9 Healthy Habits You Can Squeeze Into Your Busy Schedule In The New Year

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We’re all familiar with the idea of a New Year’s resolution, but at this point, you’re probably also familiar with the fact that most of the promises we make to ourselves fall flat before January is even over. I’m definitely guilty of letting my resolutions slip by the wayside. There was one year that I vowed to be in bed by 10 p.m. every night, which lasted for about two weeks before I spiraled one night and found myself wide awake, scrolling through my newsfeed at 1 a.m. It wrecked my sleep cycle for the next 11 months! Then, there was the year I wanted to achieve the coveted status of ‘Inbox Zero’ — or the ultimate bliss of having an empty or nearly empty email inbox. Unfortunately, that goal was just way too advanced for my disorganized self.

I’ve since learned that instead of creating really big goals, I should instead focus on smaller, more attainable habits that I can incorporate into my already busy schedule. For example, rather than striving for Inbox Zero, I decided to focus on a more attainable objective, like answering each inquiry within 48 hours during the work week.

To help everyone kick off 2018 on the right foot, we’ve partnered with StarKist® Tuna and Salmon Creations® Pouches to come up with some simple and healthy habits to fit into your busy schedule. Here are 9 simple ways to set your New Year’s intentions into actions, even with a full agenda.

1. Drink More Water

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Most of us are prone to guzzling coffee in the morning, but what we all really should be sipping more of is good ol’ H20. Water makes up 60 percent of the body, so drinking enough water could be the difference between feeling drained or motivated for the day. Incentivize yourself to reach for your water bottle more often by infusing it with berries, lemon or cucumber slices for additional flavor.

2. Eat More Mindfully

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If you deprive yourself of food, you’re more likely to overindulge later (and just be grumpy in general!). Instead, incorporate lean protein into your healthy meals and snacks — think seafood, eggs and beans. It will help you feel fuller longer and keep your cravings at bay. With 15 delicious varieties from Lemon Pepper to Sriracha, StarKist® Tuna and Salmon Creations® Pouches make it easy to add lean protein to any meal.

3. Turn Your Phone On ‘Do Not Disturb’ After 9 p.m.

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It’s easy enough to get distracted by your growing to-do list or reflections from the day at night. Why let your phone make it worse? By turning your phone on ‘Do Not Disturb’ promptly at 9 p.m., you’ll eliminate the temptation to check social media, email, or texts, and hopefully be able to wind down easier.

4. Stretch Before Bed

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Whether it’s simple relaxing stretches that will help you sleep or a restorative yoga routine, stretching your limbs before bed can help you detach from your workday, relieve tension within your body, and calm your body and mind.

5. Stock Your Office With Healthy Snacks

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It’s easy to get caught up grabbing whatever’s available in a pinch when you're hungry, but a simple solution for those mid-afternoon snacks is to stock your desk with healthier foods like green tea, whole grain crackers, fruit, nuts and granola. I also love keeping StarKist® Tuna and Salmon Creations® Pouches around — they're a great snack filled with lean protein. I can just pick up a fork and tear, eat and go!

6. Walk More

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Whether it’s taking the stairs (within reason!) more often, taking a walk around the block during your lunch hour, or simply opting for a walk to your destination over a short car ride, you don’t need a crazy fitness regime to reap the benefits of exercising.

7. Cook In Bulk

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The busiest people on the planet can benefit most from cooking in bulk over the weekend in order to free up more time during the week. Meal prep doesn’t have to be scary — nor does it have to take up a large chunk of your Sunday! Search for simple and healthy five-ingredient recipes you can prepare and cook in under two hours, or a crockpot dish that will cook as you finish errands around the house. By carving out a small block of time to prepare your meals on the weekend, you’ll save tons of time and money for the next seven days.

8. Enlist A Workout Buddy

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Whether this person is a friend, coworker, or half-willing roommate, recruit someone who is willing to exercise with you once a week. Together, you can hold each other accountable to be more active, even if your activity of choice is as simple as walking for 30 minutes on Tuesday mornings.

9. Invest in Essential Oils

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Not everyone believes that essential oils have proven health benefits (though certain studies suggest they do), but many people swear by the benefits of aromatherapy. Even if you’re skeptical, an essential oil diffuser can help brighten the smell and aroma of any workspace or room, which can in turn boost your mood — a win-win situation for everyone!

This post is sponsored by StarKist® Tuna and Salmon Creations® Pouches.