9 Best Sex Positions For The Car

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Although the thought of having sex in a car might conjure up your high school days, when it was one of your very few options when it came to getting laid, it's time to think beyond that. Yes, it might be the stuff of teenagers, but aren't some of the fun parts of getting older involve reliving some of the behavior of your youth? I had a cupcake and a Diet Coke for breakfast and I felt like I was in my freshman year of college all over again — and it was awesome.

While having car sex might not always be ideal — like a cupcake and Diet Coke for breakfast, despite being the breakfast of champions — or even that comfortable, sometimes it's the only option. Plus, the  "OMG, we're doing it in a car and might get caught" factor can be fun and a way to change things up. Because of this, it's time to get back to our roots, which means getting back to car sex. I mean, how else are you supposed to spice up a cross-country drive or even a 10-minute drive to the supermarket?

Here are nine positions that are best for having sex in a car. Keep in mind, I'm talking a basic sedan here. Sex in a van is a whole other article unto itself.

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Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle

How to do it: Have your partner climb into the backseat, then you follow. While they're sitting cross-legged, sit on them in the same position, while wrapping your arms and legs around their body, as they penetrate you.

Why it's a great position for the car: As long as both you and your partner can comfortably sit cross-legged and can fit comfortably in the back your car, then it's absolutely doable. However, it should be noted that achieving climax in this position can take awhile. So, with that in mind, I suggest you park your car someplace where you won't feel like you need to rush through it.


Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle

How to do it: Honestly, you can probably pull this one off either laying down in the back seat or laying down in the passenger seat — you just want the passenger seat back as far as possible. Next, while in the spooning position have your partner penetrate you.

Why it's a great position for the car: Because this position requires that your bodies both be on their sides and pretty much squished together, it's definitely doable for the car. I tested this one personally and it works like a charm.


Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle

How to do it: In sort of the exact opposite of spooning, while both on your sides, facing each other, drape your leg over your partner's hip, and pull them in as close as possible while they penetrate you.

Why it's a great position for the car: Again, here's a position that involves your two bodies being up against each other as tight as possible, making it a good position to try either laying down in the backseat or laying down in the passenger seat.

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4On Top

Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle

How to do it: Have both you and your partner climb into the backseat, then have your partner sit facing forward. Next, straddle them, lowering yourself onto them, while sitting upright — then let the fun begin, because this one is great for clitoral stimulation.

Why it's a great position for the car: Unless you're well over six-feet-tall, sitting on your partner's lap for this sex position can definitely work.


Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle

How to do it: While either making your way to the passenger seat or the backseat, have your partner lay down, then climb on top so they can penetrate you. If your partner is on the taller side, they might need to bend their knees a bit, but not so much as to affect what you're trying to do.

Why it's a great position for the car: A position that requires two bodies, laying flat against each other is always ideal for the car. But, depending on the seatbelt buckles, they could irritate the outside of your legs. So, if you can wedge them downward and out of the way, then the passenger seat is a great spot for this one, too.

6Modified Doggy

Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle

How to do it: Although the passenger seat could work for this one, height might be an issue for your partner, so I suggest you both take to the backseat instead. From there, instead of starting in doggy style position and lowering yourself down, start lowered and have your partner penetrate you from behind. Don't worry; you'll still get that G-spot stimulation that feels so damn amazing.

Why it's a great position for the car: Similar to cowgirl, you have two bodies that are flat against each other, horizontally, making it a great car sex option.

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Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle

How to do it: In case it's been awhile, lay on your back while your partner lays on top of you and penetrates you from above. You'll want to be in the backseat for this one.

Why it's a great position for the car: Honestly, the missionary sex position, and most of its variations, can be done in a ton of places. Yes, even the backseat of the car.

8Mutual Masturbation

Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle

How to do it: For this one, you can actually stay put, in whatever seat you happen to be in, then proceed to masturbate. Throw in some dirty talk and you'll have yourself one hell of a good time.

Why it's a great position for the car: Well, it doesn't involve cramming yourself into the backseat, fighting with seatbelt buckles, or any of that. You can just stay put, enjoy the mutual masturbation, and have fun.

9Sofa Brace

Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle

How to do it: You probably don't have a sofa in your car, but if you do, then that's awesome! So, despite the name of this one, we're going to modify it for car sex action. Instead of draping yourself over the back of a sofa, get in the back seat and drape yourself over the backseat, so your head is near the back windshield. Or, another option would be lowering one of the front seats, and draping yourself over that, while your partner penetrates you from behind.

Why it's a great position for the car: Sofa or not, a decent size sedan has the similar comforts of a sofa, and as long as you can drape yourself over something and your partner can penetrate you, then you've pulled off this position perfectly.

No matter your age, car sex is fun and a great alternative to all those romps you've been having in your bed. Keeping your sex life spicy sometimes means reverting back to some old-school ways of having sex.

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