Anti-Trump Eyeliner Is The Beauty Trend You Didn’t See Coming In 2017

There's expressing yourself with makeup, and then there is expressing yourself with makeup. For the best example ever, please see the anti-Trump eyeliner photo that was shared by Twitter user Nazly.

This amazing pic shows off the creation of makeup enthusiast Alice Alvarez, who posted on Instagram saying, "Who said makeup couldn't be political?" Clearly it can be. And clearly it's an eyeliner trend none of us saw coming in 2017.

Using what appears to be a fine tipped liquid eyeliner, Alvarez expertly drew the words "f*ck Trump" where a usual eyeliner wing would be. Nazly called it "a f*cking four year look." So hey, it may be a new trend. And maybe one that's coming just in time.

Go for the winged look, which has a certain badass elegance to it. Or simply scrawl your sentiments under your bottom lashes like makeup fan Summer Keatts (see below). She did it in a way that kind of looks like long lash extensions, if you look quickly enough. But even if you don't, it's hard to deny it's super cool.

The look may be the perfect (slightly subtle?) way to share your political thoughts at, say, the Women's March on Washington. Or, when out with friends drinking away your sorrows. Check it out.

Or give this awesome look a go.

Will you use makeup to share your political opinions? It may just be worth a try.

Image: Instagram/SalvadoranXicana