7 Things I've Learned About Work In My 20s

Suzannah Weiss

When I was in my teens, having a job sounded like the most amazingly grown-up thing ever. I took any work I was offered because the prospect of making my own money was thrilling, and I didn’t put much thought into it. Now, at 27, my approach to work is very different. I aim to get the work that fulfills my dreams, fighting for the absolute best opportunities.

My first job was at age 14 at a Japanese restaurant. A really cute guy and I were bussing tables. I remember very little from that job besides awkwardly flirting with him and eating rice in the back when I had a free second. God, he was cute. I wonder what ever happened to him.

Since then, my work experience has spanned making pizzas at my college dining hall, organizing books at a store, working as a research assistant in a psychology lab and a robotics program, TAing classes, doing marketing for a tech startup, and working as a freelance writer and editor for the past three years.

Over the course of my 20s, work has (thankfully) come to mean much more than the opportunity to flirt with a cute coworker. Here are some things I’ve learned about work over the past few years.