Any Woman Who’s Struggled With Societal Expectations Can Relate To “Timelines,” An Empowering Docu-Series Created By SK-II And Katie Couric

Courtesy of SK-II

There’s a reason why expectation versus reality memes are so hilarious. One POV — the expectation — offers a (frequently improbable) glimpse of what we think things should be like, while the other — the reality — is typically an amusing portrayal of what actually happens. For example, at the age of 22, my expectations for life at 30 included being free from student loans, married to The One, and happily thriving in my career. But — and you can probably guess where this is going — in reality, I’m approaching that milestone year, still checking the box next to "single" on all of my tax documents. As for those students loans? I’m actually taking classes again to pursue a totally new career! L-O-L.

Though my path may be unconventional, what helps me feel empowered is the fact that I’m not alone. Women all around the world are challenging the idealistic timelines they’ve set for themselves or had thrust upon them by society and well-meaning family members. And that's exactly the kind of trailblazing that's spotlighted in a new docu-series hosted by award-winning journalist Katie Couric.

A collaboration with global skin-care brand SK-II, “Timelines” is a liberating yet emotional discussion with women from various international cities who are creating their own destinies. Couric has serious conversations with them and with the people who love them but may not totally understand their points of view. The talks can be tough, but they're important.

Watch the full video here, and prepare to feel empowered to live your life on your own terms.

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