Are Glossier Cloud Paints Sold Out? The Brand's Cream Blushes Are A Big Deal

The Internet's favorite new blush has arrived. Glossier's Cloud Paints are a dreamy, gel x cream formula and the brand chose to debut the Cloud Paints, which come in four shades, at the 2017 Oscars on the cheeks of Chrissy Teigen and Taraji P. Henson. The blushes landed on the Glossier site, which is the brand's sales platform, a few days later to the delight of Glossier's dedicated legion of fans, followers, and customers. Are the Glossier Cloud Paints sold out or can you still shop them?

Good news, Glossier faithful! All four of the shades — Beam, Dusk, Haze, and Puff— are still available for the taking… for now. I don't expect them to last long. Therefore, you shouldn't delay in making a purchase if you've been eyeing these beauties.

Cloud Paint, $18, Glossier

There is also a deal where you can use the "2BLUSH" code and buy two of the $18 blushes for just $30 and you get free shipping. That's a deal and a steal. So why are you waiting? Like most Glossier products, these minimalist blushes are bomb AF. You can apply with your fingers, build coverage from subtle to intense, and enjoy a veil of lovely cheek color.

These pics should have you reaching for your credit card.

Haze is so lovely, right?

Here's Dusk in action. It's such a glowy, dewy, and natural flush. But that is exactly what I expected from a Glossier cream blush.

Those are #SquadGoals right there.

Can you select a favorite?

Well, with the discount code, you really don't need to choose between one or the others. You can grab two and there is no shipping fee. Huzzah!

The Glossier Cloud Paints really do add an ethereal glow to your visage.

They work with all skin tones, too!

Beam me up!

OK, one last look at the Cloud Paint pigmentation. Head on over to the Glossier site if you want to get dat Glossier glow.

Images: Courtesy of Glossier (9); Glossier/Instagram (1)