All The Cool Kids Own These 41 Products You Can Get On Amazon

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Back in second grade we had a special day where we got to bring in an item from home that we wanted to share with the class. Lots of kids brought in the latest toys and games to share — and I brought in a teddy bear with a missing eye. That didn't go over too well. Fortunately, I'm an adult now and can stay clued in to trends, and there are plenty of cool products on Amazon that everyone in-the-know is purchasing right now.

Sure, I'd like to think adults are a little more mature than a gaggle of seven-year-olds, but now I feel confident in my trendy choices — and what's cooler than a carbonated clay mud mask that reaches deep into pores to cleanse away toxins? Once someone sees your glowing complexion, you'll get more than a few people asking where you bought it from.

So whether you're trying to show off your bargain shopping know-how to your friends, or just want something new and interesting, there are tons of brilliant products on Amazon that fit the bill.

So what are you waiting for? That carbonated clay mud mask wasn't a hypothetical — it's waiting for you on this list.

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