79 Weird But Utterly Brilliant Things Most Added To Amazon Wish Lists

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I'm not really the type of person who regularly uses the phrase, "I'll have what she's having." That is, until it comes to the weird but genius things most added to Amazon wish lists. It's hard to make your own unique decisions when people are bookmarking such awesome products. In this situation, I'm all about jumping on the bandwagon, because if everyone's dying to get their hands on that toothpick-dispensing narwhal, it's probably for a solid reason.

What exactly constitutes "weird" here? I'll be the first to admit that it's a pretty relative term. To me, weird means that it's a little out of the ordinary and maybe a bit random, but to make it a worthy purchase, it's also surprisingly practical. Here, you'll find odd ingredients, innovative inventions, and that seemingly useless thing that you'll actually use every day of your life — and it's all within the category of bizarre products on Amazon that you need to know about.

So if you're looking for your average socks-and-mugs roundup, look elsewhere. But if you're in the market for something strange and intriguing, here's a ton of awesome products to put on your own Amazon wish list. Or, y'know, to just go ahead and buy already, because these things probably won't stay in stock for long.

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1This Awesome Rechargeable Light That Looks Like The Moon


LED Lunar Moon Night Lamp, $29, Amazon

Made with advanced 3D printing technology, this LED lamp is designed to look like the real moon. It also works via touch — just tap it to switch colors or turn down the brightness. It's totally rechargeable using a USB port, so you can take it with you anywhere, and it can emit warm yellow light or warm white light, depending on your mood.

2This Beyond Adorable Way To Dispense Your Toothpicks


Fred POLAR PICKS Ceramic Toothpick Dispenser, $13, Amazon

Somewhere there's a Venn diagram of avid toothpick users and narwhal lovers, and in the middle is this porcelain POLAR PICKS toothpick dispenser. A little shake causes one toothpick to dispense through the tiny hole, it fits dozens of toothpicks, and it has a removable plug for easy refills.

3These No-Tie Laces That Actually Look Like Real Laces


Leazy No Tie Shoelaces, $10, Amazon

Unlike the other brands that don't even look like real shoelaces, no one will be the wiser with these no tie shoelaces. These are particularly stretchy and comfortable, so all your shoes slip on and stay on while you're walking around. They anchor to the last eyelet with a durable tab, and they come in five colors and four sizes (depending on the number of eyelets on your sneakers). They're especially brilliant for athletes who don't want to trip when they run, and reviewers say they're easy to install.

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4This Shake-Proof Makeup Bag That Keeps Your Products Safe In Transit


Portable Travel makeup bag, $20, Amazon

This brilliant portable travel makeup bag is waterproof and shake-proof which means you can pack it up with your checked luggage without fearing an explosion of precious products. It comes with four small pockets for keeping brushes in tacts and reasonably sized compartments for cosmetics and beauty products. This bag will have you traveling in confidence, knowing that your cosmetics will arrive in the same condition they were packed.

5This Toothpaste Holder That Squeezes Out Every Last Drop


Toothpaste Squeezer, $8, Amazon

This toothpaste holder keeps your toothpaste readily accessible and squeezes the tube from the bottom, ensuring that you get every last drop.

6This Brilliant Way To Keep Your Brushes Working Like New


Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner, $31, Amazon

With three speeds and a USB rechargeable design, this makeup brush cleaner is the easiest way to keep your cosmetic tools hygienic and working like new. The rubber collars hold different sized brushes (the set comes with eight) in place while the machine spins, getting rid of residue, germs, and old makeup. It even comes with its own powerful cleaning solution and dries your brushes for you, too. This is one of the only ways out there to clean your brushes — and have them completely dry and ready to use right after doing it.

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7This Reliable Lint Roller That Twists Out Of Its Protective Case


Flint Reusable Lint Roller, $10, Amazon

I feel like everyone on earth should own a Flint lint roller, and here's why: the retractable and reusable design means that you can take it anywhere with you, and the sticky sheets stay protected and ready to go. It rolls up like a tube of lipstick to catch all that stubborn hair, lint, and dust without getting it all over your bag, and it comes up a ton of awesome colors. It's also made from eco-friendly materials and high-quality Japanese paper.

8This Weird Travel Pillow That Reviewers Call, "The Greatest Thing Invented Since Chicken And Biscuits"


Trtl Pillow, $30, Amazon

This bizarre travel companion is called the Trtl Pillow, and it's apparently scientifically proven to hold the neck in an ergonomic position during sleep, so you won't wake up from a nap with a sore neck. It's half the size of a traditional travel pillow and weighs less, too, but it uses an internal patented support system, strengthened ribs, and soft fleece to keep your head comfortable and upright while traveling. Best of all, it's non-bulky and totally washable for your convenience.

9This All-Day Shadow That Goes On As A Cream And Dries As A Powder


Julep Crème to Powder Waterproof Eyeshadow, $18, Amazon

This brilliant Julep waterproof eyeshadow goes on as a cream and dries as a powder, with no brushes required — it has a built-in smudger tool at the bottom to distribute everything evenly. It's buildable and blendable, too. Best of all, it sets in 30 seconds for a creaseless all-day wear in 20 different colors. It's also fortified with great ingredients like soothing aloe, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C.

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10A Tiny Portable Sewing Machine That Works Just As Well As A Full-Size One


Amado Portable Sewing Machine, $27, Amazon

Be the hole-in-the-wedding-dress hero everyone needs with this Amado portable sewing machine. Because of its small size and lightweight, it can be set up anywhere to provide a high-quality double stitch on any project. It even comes with bobbins, a pedal, and a built-in winder, and it can be used with a wall plug or batteries. One reviewer writes: "I was so happily surprised by the quality of this machine. For being so small and inexpensive, it does an amazing job."

11This Heavenly Shiatsu Foot Massager For A Great Price


Shiatsu Foot Massager, $70, Amazon

This shiatsu massager provides deep-penetrating 3D nodes to ease tired feet, prompt relaxation, and help with Plantar Fasciitis or heel spurs. It's even got a heat function and uses reflexology pressure points to deliver the best stress and tension relief to aching feet. It's easy to work with only a push of a button, too.

12These Plugs Turn Your Phone Into A Remote Control For Your Electronics


YWTESCH Wifi Smart Plugs, $43 (Set of 2), Amazon

Control your appliances, devices, and lights from anywhere with these YWTESCH Wifi smart plugs. The included app allows you to set timers, schedules, and turn your electronics on and off while you're away from home. It even works with Amazon Alexa for voice control, and is easy to install — just plug in and connect to the app. It also has overload protection to save you money on energy bills.

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13A Balm That Stops Pain And Blisters With Any Pair Of Shoes


Solemates Blister Blocker Balm, $13, Amazon

If heels are a consistent source of foot pain, try Solemates blister blocker balm. This natural and effective formula creates a non-greasy invisible barrier that minimizes friction against tight straps and digging shoes. It's hypoallergenic without any scary ingredients, and it comes in a travel-friendly container that goes a very long way. It's also good for any kind of shoe, including sneakers and sandals.

14An Ingenious Bowl That Lets You Wash, Slice, And Eat Your Salad In One Place


Salad Cutter Bowl, $10, Amazon

You could chop the tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, and onions separately, or you could do it all at once with this salad cutter bowl. The slats double as a colander for washing and a slicing bowl with guidelines for your knife, so you can prep everything in the same container — and eat it right out of the bowl. It's also super durable and dishwasher safe, so clean-up is just as quick.

15These Vivid Washable Markers To Draw On Wine Glasses, Mugs, And Dishes


Arteza Wine Glass Metallic Markers, $9, Amazon

Leave little notes to your partner, write people's names on their wine glasses, or decorate your mugs for your Christmas party. The possibilities are endless with these Arteza metallic markers. Eight vivid colors pop on any surface, and while the water-based ink dries quickly and resist fading, it's easy enough to wash off when you need to. It's even safe to write on materials like wood or plastic.

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16This Adorable Elephant Friend That Holds Your Snacks (And Your Garbage)


Fred OLIVER Ceramic Elephant Tidbit Bowl, $21, Amazon

Not only is this elephant tidbit bowl arguably one of the most adorable things you'll see on the internet today, but it's extremely practical, too: the body holds your favorite snacks while the trunk catches all the garbage, like pits, shells, or seeds. It's made from durable stoneware, and when it gets full, you just pop out the rubber plug on the bottom to empty it.

17A Fun Word Game You Can Bring Anywhere


Bananagrams, $13, Amazon

Bananagrams is a competitive word game that doesn't require a board — just tiles zipped into their cute banana bag. Players race to create words from their tiles, and the first player to use all their tiles is the winner.

18A Creative AF Rolling Knife So Your Fingers Stay Out Of The Way


Circular Rolling Knife, $16, Amazon

This creative rolling knife has an ergonomic design that easily cuts through meat, vegetables, cakes, and pizza while keeping your fingers totally out of the way. It's made from non-slip ABS plastic and stainless steel, and the ergonomic design won't put any strain on the wrists. It also comes with a blade cover to keep it safe during storage.

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19This Light-Up Compact Mirror That Also Charges Your Phone


Shinngo Compact Mirror Power Bank, $30, Amazon

With one normal mirror, a magnified mirror, and a rechargeable LED illumination light, this Shinngo compact already belongs in everyone's purse. The mirror also has a magnet closure, so it won't open in your purse. Add in the fact that it has a lithium polymer battery to charge your phone on the go, and you'll never leave the house without it — and the set comes with the USB cord and a carrying case.

20This Dual Sunrise Alarm Clock/Noise Machine For The Best Sleep Ever


Wake Up Light And Sound Machine, $130, Amazon

Get to sleep easier and wake up easier with this sunrise alarm clock. It turns on at a set time and gradually increases in brightness to mimic natural sunlight, helping to wake you gently and hack your circadian rhythm. You can even choose from 10 brightness settings, and it includes a 90 day money back guarantee.

21These Genius Stretchy Silicone Lids That Cover Any Container


Silicone Stretch Lids, $17 (Set of 8), Amazon

These silicone stretch lids are safer and more eco-friendly than plastic wrap, but unlike Tupperware lids, they fit just about any sized container. A wide range of sizes effortlessly stretch over everything from cans to giant pots, keeping your food fresher and mess-free. They're also non-toxic, BPA-free, and fine to place in the dishwasher or freezer.

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22This Rotating Curling Iron That Wraps The Hair For You


Kiss Products Instawave Automatic Hair Curler, $40, Amazon

This bizarre Instawave curling tool does all the styling work for you. The rotating dial creates front-facing or back-facing curls (the best way to keep curls looking natural) at the touch of a button, while the diamond-ceramic ionic barrel keeps hair soft and shiny while minimizing damage. There are multiple heat settings for all different types of hair, and an auto-off feature keeps you safe should you accidentally leave it plugged in.

23A Huge Bottle Of Tea Tree Oil That Is Super Versatile


First Botany Cosmeceuticals, Tea Tree Oil, $13, Amazon

One of the most versatile and powerful essential oils you can keep in your medicine cabinet is tea tree oil, but only a high-quality, therapeutic grade like this one can ensure this plant is working to its fullest potential. Not only can tea tree oil be used to treat cysts, cold sores, and dandruff you can also add it to a diffuser and use it for aromatherapy. This brand doesn’t add any preservatives or additives because tea tree itself is antiseptic and doesn’t need any help staying strong. It also comes with a glass dropper to measure droplets. A little bit of this oil goes a long way, so this four ounce bottle is a great deal.

24A Set Of Himalayan Sea Salt Candle Holders That Help Purify The Air


Himalayan Sea Salt Candle Holders, $13 (Set of 2), Amazon

Not only are these sea salt candle holders an elegant, artsy to any room they also claim purify the air and enhance the ionic balance of the room. Naturally ionized air is supposed to have a soothing, calming affect on the body which could help you relax and even sleep better at night.

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25The Wipes That Get Rid Of Wine Stains


Wine Wipes, $9, Amazon

These innovative wipes instantly brighten up your smile after a glass of red wine, and get rid of that pesky wine stain on teeth and lips — plus, they have a light citrus flavor. They come in a small travel tin that's easy to fit in a purse or pocket, and has a mirror inside.

26These Temporary Chalk Pens That Minimize The Mess


Philonext Temporary Hair Chalk Pens, $26, Amazon

Try out all the latest ombre looks with these temporary hair chalk pens. They're safe, non-toxic, and use a rotary style cover that screws up like a tube of lipstick to minimize mess — and the waxy lipstick texture makes it easy to apply. You can blend the 12 vivid colors for costume parties or to test out looks before you commit, and they wash out easily in the shower. Reviewers say it works on brunette hair colors, too, and doesn't smell.

27These Toe Separators For Bunions, Misaligned Toes, Or Foot Pain


ProTragen Toe Separators, $16, Amazon

Alleviate foot conditions, toe pain, bunions, and sore muscles with these weird but genius toe separators. They're made from comfortable and washable silicone that you can wear with or without shoes to reduce muscle stress and pressure. You can also use them to realign crooked toes, and this set even comes with a free textured massage ball to stimulate pressure points in the feet.

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28A Natural Way To Get Baby Soft Feet

Foot Scrub Kit, $8, Amazon

This foot pumice stone gift set penetrates thick callouses on feet to remove dead skin and hydrate the softer layer underneath. First there's the pumice stone, which is made from real volcanic lava and contains no other additives. Then there's the the two-in-one purple pumice stone for the finishing touch, and a suction hook for storing the pumice stones.

29A Pack Of Totally Non-Cheesy Affirmation Cards


Affirmators! Affirmation Cards, $14 (Set Of 50 Cards), Amazon

This pack of 50 affirmation cards claims to foster self help without the "self-helpy-ness." Each card contains a message and a cute illustration to get you feeling inspired.

30This At-Home Quesadilla Press At A Great Price


George Foreman Electric Quesadilla Maker, $18, Amazon

According to reviewers, this George Foreman electric quesadilla maker is also great for sandwiches and pancakes. Its non-stick plates have deep pockets that hold all your favorite meat and cheese ingredients, and the textured design creases your food for easy cutting. The outer ridges prevent things from leaking out, and the cord-wrap and vertical base allow for simple storage.

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31This Curse Word Coloring Book That Will Help You Work Some Sh*t Out


Swear Word Coloring Book, $6, Amazon

Coloring isn’t just for toddlers to channel their energy, this swear word coloring book is filled with intricate images and all the swears you need to work some sh*t out. This twenty-seven paged book has one-page designs to avoid colors bleeding through and includes a variety of images including animals, flowers, and patterns.

32A Set Of Six Fragrant Oils


Assorted Fragrance Oils, $16 (Set Of 6), Amazon

This set of six fragrance oils includes sandalwood, fresh cut grass, bamboo, ocean breeze, rain, and forest pine . They work well as concentrated perfumes or as an addition to soaps, candles, or hair care formulas.

33A Party Game That Might Ruin All Your Friendships


The Voting Game, $25, Amazon

This fun party game is perfect for up to 10 players and is a good way to have fun and also maybe lose friends (just as long as the game lasts, of course) — choose a card with a question like "Who will be the hardest to recognize in 10 years?" and anonymously vote. When the votes are revealed, those who got voted for get to have a guess at who picked their name. It comes with 160 questions, and expansion packs are available.

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34A Bestselling Book That Helps You Get In Touch With Your Inner Self


The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself, $13, Amazon

This New York Times bestselling book helps readers explore their relationship with their thoughts and feelings. It's overall goal is to help the reader free themselves from negative thoughts that suck away too much of their energy.

35A Color-Changing Light So Cars Can See You In The Dark


TEQIN LED Shoe Safety Clip, $14 (Set of 2), Amazon

This weatherproof clip easily attaches to your shoe without adhesives or fasteners. Then it lights up and changes colors so cars can see you on your bike, while jogging, or while walking the dog. It runs on batteries and can flash for up to 100 hours, and you can even opt to wear it on your wrist, forearm, heel, or on your dog's collar instead.

36This Gooseneck Holder For Reading Or Watching At Any Angle


Gooseneck Tablet Stand, $13, Amazon

This tablet holder uses a flexible gooseneck and a durable clamp to give you hands-free watching and reading anywhere. It's comparable with most smartphones and tablets, and the 360-degree rotating neck means you can position it at any angle. It's great for recipes, reading in bed, and watching movies, all without the need for hands.

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37A Deck Of Cards That Will Inspire


The Universe Has Your Back, $12, Amazon

This deck of cards has 52 inspiring messages that open up anyone who reads them to the power of the universe — they're meant to inspire, motivate, and bring peace to all who read them. Reviewers say they do all that and more, and the illustrations are especially beautiful.

38A Case That Organizes Everything In Your Bag


Grid It Organizer, $10, Amazon

This little grid organizer slips into any backpack, tote, or suitcase and keeps all your loose objects safe and secure. It has rubberized woven elastic, and it will fit items of all different sizes — from tablets and phones to loose cords, lip balms, and pens.

39This Book Of Spy Secrets That Will Help You Survive Anything


Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life, $11, Amazon

If the uncertainties of life are starting to weigh you down, this book of spy secrets will help you be as prepared as you possibly can with survival and safety techniques from a former CIA officer. This is a great book for everyone to be prepared in the rare event you find yourself needing to escape handcuffs, pick a lock, or quickly DIY your own weapon. It’s not just filled with severe, apocalyptic scenarios either; this book will help keep you on your toes by teaching you how to spot when someone is lying and quickly identify dangerous situations on your own. An entertaining read filled with life-saving techniques that can protect you and your loved ones is as timeless as a book can get.

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40This Primer That Masks Large Pores And Absorbs Excess Oil


Touch in Sol No Pore Blem Primer, $10, Amazon

For a smooth, soft base every time you start your makeup routine, there's this weird yet effective primer. It covers large pores, wrinkles, and uneven skin, and it's infused with sebum-catching powder that keeps your makeup fresh and matte all day long. Reviewers also say it's extra hydrating, so it can take the place of your moisturizer.

41A Kit That Makes Sushi Simpler


Sushiquik Sushi Making Kit, $25, Amazon

This kit makes it easy to assemble yummy sushi rolls. It comes with a training frame, rolling mat, non-stick paddle, and a roll-cutter. It can be used to make sushi that has rice inside or outside, and you can toss the rolling mat into the dishwasher for easy-cleaning.

42A Tiny Iron That's Amazing For Travel


Steamfast Home-and-Away Mini Steam Iron, $18, Amazon

It heats up in 15 seconds, it can tackle just about any fabric, and it has multiple temperature settings, but the Steamfast Home-and-Away iron is roughly the size of your palm. Because of its dual voltage and included measuring cup and storage bag, it's amazing for travel, and reviewers say it's a must-have for crafters, small living spaces, or people who regularly take business trips.

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43A Retinol Cream That's Less Irritating


LilyAna Naturals Retinol Cream, $19, Amazon

This hydrating cream from LilyAna Naturals contains a concentrated 2.5 percent retinol. Retinol, a powerful Vitamin A derivative, is known for improving skin's texture and evening out the complexion with continued use — but it can also cause dryness and irritation. This cream minimizes the negative effects by hydrating skin with hyaluronic acid, shea butter, and jojoba oil.

44Reflective Nail Stickers That Pleases Your Inner Mermaid


Mirror Manicure Stickers, $8 (10 Stickers), Amazon

If you're big into the chrome or metallic trends, there's this awesomely weird nail stickers. They reflect blue to violet right before your eyes, and on top of that, they're just really easy to apply.

45An Oil-Absorbing Powder That Keeps Your Makeup Fresh All Day


Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder, $10, Amazon

A Korean beauty favorite, this Innisfree mineral powder is designed to soak up oil and excess sebum without messing up your makeup. Its lightweight consistency is transparent without caking or changing the color of your foundation, and it keeps you looking matte and fresh no matter how long your day is.

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46These Genius Pumps That Make Mason Jars Extra Functional


Mason Jar Pump Lids, $12 (2 Pack), Amazon

These lids are a real game-changer for the mason jar lover. They allow you to get the most out of your collection by turning it into a pump bottle. It's perfect for soaps and lotions.

47These Twinkly String Light Curtain With Eight Different Settings


Twinkle Star Window Curtain Lights, $17, Amazon

Add a little magic to your bedroom, reading nook, or holiday decor with this best selling string light curtain. Ten strands of lights are all connected so you can easily hang them over windows, walls, headboards, or pergolas, and they have eight different mode settings for all sorts of mood lighting effects.

48This Set Of Serums That's Perfect For Skincare Beginners


ArtNaturals Serum Set, $25, Amazon

This oil set — which includes a retinol serum, a hyaluronic acid serum, and a vitamin C serum — is a great way to restore the skin’s natural glow and treat uneven complexions. Art Naturals has high standards, so you can rest assured that all three products are 100 percent natural and will keep your face hydrated with pure, honest ingredients.

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49This Magical Cloth That Gets Rid Of Makeup Using Nothing But Water


Miracle Face Erase Cloth, $12 (Pack of 2), Amazon

If you're extra sensitive to ingredients in makeup removers and face washes, here's the answer: the Miracle Face erase cloth. Its soft microfiber construction magically cleanses away dirt, makeup, and residue using nothing but water — it even works for waterproof mascara. Each one has a convenient hanging loop so it dries quickly, and the set comes with free hair ties. They can be used over 1,000 times without having to purchase a new one, too.

50These Adorable Dryer Balls That Lessen Static And Drying Time


Kikkerland Hedgehog Dryer Balls, $7 (2 Pack), Amazon

These adorable hedgehog dryer buddies could just save you some electricity and some stress. They lessen the drying time and control static electricity to give you softer, more manageable clothes. They work by creating space to circulate heat more efficiently, and they come in a set of two.

51This Reliable Toiletries Bag So You Can Travel In Style


Casper & Coal Travel Cosmetic Bag, $22, Amazon

Forget plastic bags and travel in style with this Casper & Coal travel cosmetic bag. Three elastic bands and three mesh pockets hold everything from your shampoo to your toothbrush in place. Instead of zippers, it has a dependable drawstring closure that keeps everything else in your suitcase safe from spills, and you can stand it upright on the counter when you reach your destination. The whole thing is even washable in case something leaks inside.

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52A Journal That Promotes Self-Exploration


Start Where You Are: A Journal For Self-Exploration, $13, Amazon

This journal is designed to help you do more than just write down the daily happenings. It's filled with quotes, questions, and prompts aimed at encouraging self-reflection and growth.

53A NSFW Game Full Of "That's What She/He/They Said" Jokes


That's What She Said Game, Party Game, $25, Amazon

If you’ve ever found yourself tempted to giggle at a well-timed “That’s what she said” quip, this game will be right up your ally. It's filled with 400 cards, each with its own twisted innuendo that will have everyone cracking up. But it’s not just for exchanging retorts, it’s a fast-paced board game that anyone with a dirty sense of humor can enjoy. Of course, you should feel fully encouraged to switch it up for a game of “That’s What He Said” and keep in mind that this game allows you the freedom to switch up the phrases to make them more realistic and inclusive.

54A Simple Tool To Master Edible Decorating


Write On Icing Decorating Tool, $16, Amazon

Whether it's birthday cakes, holiday cookies, or pancake messages, this Write On tool makes it so unbelievably simple. Fill it with frosting, sauces, honey, gels, or melted chocolate and simply squeeze to write. It's dishwasher safe, and reviewers say it's so "easy and comfortable" to create designs, messages, and edible decorations.

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55A Brilliantly Designed Microwave Popper For A Healthier Snack


The Original Salbree Microwave Popcorn Popper, $16, Amazon

This easy-to-use popcorn maker is collapsible, so it becomes super small when it's time to store it away. All you do is add in your preferred amount of kernels (there are measuring markings inside the bowl) and put it in the microwave for a fast, healthy snack. Made of silicone, it comes in eight vibrant colors and has a perfect five-star rating with over 4,000 reviews.

56This 7-in-1 Grooming Kit That Has Everyone Covered


7-In-1 Electric Razor Men Beard Trimmer, $32, Amazon

Now you can bring the entire salon home with you sans the service charge with this 7-in-1 grooming kit. Included in this trusty set is all the essentials: facial cleansing brush, razor head, soft face sponge, nose and ear trimmer, sideburns knife, precision trimmer, and a lady shaver. Each product is made with innovative technology to create a professional grooming experience. It comes with a cordless design and a two year warranty, but judging from reliable reviewers on Amazon, you won’t need it—this grooming set has everything you’ll ever need.

57These Rechargeable Lights So You Can Decorate With Recycled Wine Bottles


kingleder Rechargeable Wine Bottle Lights, $19 (Set of 4), Amazon

These awesome wine bottle lights make incredible centerpieces, seasonal decorations, wedding accents, or soothing night lights. Both the cork and the attached string have a calming glow, and when they go dead, just plug them into any USB port to recharge.

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58A Natural Liquid Soap That Can Do Way More Than Your Average


Lavany Portable Facial Cleansing Brush, $40, Amazon

There’s no need to skip crucial steps in your skincare routine with this portable facial cleansing brush. You can exfoliate effectively from anywhere because of the adorable portable design and long-lasting battery life, providing you with approximately thirty days of use. The bristles of this brush are soft, durable, and will effectively remove dirt and debris from the pores. It comes with a blue UV light base that keeps the brush clean in between use by removing leftover bacteria and pollutants. This is a great cleansing tool to store comfortably in your bathroom and take with you on a sleepover.

59A Card Game Filled With "Loaded Questions"


Loaded Questions Card Game, $8, Amazon

You can play this card game anywhere you can find three other people to play with you. It comes with 200 laugh-worthy "loaded questions" for players to answer, and of course someone is keeping score.

60An Ice Roller That Soothes Irritated Or Tired Skin


Esarora Ice Roller, $12, Amazon

Brilliant for anyone who gets headaches, wakes up with puffy eyes, or just has sunburnt or irritated skin, this ice roller can be placed in the freezer and provide some quick relief. It also circulates blood to the face and promotes collagen production, which can lead to more elasticity the more you use it. Reviewers say it feels heavenly and provides some serious relief from headaches.

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61A Lens For Your Phone That Turns You Into A Professional Photographer


Amir Camera Lens Kit, $19, Amazon

Made for both iPhones and Samsung phones, this camera lens kit comes with a super-wide angle lens to expand your field of view, a 180-degree fisheye lens for unique scenery shots, and an enhanced 10x macro lens for incredible closeups. They're all made from high-quality glass and with a professional HD lens that reduces glare and reflections, and they come with a clip for the phone and a bag that doubles as a cleaning cloth.

62A Set Of Luxurious Pillows That You'll Never Have To Fluff Up


Zen Bamboo Ultra Plush Gel Pillows, $32 (2 Pack), Amazon

These ultra plush pillows are made with a hypoallergenic bamboo cover that also dust mites and mildew, and are made with a plush gel fiber that's good for any sleeping position. They also have a no-shift construction that means you won't have to keep fluffing them up to get comfortable, and one reviewer confirms: "Amazingly soft and comfortable. We got the best nights sleep in a very long time! Pillows are great quality and have a decent weight to them like a feather pillow but there’s no need to constantly fluff and readjust." They're also stain-resistant!

63A Set Of Bamboo Cooking Utensils That Have A Versatile Silicone Coating


Lively Home Goods 7-Piece Silicone Kitchen Tool Set, $31, Amazon

With eco-friendly, durable bamboo handles and heat-resistant BPA-free silicone heads, this kitchen tool set is everything you need for the kitchen — and a truly weird but brilliant combo. These tools, like a soup ladle, a slotted spoon, a pasta server, and a spatula can be used on any pan without scratching their non-stick surfaces. They're also lightweight and waterproof, too.

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64A Molded Sleep Mask So No Light Sneaks In


Lonforte Deep Molded Sleep Mask, $9, Amazon

Blocking out about 99 percent of light, this molded sleep mask has a contoured nose, which also takes away about 95 percent of the pressure from the bridge — which means a way more comfortable sleep. It also has a deep eye cup design, which means it doesn't touch the eyes and won't mess up makeup after a quick travel nap. It's also made from breathable, comfortable material and comes with a carrying case and a set of earplugs.

65These Stick-Anywhere, Motion-Sensor Night Lights


Mr. Beams Battery-Powered Motion-Sensing LED Stick-Anywhere Nightlight, $24, Amazon

These brilliant motion-sensing night lights don’t need an outlet to power on, they're battery-powered and can stick anywhere, so you only need motion to gently light up a room. The lights are a soft amber, so they won’t shock your eyes when they sense movement and have an automatic shut off after thirty seconds of no motion.

66A Hair Mask Fortified With Almonds To Repair Dry Hair


Argan Oil Hair Mask, $20, Amazon

The benefits of using this argan oil hair mask make it one worth checking out — it's meant to promote new hair follicle growth, repairs the hair shaft, keeps hair looking thicker and smoother, repairs UV damage and heat damage, and protects hair color. It's made with cosmetics-grade argan oil, almond oil, hydrolyzed silk, and vitamin B5. It also removes build-up pf hair products from the scalp.

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67A Book That You Finish Writing Yourself


Finish This Book, $13, Amazon

This brilliant book by Keri Smith is an incomplete journal that the reader finishes themselves — with a few mysteries, clues, and puzzles that make it a fun, interactive experience. It's great for teenagers and adults, and reviewers say it has exceeded their expectations: "This book is not what I thought it would be, It is so much more!"

68All-Natural Facial Cleanses Sponges That Gently Exfoliate


Konjac Sponge Trio, $12 (3 Sponges), Amazon

These facial cleansing sponges are made from the natural fibers of the konjac plant. They can be used with your favorite face wash, and their soft but textured surface gently buffs away dead skin cells while they cleanse. The trio contains a white sponge comprised of only konjac, a black that contains charcoal, and a green one is infused with green tea.

69A Cushion Great For Traveling Or For Anyone Who Sits All Day


Sojoy Gel Seat Cushion, $40, Amazon

Designed to adjust to anyone's body shape and weight, this gel seat cushion is a game-changer who has to sit for long periods of time or has lower-back pain. It promotes good posture, relieves pressure, keeps things comfortable for anyone who is uncomfortable sitting, and is great for travel. It has handles to make it easy to carry around, memory material, and a rubber-like gel that keeps cool while you sit.

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70This Bluetooth Receiver That's High-Tech But Lost Cost


Mpow Bluetooth Receiver, $14, Amazon

Not only is this Bluetooth receiver less than 15 bucks, it also allows you to hook up two bluetooth devices connected and automatically reconnects and pairs with your cell phone when it's in range. Plus, the extra-long, built-in battery offers up to ten hours of playing time and it charges super fast.

71A Genius Lash And Brow Growth Serum Made With Swiss Apple Stem Cells


Majestic Pure Eyelash Growth Serum, $18, Amazon

This eyelash and eyebrow growth serum helps eyelashes and eyebrows grow thicker, longer, and darker — all while keeping them conditioned and soft. It's a non-irritating, allergy tested formula made with Swiss apple stem cells, and reviewers are loving the results: "This product is great to regrow sparse eyelashes after the damaging effects of incorrect eyelash extension removal. The growth serum goes on nice and full. It stays on exactly where you place it. It will not run or burn your eyes. It adds an extra feeling of vitamin protection to your lashes and eyebrows."

72A Shower Wrap That's Super Absorbent


Microfiber Adjustable Shower Wrap, $11, Amazon

This adjustable wrap has a comfortable Velcro closure and an elastic top that means it won't budge while you're getting ready after a shower. It's made from super absorbent microfiber, so it dries any excess water off quickly, and it comes in a variety of colors. It's safe to use in the washing machine, too.

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73A Bamboo Vinegar Foot Patch That Relieves Tired Feet


Bamboo Vinegar Foot Patches, $18 (Set of 10), Amazon

These all natural foot patches can be worn for a few hours or overnight, and can relieve tired feet — and they're even said to help with fatigue overall. They're made with great ingredients like bamboo vinegar, lavender, and grape seed, and reviewers swear by them: "I do feel a difference when I wake up. I feel as though I slept very deeply."

74A Knife That Butters Toast Without Tearing The Bread


Butter Knife Spreader And Curler, $9, Amazon

With small holes at the top, this stainless steel butter knife seamlessly grates through butter to make for even spreading without tearing the bread, and can even curl it for a nice garnish. It's also dishwasher-safe and made of durable stainless steel.

75An Aromatherapy-Capable Humidifier For Your Car


Car Humidifier, $14, Amazon

This mini humidifier plugs into the cigarette lighter in your car. It helps keep the air feeling comfortable and is compatible with water-soluble essential oils.

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76A Yoga Strap That Helps You Out With Your Stretching


Yoga EVO Elastic Stretching Strap, $14, Amazon

Perfect for amateurs or professionals, this elastic stretching strap makes doing harder yoga poses or stretches a lot easier than ever before — and makes anyone who uses it much more flexible. The band helps prevent injury, and the straps are made with a comfortable cotton blend that's easy to hold. It has ten soft loops for various positions, and it comes with a 120-minute yoga instruction video.

77An Oil That Takes Care Of Pretty Much Everything


Magnesium Oil, $13, Amazon

Made from magnesium sourced from the Dead Sea, this natural spray is a great remedy for restless legs, insomnia, fatigue, migraines, and headaches — and can even help ease anxiety and stress. It's 100 percent pure and purified six times, and reviewers swear by it. On enthusiastic user even claimed: "I slept like I haven't slept in 15 years. I did this every night. The fourth morning I felt very strange and it took me an hour to figure out that the strange feeling was that I felt GOOD. I have felt good three days in a row for the first time in a decade and a half. I was skeptical--it definity surprised me! Unbelievable!!"

78An Amazing Fryer That Uses Air Instead Of Oil


Simple Chef Air Fryer, $88, Amazon

It may be hard to believe, but this air fryer give you crispy "fired" food sans the grease. Instead of oil, it cooks by circulating hot air with a fan at rapid speed creating a crunchy exterior that has all the crisp you’d expect from a traditional frier. It comes with temperature controls, a standby timer, overheat protection, and a dishwasher safe non-stick basket and pan.

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79A Set Of Organizers That Will Make Your Underwear Drawer Manageable


SimpleHousewares Drawer Divider Set, $14 (Set of 4), Amazon

Made from non-woven fabric that won't mold overtime, this drawer divider set comes with four different bins to organize bras, underwear, socks, and more. They're shallow enough to fit into any drawer, and they'll finally tackle those messy piles of socks or lingerie. Reviewers love how much they fit.

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