7 Facts All Budding Witches Know To Be True

It doesn't matter if you haven't received your acceptance letter from magic school yet. If you know you're a witch, you're a witch — i.e., a badass who knows how to harness her power as a female! It all depends on whether or not you decide to answer the calling. And there are certain things all of us budding witches know to be true.

As we see in The CW's Charmed, great witchy power comes with great witchy responsibility. That's right, the show you loved in your childhood is back, readjusted for 2018, with a whole new trio of sisters. After the suspicious and sudden death of their mother, social justice warrior Mel and social butterfly Maggie are united with their long-lost surprise sister Macy — who also happens to be a brilliant chemist at the university in their hometown.

On such an emotional high, each sister also discovers that she possesses some unusual powers. With the aid of Harry, a magical henchman masquerading as the women's studies professor, the sisters learn a few shocking truths. Firstly, their mother's death was indeed an deliberate action of dark forces. Secondly, it's their destiny to band together to vanquish demon forces that are threatening the very existence of mankind. No pressure, right?

But when you're called on by the universe, what is there to do but answer? Inspired by the premiere of Charmed, we're running through a series of things that all budding witches know to be true. Make sure to check out Charmed, new series October 14, Sunday 9/8c only on The CW.

1. You Might Grow Up Feeling A Little... Different

That uniqueness might fuel your fighting spirit, like Mel. You might cultivate that difference into a career built upon your brilliance, like Macy. You might fight it and try to fit in like Maggie. But odds are, you've probably found a way to own your special-ness, even when you didn't have the label ~witchiness~ to put on it.

2. Your Magical Powers Are More Potent With A Mentor

Learning the witching ways of the world can be overwhelming, and it's good to have a guide. When the new head of the gender studies department surfaces on campus (and happens to be a man), our girls are understandably a little suspicious. As it turns out, he's a magical emissary sent to guide the sisters in cultivating their powers, and using them to save the world. Good to know!

3. You Have A Super Keen Sense Of ~Vibes~

Whether it's a sudden change in temperature, or just a weird feeling you get from someone, your sense of intuition about a place or a person is strong. Like in Charmed, if you get an odd vibe about walking into the woods, or an icky feeling about someone, they might be just as bad as you're thinking.

4. Mind-Reading Is A Blessing And A Curse

Perhaps your budding witch powers are like Maggie's, who has the ability to hear people's thoughts with the power of a touch. Sure, this may be a serious challenge when she's rushing her dream sorority, but it also saves her life. While you might not want to hear everyone's snap judgment of you, you know know when such a skill might come in handy.

5. Freezing Time Gives You A Moment To Think

When she discovers her powers of freezing time, Mel has an understandable reaction of "what the heck is happening?" But when she becomes more aware of what she can do with this gift, she's able to use it perfectly to think over a tough romantic decision, or even to get her and her sisters out of a tight spot.

6. Concentration Is Key

Whether you're levitating people with "light as a feather, stiff as a board" or contacting the dead, focusing is the key to making your powers work exactly as they should. Concentration is key to brilliant sister Macy being able to harness her telekinetic powers. So clear your mind, think of what you want, and move that remote over to your hand with the sheer power of your brain!

7. Magic Is More Fun In A Group

With their individual powers, Macy, Maggie, and Mel can do some amazing things. But it's only when they unite and invoke the power of three that they can take on the world. Similarly, you can easily practice magic in your room alone. But practicing it with your sisters is far more fun. Not to mention, you're stronger together.

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