11 Memes About Daylight Saving Time That Celebrate Longer Days


Kiss your vitamin D deficiency goodbye. After a winter that felt like it lasted one hundred, sluggish years the sun is coming back. Daylight Savings Time is upon us and there are memes for Daylight Saving Time that capture the joy of this occurrence. Because, honestly, I wasn't so sure we'd ever see a sunset last beyond 5PM again. Alas, long, brighter, warmer days are ahead.

Daylight Saving Time, which will happen on Sunday Mar. 10, is referred to as "springing forward". I'm personally ready to swan dive into the warmer months and longer days, but that works. "Springing forward" is also a helpful phrase to remember what it is that we have to do. According to Time and Date, At 2AM on Mar. 10 clocks are turned forward one hour. Sunrise will arrive an hour later than the day before but the sun will stay out later during the evening. While you might have to get ready for the work in the dark, you'll be skipping home from your 9-5 with what feels like a second wind.

We might lose an hour of sleep, but who has the time to snooze when something as exciting as the light coming back is happening? If you're ready to twirl in the light of the sun from sunrise to a much later sunset, this is your time to shine. And there are a few memes to make us laugh out loud at this beautiful, celebratory annual event.

Don't Turn Back Time

Cher the information. You're not turning back time!

Maybe The Darkside Isn't So Bad?

For those who cherish their sleep, perhaps the celebration of daylight is short lived and you appreciate that darkside.


It's an emotional transition.

What Time Is It

Ah, the dilemma.


Truly, a butterfly once again.

It's Me

Never leaving the sun again.

Take Me

All of us when we see one ray of sunlight after this winter.

Just Dance

Summer playlists start now?