A Harry Potter Supper Club Is Opening In London

Warner Bros.

Whet your appetites, Potterheads, and ready your brooms! A Harry Potter supper club is opening in London this fall, offering seven magical courses that include your choice of Potter-inspired cocktails and even an edible Hogwarts letter. The event will be hosted every Friday and Saturday evening during the months of August and November, beginning Aug. 4.

Guests are instructed to "arrive at the locker room in [their] best Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin outfit at 7 PM on Platform 9 3/4 prompt," where they will be served a welcome cocktail, their choice of Butterbeer or Firewhiskey, followed by a Hogwarts Letter amuse bouche made of seasoned rice paper and squid ink. Other courses include Devil's Snare, Triwizard Tournament, and Who Is Peter Minus.* The meal finishes with Honeydukes, a white sesame cake served with goat cheese curd, figs, and bay leaf ice cream. The Library says that vegetarian options are available to those who would like them, and asks that guests notify them in advance of any dietary restrictions.

Hosted by The Library in London's Covent Garden, the Harry Potter-inspired dinner series costs £55 per-person for members and £75 per-person for non-members. The first event is already sold out, to no one's surprise, but you can RSVP for later dates by leaving your name and email address on The Library's website.

*Note: Peter Minus is the Italian name for Peter Pettigrew.