7 Reasons 'Crazy Rich Asians' Is The Perfect Summer Romantic Comedy

Exotic, far-flung locations. Ridiculously beautiful stars. Crazy family dynamics that everyone can relate to.

No, we’re not talking about the latest summer action movie. We’re talking about Crazy Rich Asians — the romantic comedy based on Kevin Kwan’s bestselling novel of the same name — which delivers everything you can hope for in a summer movie. It’s a classic girl falls in love, girl meets boy’s family, boy is crazy rich and his family is a bit crazy story. Add a world of glitzy parties, fast cars, and private jets, and you get a surprisingly relatable story like none you’ve ever seen on the big screen before.

Featuring an all-Asian main cast, Crazy Rich Asians centers on Rachel (Constance Wu), a whip-smart economics professor who travels to Singapore to meet her boyfriend Nick’s family for the first time. Once she gets there, Rachel discovers that Nick (Henry Golding) isn’t just handsome and sweet … he’s rich. Like, really rich. Rich like his family is basically Singaporean royalty, and with that status comes intrigue, jealousy, and power plays. Rachel has to learn the ways of the crazy rich fast, especially if she wants to win over Eleanor (Michelle Yeoh), Nick’s fierce mother who sees Rachel as an outsider who can never enter into their circle. And it’s a world where everything’s bigger — the drama, the mansions, and the laughs.

Join us as we count down the ways Crazy Rich Asians delivers everything you could want in a summer movie. And make to grab your friends, family, significant other — or all of the above! — for all of the hilarious, heartwarming thrills in Crazy Rich Asians, in theaters everywhere on August 15.