'BiP's Derek & Taylor May Have Taken A Huge Relationship Step

Paul Hebert/ABC

It's only been a little over four months since Derek Peth and Taylor Nolan got engaged, but in The Bachelor franchise, things move fast. So, it's not a stretch to ask: are Bachelor In Paradise couple Derek and Taylor getting married in 2018? At this point, it's certainly possible, but it's difficult to say for sure. Since getting engaged during the BiP Season 4 reunion taping, the pair haven't provided much in the way of wedding updates, though they're definitely still going strong.

They frequently swap mushy Instagram tributes, and recently stole away to Hawaii for a romantic trip celebrating Derek's 30th birthday. Instead, it seems their focus has been on another relationship milestone: moving in together. After filming wrapped, Taylor told People that Derek came to stay with her in her hometown of Seattle for several weeks before going back to Iowa, where he was living at the time.

They did long distance for a little while, but in October, Taylor posted on Instagram that Derek would be relocating to New York for a new job, and that they'd already started apartment hunting for a place to live together. Based on her Instagram photos, it seems like she's since been traveling back and forth between NYC and Seattle, but may have finally joined him in December. As she captioned a recent photo:

"Missing this guy today ... Distance definitely makes the heart grow fonder. I’m ready to be goofy and have fun with my sexy AF best friend, just a few more days!!!"

Could the "just a few more days" mean "a few more days," until she moves to New York, too, or just a few days until their next visit? After that, Taylor's only photos are from her and Derek's vacation to Hawaii, so it's not yet clear. Her Instagram bio has been updated to say "New York," but her Twitter still lists Seattle. Either way, it seems like they want to sort out their living situation before diving into the chaos of wedding planning.

As far as when they'll get married, things are just as murky. When asked about their plans in the same People interview, Derek said they were "open to whatever" — including a potential TV wedding, as some of their fellow BiP alums have done. But while speaking with Hollywood Life around the same time, he said they were taking a break from TV. “We are trying to take a little bit of a step back and have our own romance without cameras," he explained to the outlet. "We are not saying no, we are just saying we are going to think about that."

Now, that doesn't really rule anything out. It's completely possible that Derek and Taylor will decide to tie the knot on a future season of Bachelor In Paradise. Maybe this year, maybe the next. But it's also completely possible that they'll do it quietly off-screen, surrounded by friends and family, or head down to city hall and exchange vows just the two of them. That's the thing. It sounds like they still have a lot of thinking left to be done when it comes to when (and how) they want to get married, which is totally fine. They have every right to take their time. But planning a wedding is no easy feat, and if they are going to get married in 2018, they'll need to start ironing out those details stat. (Though if The Bachelor foots the bill for on-screen nuptials, that would certainly lessen the load).

For the time being, it seems like Derek and Taylor's focus is on building a life together, then heading down the aisle. Then again, you never know — Bachelor Nation has been known to pull off some big surprises.