Urban Outfitters Just Dropped An Entire Line Of Dog Costumes For Halloween

Urban Outfitters

Halloween is almost here, which means it's time to start shopping around for a costume — for your dog. Humans aren’t the only ones getting excited to celebrate. Yes, our furry friends are also happy to join in on the fun, and these adorable dog costumes from Urban Outfitters will keep them looking fashionable and ready to go candy hauling with you on Halloween night.

If you're still in the camp of "dogs don't wear Halloween costumes," I'd beg to differ. After all, they make shoes and sunscreen for dogs. You can buy a bridesmaid dress for your dog. Heck, your pup can even become a hotel critic. Are Halloween costumes for dogs really that far-fetched?

When you think about it, it's not all that surprising that Urban Outfitters is totally crushing it in the dog Halloween costume department. After all, we're talking about the same place that sells cat hats (as in hats for your cat), the most adorable corgi dishware, and even a cat shower caddy. We had to know that Halloween costumes for the pups weren't that far behind.

And on that note, here are eight that are off-the-charts precious for you to choose from this Halloween.



I wouldn't normally encourage this, but the devil has never been this photogenic. Fierce but cute, this devil dog Halloween costume is a great option for your pup’s Halloween #OOTD. Featuring a red fuzzy hoodie sweatshirt, horned hood, and an arrow tail, this set will keep your fur child comfortable and stylish at the same time.

Get a matching outfit for yourself and you and your doggo can turn heads as you do your rounds in the neighborhood. Winners, the both of you.



How can something so hideous suddenly become so heartwarming? Transform your dog into an eight-legged creature with this spider dog Halloween costume. Made from 100% polyester, this sturdy piece will keep your little furball warm and cozy as you stroll around the neighborhood scaring the crap out of people and snagging candy. Moreover, with straps that wrap around the neck and waist, this getup is super easy to put on.

Normally, I kill spiders with a broom, but I think I can make an exception in this case.



Go, team, go! This cheerleader dog Halloween costume will cheer up any person your dog meets along the way and add a little pep in your step. Designed with fake arms holding pompoms and two hair bows to complete the pretty cheerleader look, this costume is another excellent option for Halloween ... or any occasion that could use a little extra excitement. Do they make one in my size?


T Birds Jacket

Recreate the '70s vibe with this T Birds jacket dog Halloween costume. Made from faux leather with the iconic insignia on the back, your pup will have all the works to look cool while strutting like a greaser. Fido is going to look just like Danny Zuko. Unreal.



Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! Here’s another costume idea for your doggo this Halloween: Beetlejuice, from the 1988 movie of the same name directed by the one and only Tim Burton. This outfit comes with a striped jacket and a wig to complete the wacky look. Now we just need a Lydia Deetz dog costume and all my dreams will have come true.


Freddy Krueger

One, two, Freddy's coming for you. If you want to go for something a little more twisted, then why not try this Freddy Krueger ensemble? This piece looks ~extra~ authentic thanks to its distressed detailing, brimmed hat, and sinister glove. Your pup will surely look the part, except only a lot more adorable than the real thing. Also, I'm pretty sure your dog won't want to impale you with its knives-for-fingers.



Now here's a costume we can all relate to! Your pet will look too cool for school wearing this hipster Halloween costume. With a plaid shirt, tattoo sleeves (mood), faux jeans, a hat, and glasses, your doggo is sure to look the part. I know it's a Halloween costume, but let's all be honest and admit we'd dress our dogs in this any day of the year.


Pink Ladies Jacket Dog Halloween Costume

Well, Urban Outfitters had a T Birds jacket. This only makes sense. Remember the Pink Ladies from Grease? Their outfit is totes iconic, and with this fabulous jacket, your pooch is going to look like a complete badass. This jacket is made from faux leather with the Pink Ladies insignia on the back. To complete the fab look, this outfit also comes with a matching scarf, of course.

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