Fenty Beauty Is Teasing A New, Mystery Product & Fans Can't Handle The Suspense

An argument can be made that there was no bigger beauty launch in 2017 than Rihanna's Fenty Beauty. The ultra-inclusive range of products had everyone scrambling to grab their new holy grail highlighter or foundation. The brand, however, is far from done. Rihanna teased new Fenty Beauty lipstick on her Instagram story, and fans are already excited about its arrival.

On Wednesday, Rihanna took to her Instagram story to give fans a sneak peek of what could be next for her Fenty Beauty range. From the looks of the image, the product is a new lipstick. The Instagram story showcased a classic bullet lippie with the Fenty Beauty logo embossed into the product itself. As for the color, it appears to be a gorgeous blue-black, and fans have a theory that Rihanna has already been wearing it.

Despite very little — other than the appearance — being revealed about the potential new Fenty Beauty product, fans haven't been deterred from getting stoked about its eventual launch. As of press time, there's been no date, official reveal, or even so much as a word from Rihanna or Fenty Beauty, but that doesn't matter. New Fenty definitely appears to be coming, and that's enough for fans.

Twitters users have already starting asking for more details on the lipsticks and rejoicing at the color choice. Some extremely savvy fans noticed that she wore a lippie that looked incredibly similar to the one in her Instagram story on the same night that she teased it.

Rihanna also posted an image of herself before going out for the night where she appears to be wearing the new product.

Others pointed out that the lipstick is similar to the one she wore during her Anti album's campaign last year. Could this lipstick be the exact same lipstick?

For other fans, however, it was less about connecting the dots and more about the sheer excitement of a new Fenty Beauty product.

Fans already want to know when they can expect to purchase it.

Some just want to take this moment to celebrate the gorgeous new color.

Clearly, excitement is already mounting for the product, but that's nothing new for Fenty Beauty. Before the line even launched, Rihanna's gorgeously inclusive marketing campaign had people shook with anticipation, and the products didn't disappoint either.

Rihanna began her line by launching a huge 40 shade foundation range, but that's not all she did. Her stunning Killawatt highlighting duos, MatchStix, and Gloss Bomb were also huge hits among fans and the beauty community — here's looking at you Trophy Wife.

While the initial launch would have been more than enough to satisfy Rihanna lovers and new found Fenty Beauty fans, she and the brand have already dropped new products. Only a few weeks after Fenty's launch, the Holiday Galaxy Collection came out and introduced eyeshadows, lipsticks, and eyeliners into the range.

Of course, who can forget Stunna? The new, red liquid lipstick from Fenty is universally flattering, and a new must-have from the brand. Now, a new Fenty Beauty lipstick is coming in what looks to be a classic bullet, and fans are ready to revel in the glory that is Fenty Beauty once again.

While little is known about Fenty Beauty's new lipstick, it's not hard to surmise that it'll be a perfect addition to Rihanna's line. With existing products already a smash hit among fans and beauty addicts, an inclusive approach to beauty, and one of the world's most well-known and respected artists behind it, this new Fenty Beauty lipsticks is practically destined to be incredible. Now, however, it's just time to wait for its full reveal.