9 Ways To Keep Mosquitos Out Of Your Apartment


Summer is in full swing, and while that means lots of lovely hours spent reveling in the great outdoors, it can also mean lots of bugs, especially in more humid climes. And, more to the immediate point, balmy summers can produce more mosquitos than you can shake a stick at. As it turns out, there are some surprising things that attract mosquitos, and you might be encouraging the little blood suckers to nibble on you without realizing it — and no one wants that. Though bugs are a natural part of life and can’t be avoided entirely, there are plenty of things we can do to keep mosquitos out of our apartments (and, like, our lives).

There's lots we can do to prevent bites, and discourage them from taking up real estate in our homes and kitchens. After all, mosquitoes aren't just annoying, but they can also cause some pretty annoying welts. And in more severe cases, they can potentially carry dangerous illnesses, such as the West Nile virus. If you happen to be one of the lucky ten percent of people who are especially attractive to mosquitos, don’t despair — there are steps you can take to deter them from swarming about.