8 Ways to Celebrate Women During Women’s History Month

By Samantha Lefave
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It should go without saying, but for emphasis, we’ll say it again: Women should be celebrated every single month of the year. Our accomplishments, goals, and perseverance are all are worth a raise-the-roof emoji because, plain and simple, we’re freaking awesome.

And even though we should be honoring as many women as possible all year long, March is noted as Women’s History Month, and that means that the ladies in your life deserve a little extra love.

We teamed up with Audible to dive into all of our favorite ways — from the practical to the sentimental — to honor women. Audible has dedicated the month of March (and TBH, every other month too!) to celebrating women in the literary world and the unmatched power of their voices. And lucky for us, Audible's selection of audiobooks includes countless inspiring stories written by equally inspiring women. You can check out the full Audible library by signing up for a 30-day trial (first audiobook is free!) here.

Here are 8 ways to celebrate women during March.

1. Connect with a woman at work

No matter where you are in the corporate ladder, there is probably a woman you look up to — or one who looks up to you. If it’s the former, ask to take her out to coffee and pick her brain about how she got where she is today. If she’s the mentee, well, do the same thing. She may be nervous about asking for some of your time, so let her know it’s OK and pay it forward.

2. Thank an old teacher

Think back to your elementary, middle, and high school days — who are the teachers that made the biggest impact on you? More than likely, that teacher was a woman. (After all, 77 percent of public school teachers are female, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.)

So send a quick thank you note letting her know what you’re up to these days, and thanking her for playing such an influential role in your success.

3. Listen to books by female authors

Whether you're an avid listener or are fairly new to the world of audiobooks, you probably have a list of titles that you’ve been meaning to dig into. Choose some that were written by female authors and pay homage by dedicating this month's reading list only to them.

If you need some suggestions, a few of our feminist favorites (that also just happen to be narrated by extremely talented women) are: All the Single Ladies by Rebecca Traister, Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay, and Notorious RBG by Irin Carmon and Shana Knizhnik. And bonus: They're all available on Audible so you can listen to these incredible women's stories on the go!

4. Get involved

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that our voices can and must be heard. Make your opinions known by getting involved in a cause that’s close to your heart. Whether it’s financially contributing to organizations that support equal rights for women, participating in a peaceful protest, or volunteering with a charity that helps women reach their goals, activism is one of the strongest tools in a woman’s toolbox to spark change.

5. Plan a girls' night

Galentine’s Day isn’t the only time of the year you should celebrate your girlfriends. Keep the feel-good vibes going with a monthly girls' night, and if you’re feeling inspired, make it a night that’s all about women you admire. Binge films by your favorite female directors, or veg out with wine while you listen to one of the many audiobooks available on Audible that delves into the beauty of female friendship (two of our favorites can be found here and here).

6. Host a donation party

Old clothes and shoes are common donation items, but domestic violence and women’s shelters are also in need of more unexpected things like bras and feminine hygiene products.

While you should totally pilfer your own stash for stuff you don’t need, take it to the next level and host a donation party, asking all guests to bring something that you can drop off at your local shelter.

7. Frame your favorite quote

Women have said a lot of badass things throughout history. And while you could just screenshot your fave quote on your phone, you could also print it out, frame it, and give it a coveted spot in your home. Our recommended spot: Right by your front door. That way when you head out, you’ll have those words of inspiration to take you into the day.

And if you don't already have a favorite quote by a woman, check out Bossypants and Yes, Please for a hilarious dose of quotable inspo!

8. Write yourself a love note

You, dear woman, are amazing. And sometimes we all need a little reminder of that. So take the time this month to write down all the things you love about what makes you you.

Want to take it to the next level? Address it, stamp it, and hand it to your mom or a woman you trust — she’ll pop it in the mail whenever she feels like you need a reminder of how wonderful you really are.

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