The '80s Inspired Dream Vacations You Need RN

The '80s were a magical time for vacationing. Dead guys could suddenly become re-animated and join the conga line, teased hair could stay high despite the humidity, and theme parks could offer you the time of your life. To celebrate summer vacations, Twitter users are harnessing the #80sDreamVacation hashtag to fantasize and reminisce about all things neon, permed, and hot, hot, hot.

It's nearly impossible to pick the most iconic '80s vacation movie. Some might say National Lampoon's Family Vacation, with its combination of hapless hilarity and blondes in fast cars. Others might say Dirty Dancing, because Patrick Swayze (RIP) is the only resort dance instructor you'd ever want to carry a watermelon for. And still others might pick something a bit more sinister, like Sleepaway Camp or Friday the 13th, where sexy fun in the sun with your fellow camp counselors turns deadly.

As for me, I'm a big fan of Loverboy, which features a very young Patrick Dempsey as a teen who discovers he can make a buck delivering pizzas — and pleasure — to amorous older ladies in town. (aka the premise of many a classic porno).

Here are nine kinds of 80s vacations Twitter has dreamed up:

1. The Miami Vacation

2. The Chicago Vacation

3. The Babely Vacation

4. The Creative Vacation

5. The Adventurous Vacation

6. The Theme Park Vacation

7. The Musical Vacation

8. The Paradise Vacation

9. The Awkward Vacation