8 'A Series Of Unfortunate Events' Gifts For The Very Fanatical Devotee In Your Life

As a kid, I always wanted to visit the world in A Series of Unfortunate Events. I didn’t want to actually live there, of course, because the characters didn’t exactly have perfect lives. Their atmosphere was grim and depressing, but it was also weirdly glamorous and seemed almost displaced in time. The gothic atmosphere always seemed appealing to me. I wanted to visit Uncle Monty’s Reptile Room. I wanted to gaze on Lake Lachrymose (without swimming in it, of course) and I wanted to hang out with Duncan and Isadora at Prufrock Preparatory School. I wanted to climb Mount Fraught and dive underwater in the Queequeg submarine. Then I wanted to come home and drink a cup of tea in the safety of the real world, far from the leeches and snakes and, most of all, Count Olaf.

If you also can’t help enjoying the delightfully dark atmosphere of the Baudelaire orphans, you’ve probably felt the same strange attraction to the world. And you may have even thought to yourself, “I wish I owned some A Series of Unfortunate Events-inspired accessories.” Because if you can’t live in the absurdist world, the next best thing is to accessorize as if you do. I think Olaf would agree.

This Catastrophic Clutch

This clutch is made out of an original copy of A Series of Unfortunate Events, so you can carry your accessories and sadness in style.

Clutch, $37.91, mystuffandnonsense on Etsy

VFD Necklace

Wear the symbol of VFD around your neck with this sterling silver necklace, but make sure you always give people a different explanation of what it stands for.

VFD Necklace, $48, persephonette on Etsy

Book Binding Bracelet

This gothic-inspired bracelet is made from inside binding of the original A Series of Unfortunate Events book, so you can carry a little gothic with you at all times.

Book Binding Bracelet, $17.68, TheLittleLibraryUK on Etsy

Upcycled Magnets

Add a dramatic flair to your fridge with these upcycled A Series of Unfortunate Events magnets, made from illustrations in the series.

Upcycled Magnets, $5, ChopShopBooks on Etsy

Lemony Snicket Quote Candle

Choose what scent you like for this Lemony Snicket quote candle, from Maple Donuts to Coffee to Rose Geranium (sadly, you can't select the fresh smell of Lake Lachrymose, but I imagine the "Beach Bound" scent might do the trick).

Lemony Snicket Quote Candle, $15, RadCandles on Etsy

Bad Beginning Journal

This looks like another copy of The Bad Beginning, but when you open the pages, this secret journal is actually blank, so you can write your own woeful tales.

Bad Beginning Journal, $10, ForHisGloryBooks on Etsy

Violet Baudelaire Pocket Mirror

Use this mirror to check your hair after you tie it up with a ribbon.

Violet Baudelaire Pocket Mirror, $7.59, MinaSmoke on Etsy

Olaf Eye Pendant

This eye is always watching, whether from Count Olaf's ankle, or from the chain of this pendant.

Olaf Eye Pendant, $15.15, TheLittleLibraryUK on Etsy