9 Pieces Of Relationship Advice From People Who Have Spent Over 10 Years With Their Partners

Early on in a relationship, your significant other can do no wrong. A couple of years in, though, some of their quirks you once found endearing now might make you want to roll your eyes. How do you manage this once the honeymoon ends? These 11 pieces of advice from people who've been in relationships for over 10 years will help.

Once you take off the rose-colored glasses, everything starts to look a little different in your relationship. People talk about the seven-year itch, but honestly, things start itching even before then. A few years in, stuff starts to change. More fighting. Less sex. And seriously, if their mother makes one more snide remark about how the pillows on your couch don't go together...

Here's something not enough of us are talking about: you might "fall" in love, but you don't stay there. Eventually, those fuzzy feelings of being head over heels fade away. When you wake up in the morning, you have to actively decide you're going to continue loving this person, even though they leave leftovers in the refrigerator so long that they start to grow hair. (WHY?)

Keeping a romantic relationship going long-term is harder than most of us realize. These 11 pieces of advice might help.