings to help bring pain relief.

2. This Mini Movie Projector That'll Turn Your Home Into A Theater

Settle in for a night of movies and snuggling with this mini projector, which is simple to set up. The projector has built-in speakers — and it includes HDMI, USB, and micro SD card ports. It can also connect to your smartphone to play movies and games (or show off amazing photos).

3. The Charging Station That Powers 6 Devices At Once

You can charge up to six devices at one time with this multitasking charging station, which is compatible with smartphones, tablets, and other electronics (such as cameras). The port includes four Apple lightning cables, a Type-C cable, and one micro-USB cable. Reviewers have written that it works fast.

4. A Hair-Straightening Brush That Makes Strands Extra-Silky

You won’t find yourself battling dried-out strands when you use this hair-straightening brush. Its ionic technology and sturdy bristles ensure even heat distribution, which means one pass is all you need to create straighter, glossier locks. The brush also features an automatic temperature lock and adjustable heat options for various hair types.

5. This Handheld Back Massager That Targets Trigger Points

Massagers don’t have to be high-tech to work wonders on your body. This handheld back massager — with 11 knobs that help target various trigger points — is proof of that. When you maneuver the curved structure, it'll help relieve painful muscle knots and tension while you recover from strenuous workouts.

6. A Card Game That'll Have Your Entire Family Laughing

Compete against friends and family members when you play this hilarious party game, which is essentially a game of chance. Players choose from a pile of funny cards until they get the "exploding kitten" and are instantly eliminated. It's simple to play learn, and it's meant for ages 7 and up.

7. The Popular Toilet Spray That Keeps Bathroom Air Smelling Fresh

Stop unwanted odors before they even get a fighting chance to linger by giving your bowl a few spritzes of this Poo-Pourri toilet spray. The formula is made with natural essential oils that help shield certain scents within the bowl (as long as you spray before you go). It comes in a variety of light fragrances like fig, citrus, and lavender vanilla.

8. A Silky Pillowcase That's Actually Good For Your Hair And Skin

Give your hair and skin the best night’s rest possible with this 100% silk pillowcase, which features hypoallergenic mulberry silk on both sides (along with a hidden zipper at the seam). This smooth cover comes in seven sizes and more than 40 shades, it's gentler on your hair and skin than other cotton options.

9. An Indian Healing Clay That Helps Cleanse Your Pores

Containing a wealth of pure bentonite clay — and not a single extra ingredient — this Indian healing clay is perfect for creating DIY facial and body masks. It can help cleanse your pores while keeping your complexion clear and smooth. The loose clay comes in a tub that lasts a long time, and it's free of sensitizing fragrances.

10. This Hydrating Eye Gel That De-Puffs On Tired Mornings

With more than 15,000 great reviews, this paraben-free eye gel stands apart from the pack. It’s both affordable and effective, with ingredients like peptides, Matrixyl 3000, jojoba oil, amino acids, and more. A few dots of this product go a long way toward hydrating skin and de-puffing tired eyes.

11. An Invigorating Massage Roller To Help Relieve Foot Pain

Foot pain can affect your quality of life big time — but spending just a few minutes each day relaxing with this foot massage roller can relieve pain associated with plantar fasciitis, heel pain, or just plain old foot fatigue. Various acupressure nubs help bring easy relief — and the fact that it weighs just 1.5 pounds means you can take it anywhere.

12. The Personalized Coffee Press That Also Makes Espresso

Make up to 3 cups of coffee or espresso when you’re at the office, camping, or on-the-go with this handheld press. It takes just 30 seconds to deliver a delicious, bitter-free brew — and it comes with a zippered nylon tote bag for traveling.

13. A Lash-And-Brow Serum That Works Like Magic

Strengthen your eyebrows and lashes and give them the nourishment they need to appear long and strong with this popular lash serum. It contains various natural ingredients like keratin, nettle root, saw palmetto, and green tea — and it’s simple to apply, thanks to a thin brush that you run along your lash line and in between your brows.

14. This Oversized Body Pillow That Feels Comfy And Supportive

Whether you’re pregnant, experiencing body aches and pains, or just want to get the comfiest sleep possible, this oversized body pillow is here for you. The C-shaped cushion supports every part of your body, from your head and neck to your calves. It also comes with a removable and washable cover.

15. A Wearable Back-And-Neck Massager With Optional Heat

There isn’t an easier way to get targeted relief from muscle and joint pain in your neck, shoulders, or upper back than with this wearable massager. It comfortably sits over your shoulders in a U-shaped design while providing a deep-kneading shiatsu massage with optional warmth. The massager features three speeds and protection against overheating.

16. The Leakproof Travel Mug That Can Be Operated With One Hand

With the push of one button (and with one hand), you can open and close this stainless steel travel mug for a convenient on-the-go drinking experience. The 16-ounce mug has a lid that's both leakproof and spill-proof — and it's safe in the dishwasher. The container also comes in 20 shades.

17. A Water-Resistant Bluetooth Speaker That Works For Hours

Bring this Bluetooth speaker into the shower with you and listen to music or take phone calls with its built-in microphone. The water-resistant device can be used up to 33 feet away from your phone, and it can provide up to six hours of continuous playtime before it requires recharging.

18. This Lipstick-Sized Charger To Keep You Powered Up

It'll barely take up space, yet this lipstick-sized power bank can add a full charge to most phones (and over one charge to an iPhone 6). The charger comes with a micro USB cable, and over 2,000 customers have given it five-star reviews.

19. The Blackhead-Fighting Mask That Bubbles On Your Skin

You’ll know this carbonated bubble clay mask is working when it begins to literally bubble up on your complexion. The clay soaks up excess oils and cleanses your skin — and many reviewers have written that it’s their go-to product to keep blackheads at bay.

20. A Flexible Neck Wrap That Fully Supports Your Head

This may look like a scarf or neck wrap, but it becomes something even more genius: a sturdy neck pillow. You can position it on either side of your face (or even beneath your chin) to provide support when you're trying to snooze during your travels. The cushion is lined with soft fleece, and it attaches to the handle of your bag or suitcase.

21. An Adjustable Outlet That Curves To Fit Anywhere

Adjust the six pods on this outlet surge protector to create any configuration that best works with your room, furniture, and decor needs. The space-saving outlet has an off-and-off reset button to help ensure all of your connections are safe and protected — and it comes in pure black or white and blue.

22. This Fluoride-Free Charcoal Toothpaste For Naturally White Teeth

Naturally brighten, whiten, and remove stains with this charcoal toothpaste, which uses a vegan formula that's free of fluoride. The minty-tasting black toothpaste has absolutely no peroxide, artificial sweeteners, or flavors — and its effective natural ingredients include tea tree and coconut oil.

23. A Bedside Shelf For Necessities Like Your Phone And Glasses

If you don’t have room for a night table — or even if you have plenty of room but want an additional convenient place to store your glasses, phone, or remote controls — this bedside shelf is perfect for you. It's simple to install with a strong clamp that keeps it steady, and it's made from sturdy bamboo. Plus, it can hold up to 15 pounds of your things.

24. The Phone Charger That Warms Up Your Hands On Chilly Mornings

It's important to have a reliable phone charger on you to keep your devices powered up throughout the day — but this external battery takes a few extra steps toward convenience. That's because it boasts a built-in LED flashlight and doubles as a hand warmer. The aluminum case can reach 120 degrees Fahrenheit and stay warm for up to six hours.

25. An Electric Wine Opener That Pops Corks In Seconds

Charge this electric wine opener once, and it'll open up to 30 wine bottles before requiring another charging boost. The stainless steel opener includes a foil cutter to effortless open seals, along with a recharging base. It even glows with a vibrant LED light that's blue in color.

26. The Inflatable Foot-And-Leg Rest For Total Relaxation

Get comfier anywhere — even in a cramped plane seat — with this inflatable foot-and leg rest. It has double-sealed air valves that inflate in less than two minutes, and it comes with two pieces that provides three different heights. The cushions are perfect for alleviating pain and supporting better body alignment.

27. This Makeup-Erasing Cloth That Works With Just Water

This magical makeup-removing cloth cleanses and removes waterproof makeup while using nothing but a bit of water. The reusable microfiber fabric is gentle, effective, and lasts up to five years. You can even use the opposite side to exfoliate.

28. A Natural Tree Oil Serum For Clearer Skin

This serum is designed to tackle all things acne, from pimples to blackheads. It contains effective natural ingredients that get to the root of the problem, including tea tree oil, niacinamide, salicylic acid, retinol, vitamin C, hydrating hyaluronic acid, and more. Use it a few times per week underneath your moisturizer.

29. A Discreet Facial Hair Remover That Fits In Your Purse

This battery-operated facial hair remover is so small and discreet that it can be kept in your purse and used anywhere to get rid of peach fuzz and any other facial hair that you want to get rid of. The tool is waterproof and simple to clean.

30. The Vibrating Facial Roller That's Topped With Rose Quartz

Kick up your facial roller regimen another notch with this modernized vibrating facial roller massager, which is made from calming rose quartz. The battery-operated tool also comes with an under-eye press that helps reduce puffiness and stimulate circulation to reduce the appearance of dark circles.

31. This Salad Container With Separate Compartments And A Leakproof Lid

If the thought of soggy salads keeps you from packing them for lunch, here’s the BPA-free salad container that'll make you a believer. It features three separate compartments so you can keep lettuce separate from meat and other veggies. There's also a small leakproof container that's specifically designed for dressing.

32. A Cult-Favorite Zombie Face Mask That Makes Skin Glow

This zombie face mask has reached serious cult following, because it truly works wonders when it comes to clarifying your complexion, providing plenty of hydration, and brightening your skin tone. The wash-off mask’s key ingredients include allantoin (found in egg whites), sea buckthorn extract, lavender oil, and more. First, it hardens — but after 15 minutes, it completely transforms your skin.

33. The 16-Pack Of Korean Face Sheet Masks That Serve Different Purposes

You can use a different facial mask sheet every day for two weeks and you’ll still have goodies left over. This valuable 16-pack addresses every skin care concern you can think of, with ingredients like cucumber for hydration and charcoal for deep-pore cleansing.

34. These Air-Purifying Bags That Use Activated Charcoal To Work

There’s never a need to spray standard air-freshening sprays in musty closets, sweaty sneakers, or gym bags — because these natural bamboo charcoal bags neutralize odors without masking them with heavy fragrances. The set of eight bags can absorb moisture while repelling mildew and mold — and they can fit practically anywhere.

35. This Memory Foam Travel Pillow For Complete Neck Support

Arrive at your destination fully rested when you nap with this memory foam travel pillow, which secures perfectly around your neck to keep your head from drooping forward. The comfy pillow has a washable and removable cover — and it comes with a whole slew of accessories that encourage relaxation (including a contoured eye mask and earplugs).

36. An Invigorating Scalp Brush That Also Gives You A Massage

This lightweight scalp brush boosts circulation, massages your head, and removes dirt and oil with ease (thanks to its pointy-but-soft silicone bristles). It comes in four colors — and thanks to the attached handle, it's also easy grip. You can even use it on your furry pets.

37. The World's Simplest Pour-Over Coffee Maker

Coffee brewing simply doesn’t get any simpler: This pour-over coffee maker is made from borosilicate glass that is resistant to odors and stains. Add your favorite coffee to a filter on top of the maker, and pour hot water over it before allowing it to “bloom.” The result is a delicious cup that tastes smooth and isn’t bitter.

38. A Soft Serve Maker That Creates Frozen Fruit Treats

No milk, no problem. This soft serve maker takes frozen fruit and creates yummy vegan desserts within minutes. Using it is as simple as inserting fruit into the chute, pushing down on the plunger, and them waiting for all of that deliciousness to emerge.

39. This Toilet Stool That Offers An Easier Way To Do Your Business

Using the toilet might seem like an obvious task, but there's actually an even easier way to eliminate waste. By using this stool by Squatty Potty, you'll be able to slightly raise your legs and align your colon for a simpler time on the toilet. The stool, which was featured on Shark Tank, is even recommended by doctors.

40. An Exfoliating Charcoal Body Scrub For Your Entire Body

Slough away unwanted skin cells naturally with this activated-charcoal body scrub, which was designed with Dead Sea salts, collagen, and stem cells. The exfoliating formula will cleanse your skin and leave it smooth — and you can use it on both your face and body.

41. The Rolling Garlic Chopper That Eliminates The Need For Cutting Boards

Instead of manually cutting your garlic, insert your cloves into this garlic cutter and roll it against a hard surface (like your counter) until it's chopped or minced to perfection. The interior blade does all of the hard work for you, and the tool is dishwasher-safe.

42. A Stamp To Help You Create Even Winged Eyeliner On Both Sides

You'll make even wings every time with this eyeliner stamp. It's basically a double-ended eyeliner stick with a highly-pigmented pen on one end and a stamp on the other. The stamp is made to create a winged “flick” — and the set comes with one pen for your right eye and one for your left.

43. A Unique Hot Sauce With A Blend Of Interesting Flavors

Almost 1,000 reviewers agree: This hot sauce has an incredibly unique flavor, thanks to its blend of ingredients from all over the world (like chili peppers, black truffle, organic agave nectar, and cumin). One reviewer wrote: “As a truffle and sriracha lover, this is what you get when truffle and sriracha had a baby but 10x better."

44. This Watermelon Slicer That Serves Up The Perfect Cubes

Watermelon: It's so delicious, yet so difficult to slice and serve. But that’s no longer the case when you use this watermelon slicer, which is a stainless steel tool that cuts cubes of watermelon that are perfect for serving. This gift even comes with a melon scoop.

45. These Pure Copper Mugs For Moscow Mules

There’s only one proper way to serve up a Moscow Mule: in one of these pure copper Moscow Mule cups, which come in a four pack for you and your friends. The 16-ounce cups have handles — but they also come with copper cocktail straws, a shot glass, and coasters.

46. The Loch Ness Monster Ladle That Sits Upright In Pots

This sweet Lock Ness Monster-inspired ladle named Nessie will keep you company when you cook soups and stews — and then it'll keep your counters free of spills and messes by standing upright in your pot. The convenient kitchen tool is even dishwasher-safe.

47. A Stainless Steel Bar That Helps Eliminate Cooking Odors On Your Hands

Put this stainless steel odor absorber to any test: Use it on hands after chopping garlic and onions, and it will emerge victorious by removing undesirable odors. You can use it with or without water by rubbing it against your skin (the way you would an actual bar of soap). Run it through the dishwasher on occasion to keep it clean.

48. This Slush-And-Shake Maker That Works In 7 Minutes

You won’t need a blender, processor, or more than seven minutes of your precious time to whip up a satisfying shake or smoothie by using this shake maker. The 8-ounce container has an inner core that should be frozen for at least eight hours before turning ingredients like fruit, milk, and yogurt into delish treats. The cup comes in five colors and includes a spoon.

49. The Weather-Proof Spiral Notebook That Lasts In The Rain

Are you stuck in the rain with a backpack filled with important notes? This weather-proof spiral notebook will emerge from any storm completely dry, thanks to its waterproof pages. In fact, the book contains 100 pages and it comes in eight different colors.

50. A Sonic Toothbrush For Intense Cleaning And Brightening

Are you ready to give your toothbrush a major upgrade? This sonic toothbrush delivers a deep cleaning that removes more plaque than ordinary brushing, complete with its own whitening mode to brighten teeth. It comes with eight interchangeable brush heads and a travel case — and one full charge will last you four weeks.

51. An Aromatherapy Nasal Inhaler Made With Essential Oils

This trio of aromatherapy nasal inhalers are pocket-sized potions made from essential oils. They can help you focus, lift your spirits, and relax you with each use. The inhalers are made from ingredients like menthol, eucalyptus, peppermint, and more.

52. The Microwave Popcorn Popper That Collapses

In my opinion, movie nights are so much better with popcorn — and this is the popcorn popper to get the job done. The BPA-free silicone popcorn bowl can pop up to 14 cups of popcorn and features convenient handles, a lid, and a choice of eight shades. It even collapses for easy storage.

53. An Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow That Lets You Change The Loft Size

The makers of this adjustable shredded memory foam pillow know that pillow needs differ from person to person. This adjustable cushion has filling that can be added or removed to achieve the most comfortable loft. The hypoallergenic zippered pillow comes in four sizes.

54. The Magnetic Phone Mount That Stays In Your Car's Air Vents

Your phone will stay perfectly in place when you attach it to this magnetic phone holder. Its base remains secure in your vents, and its face can pivot to suit different angles. Plus, it's compatible with all smartphones.

55. This Beard Shaper For Groomed Facial Hair

Whether the guy in your life is seeking a better groomed goatee or shaped facial hair, this eight-in-one beard shaper will come to the rescue. It includes tools for curved cuts, step cuts, curved goatees, and more. The set also features stencils, a comb, and beard scissors.

56. These Elastic Shoelaces That You Don't Need To Tie

You’ll have one less thing to do on busy mornings when you trade in traditional shoelaces for these no-tie elastic shoelaces. The lock laces are simple to install, turning sneakers into slip-on shoes. They come in 12 different colors.

57. The Liquid-Free Screen Cleaner For Phones And Tablets

Remove fingerprints and dust from phones, tablets, and computer screens without a drop of liquid by using this unique iRoller screen cleaner. With just a few rolls and passes of this product, debris and smudges are cleared away. Plus, it's compact and fits into any bag.

58. This Hilarious Party Game In Which You Create Funny Memes

Call friends and family over and play one of the most entertaining and funny party games around, in which you compete to create hilarious memes by pairing photo cards to caption cards. A rotating judge is chosen to rate the cards, and the winner is crowned Meme King or Queen.

59. A Laptop Backpack With Tons Of Storage

You’ll have room for everything when you store your laptop, books, and electronic devices in this laptop backpack, which is made from strong, water-resistant material. The backpack boasts a dedicated laptop compartment that can hold a 15.6-inch laptop, another roomy compartment for books, and a front compartment with pockets and a key fob hook. It also has a built-in USB charger on the outside and a charging cable on the inside — and it comes in nine colors.

60. This Solar-Powered Phone Charger That Can Power Up 2 Devices At Once

Save time and conserve energy with this solar-powered phone charger that can handle powering up two smartphones or devices at the exact same time. The charger is perfect if you find yourself in a spot that doesn’t have an outlet, and the sun’s power can get it to work fast. It features dual USB ports, a micro USB charger, and a built-in flashlight.

61. These Long-Lasting Bamboo Bed Sheets That Are Really Soft

It’s not easy to score bed sheets that walk that fine line between comfy and long-lasting. But these silky sheets are made with a blend of bamboo and brushed microfiber, which means that they're smooth while also holding their own as hypoallergenic. They're also and wrinkle- and stain-resistant and come in 12 shades.

62. A Tool That's An Electric Trimmer And Shaver At Once

If you want, you can get more facial hair grooming options in one simple shaver. This electric groomer can shave, trim, and edge hair at any given length. It works wet or dry and comes with three stubble combs. Reviewers have written that it's "easy to use."

63. This Chilly Hat That Relieves Headaches And Tension

The minute you feel a headache or sinus pain coming on, grab this headache hat and experience natural pain relief. The soft wrap provides both compression and cooling therapy via individually-wrapped ice cubes that are embedded into the wrap. When you aren’t using it, keep it stored in its freezer storage bag so that it’s always ready to go.

64. The Convenient Waist Pack With Pockets For Your Phone And Keys

Keep your hands free and store the necessities you need to take with you in this adjustable waist pack, which is conveniently water-resistant. The pack has pockets galore, including a main double-zippered compartment, two front pockets, and one hidden pocket in the back. Choose among more than 25 colors and prints. Bustle may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently of Bustle's editorial and sales departments. This article reflects price at publication and may change.