Are Sarah & Adam Together After 'Bachelor In Paradise'? Their Social Media Accounts Are Cryptic

Rick Rowell/ABC

Despite its rocky start and shorter filming time, Bachelor in Paradise is already starting to churn out some relationships that could last once these couples get back to the real world. And on Monday's episode, it seemed like there's a chance a certain doll loving gentleman could have finally found his happily ever after. So are Sarah and Adam still together after Bachelor in Paradise? According to their social media, anything is possible.

In fact, as far as their Instagram accounts are concerned, it looks like they're both single. Sarah's life since paradise seems to be filled with hanging out with friends, playing on the beach in Punta Cana, and spending time with family. There's absolutely nothing that would lead anyone to believe that she's in a relationship — with Adam or with anyone else.

And as for Adam? He's been enjoying his own life, which includes a lot of hanging out with his BIP and Bachelorette costars. In fact, the lady from paradise he has shared a photo with on his Instagram is Raven, not Sarah, so honestly? Anything could be happening between these two at this point, and it's impossible to predict whether or not they're making it work in real life.

Whether Adam and Sarah have continued dating beyond paradise and are trying not to throw any spoilers out there, or they split a long time ago is anybody's guess.

We'll just have to keep watching BIP to see what happens between them next. But if the other relationships on the show are any indication, the drama could get so real. It's hard to tell what exactly it is in paradise, but it's been so heartbreaking for so many cast members this season.