A Vlogger Used A Paper Clip As An Eye Makeup Tool & This Is How It Went Down — VIDEO

John Lamparski/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I have spotted a 2017 makeup hack trend. Office supplies are setting the standard when it comes to beauty hacks. Last week, I watched a vlogger use a Post-it note as an eyeshadow guide to create a crown look. Now, I've seen a vlogger use a paper clip as an eye makeup tool. How, exactly, did that go down?

Very carefully, that's how! If you plan on attempting this hack, proceed with caution, since your eye region is super sensitive and precious!

Creative AF vlogger Jeeshan Umar, who goes by the "beautydosage" handle on Instagram, used the red paper clip to hold her previously applied and dramatic false upper eyelashes up and out of the way while she applied black liner to the inner upper waterline. Long lashes are gorgeous, but they can be pesky!

I will admit that I often try to line that area. When I am successful, I love the additionally darkened upper lashline. But getting there can be quite the challenge, since it's real estate that is hard to reach. Umar's hack makes inner lashline lining easier!

This is a case of blogger brilliance and turning the most mundane household office item into a valuable makeup application tool.

Let's watch her do this!

So simple, yet so smart.

beautydosage Instagram

She applied a matte base.

beautydosage Instagram

Then she added some glitter.

beautydosage Instagram

She lined her upper outer lashline with liquid liner.

The paper clip acted as a guide with the false lashes.

beautydosage Instagram

Umar used her paperclip to hold back her lashes and to reveal the inner upper waterline and to get the liner all up in there. The fact that the paper clip is flat that makes it so utilitarian in this situation.

Again, I cannot understate the fact that you need to be careful when using any tool near your eyes!

beautydosage Instagram

The result is bomb AF. I love the super dark base of the eyelashes.