75 Brilliant Things For Men Under $35 With Thousands of Positive Reviews On Amazon

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Once upon a time we had to actually go to the mall or spend time outside the house to do our gift shopping. These days, however, we have the wonderful world of Amazon: It lets us peruse millions of gift ideas without ever leaving the comfort of our jammies. It's possibly the most brilliant thing to ever happen to gift-giving. Plus, it keeps things affordable — so if you're shopping for gifts for men under $35, there are tons of possibilities.

When brainstorming ideas, think first about their personality. Some guys are practical and prefer things like razors, bar soap, socks, or toothbrushes. Others like to spoil themselves with treats like soft bedsheets, foot massagers, or French presses. Others are into techie stuff, like phone gadgets, smart plugs, Bluetooth speakers, or portable power banks.

Another element to consider is what they do for work or fun. Are they professional business type who could use a stylus pen to take notes on his tablet or a mini steamer to keep suits pressed when he travels? Or perhaps they're an outdoorsy fellow who is always spending time in the woods. In this case, he might like a survival keychain, or a camping lantern.

Of course — they don't have to be guys to enjoy these gifts, they're obviously for everyone. But if you're shopping for your boyfriend, your dad, your coworker, or your best friend, there's something on this list of gifts for men under $35 that he will love.

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