Anti-Fart Underwear & 37 Other Gross Products On Amazon With Near-Perfect Reviews

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There's an amazing store where I live called Wilson's, and when I tell you that you can find everything there, I'm not exaggerating — the candles for dogs are right next to the baking pans. But no store can match the variety of the products on Amazon with near-perfect reviews — especially when you're looking for the obscure.

Okay, so, when I say "obscure," in this instance what I really mean is downright odd yet totally genius. Take this anti-fart underwear, for example: It's made with the same technology used in the hazmat suits worn in an outbreak of chemical warfare, only in this case, the gas is coming from inside the house, so to speak. "You can walk behind me now! No more force field," one good-humored five-star reviewer enthused.

Or, how about the snore-stopping vents that'll quiet down your house at night if you or your partner are the log-sawing type. You've gotta check them out: They look like some kind of tiny serving vessels that you'd get French fries in at a really modern burger joint, but once inserted into the nostrils, they keep them open to restore air flow.

Believe it: this list delivers many of the best bizarre aspects of one of my beloved local emporiums right here to your screen — thanks to the weird, wild, and kinda gross wonders of Amazon. Enjoy.

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