8 Christmas Proposal Videos That Will Make You Cry Beautiful Snowflake Tears — VIDEO

Christmas is a time for love, so here are some touching videos of Christmas proposals to make you cry into your morning coffee. What better time to propose? The magic of the season is already ripe for romance, and surrounded by family and friends post-proposal celebration is already there without you having to make any extra arrangements. And while I'm not the greatest fan of viral proposal videos, I am a huge fan of love, so I'm a duly melted by the Christmas wedding proposal videos set out below. What better present than showing you like it by putting a ring on it?

So even if you're a cynic, open your heart to Christmas and the seasons most joyful proposals. Let your imagination run wild, thinking that it could be you! You could be next! Maybe there's a little box under the tree all wrapped up with your ring in it because LOVE IS WONDERFUL AND GETTING MARRIED IS FUN! Let's embrace all the love of the holidays and all the love of everyone loving each other and expressing that love by wearing pretty clothes and holding lovely flowers and vowing to love each other forever in front of all the other people they love. LOVE! Ain't it great?

1. This Very Elaborate Christmas Day Proposal

TonyNova66 on YouTube

2. This Amazingly Sneaky Christmas Eve Proposal

tyne owen on YouTube

3. This Flashmob Christmas Proposal

Mike Tsekouras on YouTube

4. This Santa-Assisted Proposal

rawfootage47 on YouTube

5. This Adorable Proposal In Front Of The Whole Fam

Clapboard Video on YouTube

6. This Cute Christmas Morning Proposal

Matt Walsh on YouTube

7. This Under The Tree Christmas Proposal

Seth The Beat Machine on YouTube

8. This Great Singing Christmas Proposal

Blacktainment on YouTube

Image: Impact Photography/Fotolia