9 TV Shows & Movies That'll Immediately Put You In A Good Mood, Guaranteed

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If you're a fan of dark, serious dramas, then this is the time for you. From Homecoming to My Brilliant Friend to Innocent Man, there are a huge number of new TV shows on right now that fit into that category, not to mention all the older ones that are returning for new seasons soon (Big Little Lies, Black Mirror, Game of Thrones, etc). But while series like these are unquestionably great, their dark subject matters can be a lot to handle, especially if you marathon a couple episodes in a row. You might need a palette cleanser — which is where these immediately uplifting TV shows (and one movie) come in.

The series and film on this list (chosen by Bustle's Entertainment Editors) are all highly acclaimed, but more importantly, they're fun. It's basically impossible to be in a bad mood after watching any of them, because they're so full of hilarious jokes, sweet love stories, and entertaining plot twists. So next time you need a break from all the dark dramas out there — or just need a major mood pick-me-up after a bad day at work — check out one of the works on this list. You won't regret it.

'Bob's Burgers'

Streaming On: Hulu

"If you need a TV show to distract you from whatever's bothering you, Bob's Burgers is your best bet. It'll instantly cheer up any bad mood, whether because of Tina's endearing awkwardness or Linda's catchy songs. And the greatest part is that you can pick any episode in any order and be equally entertained."

— Jamie Primeau, Celebrity Editor

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'

Streaming On: Hulu

"For the past five years, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been one of the most consistently delightful shows on television. Not only is it funny — those cold opens are legendary — it's also one of the most well-rounded sitcoms, with a cast of characters that is both diverse and interesting — no token characters here! Whenever I've had a bad day, or need to remember there is good and love and silly in the world, I put on "HalloVeen," Season 5's Halloween Heist episode. It gives me the laughs I need *and* the romance my heart so desperately craves ('Title of my sex tape')."

— Olivia Truffaut-Wong, Associate Entertainment Editor

'The Office'

Streaming On: Netflix

"The Office is the epitome of comfort food TV — even after a dozen rewatches, it doesn’t get old. It’s one of the few shows that can elicit a belly laugh based on facial expressions alone, and the characters are both over-the-top goofy and irresistibly lovable. It also has a lot of heart, but the dry humor assures it’s never too overly sentimental; not even the most cynical among us can help cracking a smile."

— Dana Getz, Associate TV Editor

'Jane The Virgin'

Streaming On: Netflix

"There is no TV show more consistently entertaining than Jane the Virgin, in my opinion. There are tons of romances to root for, friendships to love, and one-liners to crack up over. And even when it takes on serious subjects like immigration and cancer, the tone never gets you down. This show is just so happy."

— Rachel Simon, Entertainment News Editor

'Mozart In The Jungle'

Streaming On: Amazon Prime

"MITJ is a soothing show to watch and rewatch because it's meandering, with pleasantly moderate stakes. There are stunning locations, a very good 'ship to 'ship, Bernadette Peters in increasingly stunning body-con dresses, and plenty of meditations on creativity, voice, and self-fulfillment. It's also a pretension-free classical music education that's as silly as it is thematically ambitious. I'm still mourning its cancellation, but I know I'll keep coming back to the episodes we got."

— Sage Young, Movies Editor

'Great British Baking Show'

Streaming On: Netflix

"Nothing says Good Mood Energy like a bunch of bakers in a tent on a beautiful estate whipping up extravagant and ornate creations for judges and hosts alike. Plus, sometimes their are scandals, like the Baked Alaska debacle that are so pure and so sensational, you’ll forget any worry you may have."

— Allison Piwowarski, Deputy Entertainment Editor


Streaming On: Netflix

"If you're looking for a light rom-com TV series with sharp writing and likable characters, Lovesick is it. If you're wondering why you haven't heard of this gem before, its original name, Scrotal Recall, is probably to blame. That rather unsavory title actually does hint at Lovesick's central premise, which it handles with grace: a 20-something guy, Dylan, has just been diagnosed with chlamydia, and he must contact all his previous partners. The show follows him and his friends through flashbacks and present day, as Dylan reconnects with various women to give them the bad news. The show is hardly an after-school special about the dangers of unprotected sex — instead, it's an episodic look at the romances, flings, and missed connections of modern-day life. Who knew a show about chlamydia could be so warm and uplifting?"

— Samantha Rollins, TV Editor

'Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air'

Streaming On: Amazon Prime

"There is nothing better than a silly sitcom to get you out of funk and there might not be any better sitcom ever than the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air. The theme song is a bop, Will Smith is a national treasure, and choosing a fave between Carlton, Ashley, Hillary is nearly impossible. (Though the correct answer is Geoffrey, obviously.)"

— Karen Fratti, Associate TV Editor

'The Greatest Showman'

Streaming On: Hulu

"The Greatest Showman is such a major mood lifter. The film really does live up to its title and its opening song that declares, 'This is the greatest show.' It'a dazzling display of impossible to get out of your head songs, showstopping musical numbers, stories about overcoming the odds and dreams coming true. The movie will leave you humming the songs afterward with the greatest feeling."

— Mallory Carra, Associate Entertainment Editor